Top 10 Best Ever Workout Apps for Android

Monday, 12 September 2016

Top 10 Best Ever Workout Apps for Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Fitness is of utmost importance and even Android developers know it’s importance. So to cater to the needs of fitness conscious people, Google Play store offers a broad range of apps related to diet & fitness. But with too many choices and where you don’t want to take a chance with your health and figure, here we suggest you top ten apps for workouts.
Workout Apps for Android

1. 30 day Fit Challenge Workout

This app presents you a 30-day exercise challenge rather than a broad menu from where you can choose activities. The app offers soft and clean UI. It gives you three levels of workout options ranging from beginner to pro level. Instructions are presented in a detailed manner which is quite easy to understand. It keeps track of your daily workouts and reminds you to workout daily with the help of a built-in timer.

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2. Fitness & Bodybuilding

This app focuses on the overall body building and muscle development rather than plain fitness instructions. It presents you with the videos and detailed graphical illustrations that help you to develop your body and gain fitness in a short period. The UI of the app is pretty decent and manageable; you can find all that you need easily. 

It offers other features like detailed instructions and explanation about the exercises in the app. You can create workout schedules as it presents you with calendar and other utilities to measure your workout efficiency. It also saves your history of workouts.

3. 7-Minute Workout

As its name suggests this app presents you a perfect blend of exercises that take almost 7 minutes from your daily schedule. Google Play store also features this app. With 10 Million plus users, this app proves to give its users, maximum results within minimum efforts. It contains a calendar where you can schedule your workouts. It combines the video and virtual training features to explain the exercises correctly. This app based on HICT can be your workout coach.

4. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ presents you a stunning looking UI design featuring the workouts in tabs. It provides the videos and workout schedules and instructions from Nike Trainers and Athletes worldwide, adding new exercises every day. Offering you from beginner to pro level exercises by your famous trainers and athletes. You can record your activities and tasks to view your fitness. You can also connect with the Nike community and get ideas, tips and much more.

5. Home Workouts

Home workouts is an app which presents you a wide range and combination of different exercises that can be done at home. It gives an attractive looking UI which is impressive and manageable. You can plan your workouts and according to time and date and can even keep track of your history. 

You can sync your progress across the devices by signing in and can manage it from anywhere. You can also create custom workout schedules. It presents you with the sound guide as well so that you can perform without any interruptions.

6. Abs workout 7 Minutes

This app features the 7-minute workouts that are specially designed for abs. If you wish to develop 6 or 8 pack abs, this app might be on your list. App’s UI is attractive having material design features. It contains inbuilt timer and calendar to plan and schedule your workouts. These workouts are for both men and women. 

It presents you with a voice guide which helps you along and along with that you keep track of your workouts. It supports Google Fit. There are limited exercises that you can choose giving you an option to adjust circuit time according to your needs.

7. Runtastic Running & Fitness

Runtastic is a featured app in the Play store by the Editor’s choice. It features a simple, yet beautiful UI design. Runtastic focuses more on the fitness part rather than exercise at home approach. You can connect it with many devices and keep track of your progress. The app is a voice based instructor to guide you with a real-time GPS monitoring. 

You can also keep track of your shoes, so the app tells you when to change them. By signing in you can enjoy features like live tracking and cheering and running leaderboard where you can cheer and compare yourself with other users out there. It also contains premium plans with extra benefits for those who wish to buy.

8. Women workout: Home Gym Cardio

This app is specially designed for women. It presents you with the tutorials that are well categorized and instructed by trainers. Along with the standard workout guidance features, it also allows you to set the reminders for your workout, so you don’t miss your exercise. 

It also provides you with the statistics of your workouts
that you can share with your friends on socials. Specially designed for women, it focuses more on indoor and short 5-10 minute workouts. It’s a free app, but there are in-app features that you can access with a subscription.

9. Gym Workout Tracker and Trainer

It’s an app with beautiful UI design which is quite easy to use as well. It presents you with an extensive database of exercises and workouts. You can follow the routines given by the trainers or can create your custom routines as well. You can save your favorite activities. It also has audio based instructions to guide you between sets of workouts. You can sign in into the app and can access other features as well.

10. Daily Workouts Free

Daily workouts present you with the guide to all types of exercises ranging from 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts to 10-30 minute randomized full body training schedules. It combines all the tutorials from the other daily workouts series apps and presents the best ones in this app. 

The Video tutorials that are offered are demonstrated by the trained professional along with the instructions in text so that you can practice and workout inside the comfort of your home. No need go to a gym now.


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