10 Tech Gadgets That Are Surprisingly Useful

Thursday, 1 September 2016

10 Tech Gadgets That Are Surprisingly Useful

Posted by Rahul Gupta
All sorts of new tech gadgets are coming out in the market. Some are the latest gadgets with all the hottest tech crammed in. Other electronic devices have become cheap enough for the average consumer to pick up.
Useful Tech Gadgets
There are, however, quite a few tech gadgets out there that are surprisingly useful despite their frivolous appearances. Here's a quick overview of the most important ones to look out for:

#1 Bicycle Chain Charger

Hook this chain charger up to your bike, and you can keep your phone, and other devices topped up even when biking for the long run. Works especially well for fitness enthusiasts, marathon bikers, or casual travelers that don't plan to stay on the grid for long.

#2 Breathalyzer Keychain

Love to party? Don't want to die (or to cause someone to die) because of drunk-driving? These cool gadgets will tell you – objectively, and without the influence of alcohol – whether you or someone else is sober enough to drive.

#3 Infrared Thermometer

These tech gadgets will help you quickly identify hot and cold spots around your home that may indicate air leaks. You can then patch the holes up with extra insulation to help keep air-conditioning bills a bit lower.

#4 Bluetooth Beanie Hat

These tech gadgets are excellent for discreetly listening to music out in public. No bulky headphones or exposed wires telling people what you're listening to. You will also get the bonus of keeping your ears warm even in the middle of winter.

#5 Pocket Projector

Ever wish you had a larger screen for your phone or tablet? Pack one of these cool gadgets with you, and you'll be able to set up that massive screen anywhere that's a bit dim and has a flat surface to work with. Particularly useful presentations in the school or the office.

#6 LED Faucet Light

Light's color changes depending on the temperature – which will be exceptionally useful when you want to quickly and painlessly find the perfect balance of hot and cold for your hands.

#7 LED Headlamp 

Access to hands-free lighting is always useful around the home, especially when you need to work with other electronics in hand. Just keep a set handy around your home, and you'll be prepared should you find yourself working in the dark.

#8 Quadcopter Drone

Drones are no longer the realm of the wealthy, what with cheap $50 models out in the market. These small quadcopters can help you get stunning pictures you would normally not be able to get on your own.

#9 Digital Laser Tape Measure

Do you want to measure distance quickly and painlessly in the blink of an eye? These cool tech gadgets help you do just that. You don't have any need to deal with the hassle of reaching out with traditional tape measures. The point, shoot, and presto – you have your measurements.

#10 Folding Solar Panels

Being able to harness electricity from the sun is a great backup in case the power grid goes down, or you find yourself out in the wilderness. These foldable panels can fit nice and tight in your backpack, and you can just unfurl them as needed. A must-have source of backup power for other tech gadgets!

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