FileCenter Review: Powerful File & Document Management Software

Saturday, 22 October 2016

FileCenter Review: Powerful File & Document Management Software

Posted by Rahul Gupta
To be frank, I’m irritated of managing all these files and documents in a proper manner. So I stopped doing it, and now it’s all messy, and I can’t find one file correctly. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem, and for people like us, it’s no less than a boon. The solution is File management software or tools for Windows-powered devices and today we’re reviewing FileCenter.
FileCenter Review
For all those who don’t know, FileCenter or any file manager is a standard document management solution mainly developed and intended for small and medium businesses who are in need of a well-organized file managing system without comprising with the workload. It helps the administrator staff to manage all the records and documents. However, File Center is more than just a standard file management system. So let’s see what all other smart features that this software includes.

Getting Started

FileCenter is specially crafted for laptop and desktop devices only. The tool is very compatible and has very minimal system requirements and runs on systems with Windows XP or newer operating systems, a 750 MHz CPU and only 500 Mb of RAM. It also has pro feature of scanning documents, so it obviously needs a physical Scanner device. FileCenter also offers Cloud Storage facilities using third party services. To be precise, you can scan and save all of your files, documents, PDFs directly on to Cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

FileCenter by Lucion comes in handy, and the application is very easy to install and integrate with your system full of messed up files and documents. Though it is a premium software, the company offers a 15-day trial version for all the users. You can download the free trial from its official website. Remember, it only glimpses you with the essential and not the full features.

The clean and well-designed interface makes it easy to identify all the files stored on your device and then arrange all the files in a systematic manner. Moreover, the software allows you to tag, assign, sort and categorize your files, data as well your paper documents and file records. 

The main strength of FileCenter relies on its proper management capabilities. Since all of you know that how desperate it becomes to manage both e-documents and paper files, therefore FileCenter wants you to go paperless by saving and backing up all your corporate files, documents and other necessary papers via scanning them and upload them to the cloud.


Right after installing the software, File Center becomes your buddy with its friendly interface and setup. The dashboard greets you with a complex but arranged file manager, from where you can directly search the document, file or any other record. All the features and functionalities offered by the software are listed as buttons in the Tool Bar. 
Scan Paper Document
Being a professional corporate tool, it can scan and save paper documents and files directly using the scan option. It comes handy and makes reduces your headache of finding the necessary document in need of an emergency. Just search your device using this tool and voila. All the paper files are saved into standard PDF file format; therefore, no issues would arise in using them for further proceedings.

Scan Paper Documents & OCR Feature

Not only this, File Center has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities that can scan the document and convert the whole document into a searchable text. This feature always comes in handy when you don’t remember the filed document’s location, and want to run a full-text search. Apart from scanning, you are also entitled to edit or copyright the document for other purposes as well. Pretty Cool! Isn’t it?
Perform OCR

Network Recycle Bin & File Organizer

FileCenter Network Recycle
Apart from the Scanner and OCR, this software has tons of other useful features like File Organizer and Network File Manager.
To save your precious time for other necessary chores, FileCenter automatically saves the scanned documents and organizes them with proper details. You can search the file with its respective format, file date, and other tags. Moving on, the in-app feature allows you to send emails directly and attach media from mobile devices.

FileCenter File Organizer
With FileCenter, you can create and manage File Networks across different systems. The inbuilt Recycle Bin helps you to restore document files which are accidently deleted from the network. You can also access all the filed documents, records via the software with preview option all over the dashboard.

Wide Range of Features

There are so many features offered that I cannot review each one separately. Therefore, I took the liberty to mention all of them below:
  • Cloud Support via Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox
  • Share and Access files on Network
  • Scanning Feature via TWAIN Scanners & SnapScanning
  • Send Documents with Mail
  • Set up naming rules, reusable file layouts file, common file names, etc.
  • Open, Edit or Highlight text in PDF
  • Fill out Forms & Sign PDFs digitally
  • Create Encrypted & Password PDF Files
  • Digital Cabinets for Proper File Arrangement
  • OCR Engine, and much more


Satisfied with the beastly set of features for your firm? Here're the proper pricing details if you’re interested in improving your company's file management system. File Center comes in two premium editions: 
  • Standard Edition is available for a discounted deal of $49 only
  • Professional Version, with more extended features, is priced for $199
FileCenter Plans & Pricing
You can purchase the premium version directly from the official website. However, File Center is also available on Amazon or other reseller sites as well. You can get more information about File Center Pro, Pricing, and other information from the official Lucion website.

The best thing about buying the premium version does not lie in the provided features only, but the after sales support as well. FileCenter offers a remarkable support to its customers. Apart from Live Chat, Email Support, the developer company also provides product tips and tutorial videos.

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Bottom Line

All in All, FileCenter Pro is the most recommended and affordable DMS software. It would increase your productivity and help you to manage your files better. The Scanner and OCR features are phenomenal, and you can rely on FileCenter for all your document management. 

Share your thoughts on the tool in the comment section below. If you’re interested in purchasing the tool, do use the trial version first.


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