15 Cool Shortcuts For Android I'm Using Right Now

Monday, 19 September 2016

15 Cool Shortcuts For Android I'm Using Right Now

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Android has blended in our lives so intensely, that we don’t even look for new features and what more it can provide. Where Google’s primary target is to make Android more user-friendly by introducing many new features every day, people, on the other hand, fail to acknowledge it and get going in their daily grind. 
Android Shortcuts
But as for the lazy lads just like me, wanting to ignore any work; here are some groundbreaking shortcuts which would serve our procrastination just enough.

1. Ok Google

If you feel a little confused when people repetitively say “Ok Google” on their phone, well you probably wanna try out this feature yourself. Google now is a user-friendly speech assistant who would do your mundane tasks like making phone calls, opening apps, getting directions, sending messages by following a single command. 

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You could even ask simple questions like maths sums or getting information about a topic or subject. Just set ok Google detection ‘On’ under Google settings and set your voice recognition. Boom, your personal assistant, is on the go.

2. Now on Tap

Another brilliant feature provided by Android is Google now on tap. Google show you information related to what’s on your screen when you hold the home button or search by voice. It automatically senses the data and displays information according to it.

3. Smart Lock

Making a recipe thought a video on the phone and the sudden phone gets locked, it’s a mess. But now with the latest feature ‘Smart lock’ launched by Google, you won’t have to unlock your phone every time. Just save a particular place like home as a trusted place. 

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Now whenever you are at your home, you won’t need to unlock your phone. Simple right? Same goes for trusted devices. If a smart device you use frequently is connected with your Android, your phone will be free from the hassle of unlocking.

4. Camera shortcut

It is probably the best feature for the selfie lads or people who just wish they could instantly see how they look. The shortcut lets your open camera app on the push of a button. You just need to press the power key twice and done. Click a selfie now.

5. Screenshot

Accept it, many of you still don’t know how to screenshot a screen. Chill out; even I didn’t know before until I accidently touched a particular set of buttons. It’s very easy you just need to open a screen you want to have a screenshot of. Punch the power core and the lower volume key at the exact moment. There you go, now you can share the image with your colleges.

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6. Battery Saver

Having so much advanced in the smartphone technology. We still go for “Hey do you have a charger of a similar kind of pin used in my phone.” Well, you won’t need that kind of favors anymore. Just simply click on the battery icon in your notification panel, go to battery saver and then turn it on. Trust me a whole lot of battery would be saved. And also you get to keep your ego.

7. Guest User

Probably your friend would always be nagging about giving your phone to him, and you are out of excuses. And you start praying “please don’t open messaging app.” Those days are over. Now, you can simply put your phone to the guest user. The phone has been totally turned for a new user. Now, no accidently reading your WhatsApp or any personal information. 

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8. Search for App

Going on a hectic day, files all over the table or in a hurry. At this point, you feel worse when you can’t find an app in your app drawer. Well for this also, there is a shortcut which could save yours from the horror of finding apps every time. Just type the name of the app in the search bar in the app drawer.

9. Google Indic Keyboard

Typing in Hindi, either phone or laptop has to be the worst job in the world. But with the new Google Indic keyboard, typing Hindi has become very comfortable. Just select the Hinglish keyboard, start typing and it would automatically convert the English text in Hindi. If you still haven’t downloaded this app, do it now here is the link.

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10. Handwriting

If you were thinking about the how worst is your handwriting when it comes to pen and paper. Wait a second; it is not what you think. In any Google keyboard, you could choose to draw the syllables instead of typing it.

11. Direct Dial and Direct Message

Instead of going to contact’s app and searching for the same person to call every time, what you could do is you can save a widget on your home screen for direct dialing and direct messaging to that person. With a single touch, call your favorite person. Just consider that you have a bill to pay.

12. Google Play Music Shuffle

It’s an easy peasy one. Just simply apply the Google play music app shuffle widget on your home screen. Now you can start shuffle at immediate right from your home screen instead of going to the app directly.

13. Wallpaper

Applying a new wallpaper is now a piece of cake. Just touch and hold the screen for 2 seconds. Click on the wallpaper tab. Choose from the default wallpapers or choose your favorite picture by clicking on my pictures.

14. W.p.s Push Button

I know many of you don’t know what a w.p.s push button is? I won’t go into details just let you know it works as a savior when connecting to a Wi-Fi. In case if you forget your wife password this is just for you. Look for the w.p.s button on your router and click on it. The Android user would have to open Wi-Fi setting and turn on the w.p.s push button.

15. Power Button Ends Calls

This is way old but still many people don’t know that they can end calls without turning on their screen. Simply go to the accessibility settings, scroll down and tick the option ‘power button end calls’. Killing calls is now flash speed right?

So, that’s all folks for today. These were some shortcuts you could have started using on your first buy. It’s still not too late, even now you could tell your friends and amuse them that how many tricks you know more than other users.


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