How to Enhance Your Reading Capabilities with 7 Speed Reading

You might be wondering that in the advent age of tech, why would anyone be concerned about his/her speed. Well, it matters a lot. Many people face problems of reading correctly and in a speed manner, and end up suffering from adverse outcomes. 

Still confused about my point? Consider the situations where you require good reading skills, be it for students, book reading or simple any other understanding stuff. So I guess you would like to increase your capabilities and fortunately 7 Speed Reading has so many things to offer for you.

7 Speed Reading Review

So let’s start the review of this handful tool & explore its features. 

What is 7 Speed Reading?

To be very frank, it’s a unique concept crafted as a tool for everyone who wants to increase their reading speed. It is a next gen software solution that can increase your reading speed by up to 3 times. Moreover, it also enhances your comprehension and grasping power. It uses simple but effective methods and trains you step by step with various tutorials.

7 Speed Reading is designed by EReflect developers, the company who is known for its English, and Vocabulary related tools. So you can expect the proficiency of this tool. 

Getting Started

The software is extensively available for both Mac & Windows platform. Though the company doesn’t provide any trial for the software but has an adamant and guaranteed refund policy for 12 months after the purchase. So, if you’re not satisfied with this tool in any manner, then the company would refund you the full amount. Just contact the support team, and they will help you out with the whole process. 

Talking about the setup, you can purchase the software directly from its official website and the installation process is just a minute long. The tool is very compatible and only requires minimal configurations. 

Review: A Step by Step Guide

The minute you start using this software, the smart algorithm of the software begins to test your fundamental skills. It prompts you to read a comprehension and automatically detects you baseline reading speed. 

Based on the measured results, 7 Speed Reader assembles different exercises and sessions from the initial point to increase your reading speed. The software simply works on the number of words that you read per minute and then it optimizes the exercises to increase the pace. 

After few sessions, you’ll be easily able to distinguish between your previous reading habits and your current speed. Each section of the exercise helps you to achieve the goals and makes your reading speed increase faster than ever. 


The eye-training exercises are also useful as they flash a series of text or partial phrases on the screen and counts the time you take to recognize them. The interface of the tool is quite simple and hassle-free. You’ll be easily able to familiarize yourself with all the tools and exercises within a minute after installing it.

These exercises and tutorials target your brain and the eyes to work in synchronization, thus increasing your reflexes and focusing power. Since our brain is designed to grasp various information at the same time, the software challenges its capabilities by adding different obstruction while reading. Talking about the vision, the exercises increase your eye’s peripheral field of vision and the range of focus by strengthening your ocular muscles. As the eyes grow stronger, the more you start to read at a faster pace. 

Advance Features

Apart from reading the text faster, you must be able to interpret and grasp its essence in a keen manner as well. So the software brings various comprehension exercises to make sure that you’ll be able to command on both the skills at the same time. 

7 Speed Reading also provides the users with several fun games and brain puzzles to make sure that the user doesn’t get bored with the exercises, and makes the tool a bit more interactive too. These games are specially designed for young learners and keep them engaged with the learning stuff for an extended time. 

Pricing of 7 Speed Reading

So how much this interactive tool costs? With so many features and fun exercises, the company is offering the 7 Speed Reading tool for a price of Rs. 997 only, with an unyielding refund policy for any unsatisfied software. Apart from the tool, the company offers a fully-fledged guide and various video tutorials to make sure that client gets the most out of the software. You can refer to the step by step guide and manual for more information here. 

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Final Thoughts 

Summing up, the 7 Speed Reading is a much-required tool for all the learners and readers. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, coupled with essential reading exercises and eye-training sessions for a comparatively faster-reading speed. Do share your opinions and let us know for any further query, suggestion or any issue regarding the software in the comment section below. Cheers!

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