Phototheca Review: An Ultimate Photo Manager for PC

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Phototheca Review: An Ultimate Photo Manager for PC

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We’ve come a long way from a time when photos used to be only an occasional thing, to a time when photos especially the digital ones have become an essential part of our lives. Every smartphone carries tons of pictures in his/her smartphone. Sometimes its nature shorts, sometimes it's selfies and sometimes its moments that he/she wants to keep along with him/her. 

Whatever be the case, the point is that photos have become an essential part of our lives. Now, being such an important thing, a mere “gallery” app or “folder” isn’t enough to manage all the photos. 
Phototheca Review
So, here is a tool named Phototheca for taking away all these management issues.

Phototheca Review: Introduction

Phototheca is one of a kind photo management software that makes it easy for users to manage and view photos and albums. With this tool, it gets very easy to administer all your photos and albums on your desktop or laptop PC. 
Phototheca Dashboard

Some Salient Features of Phototheca

  • Phototheca supports high DPI display, touch interface, dual monitor view and has Clean UI. 
  • You can instantly search across the whole library. 
  • IPTC options, with JPEG support for XMP, and EXIF. 
  • It also supports auto-updating and tracking from specified locations. 
  • Detection of duplicate photos and easy removal. 
  • Smart albums can work as saved search queries as well. 
  • Users also get password protected safe boxes.

Phototheca Features Explained

Import with ease & intelligence: The software makes it pretty easy to Import your photos for effective management later. You can import from cameras, cell phones, USB sticks and also from the local drives. The best part is that the files that you have on your local drive aren’t copied in a separate folder which means that no space is wasted and no file is changed.
Import Photos
You can import from memory cards as well. The software has been built intelligently; it makes sure that the photos which have been imported earlier already don’t get imported again. Which reduces duplicated photos to a great extent.

Users can also import from network shares or home NAS as well. Also, iOS device users like iPads and iPhones can also import files without duplicating content. Also, if the software detects any changes in the imported files, it makes the changes inside the app on its own. This feature is indeed quite flawless and makes the experience much better.

Last Imported Location
The software also tracks down and remembers the location of imported photos. If a new photo is added to the same location, the user can configure to import it automatically.

How Phototheca makes it easy to manage your Photos?

They have this term “Events” which are a group of photos which stand to represent a group of shots which were taken around a same time or place. For example in a birthday party or vacation. Then, the software assembles these photos in the import routine itself to import. It also uses some specific options to split photos.

You can also make albums manually to collect pictures of some particular subjects. These are the photos that don’t have any time frame. 

There is a feature whom the company likes to call Smart albums, but I like to refer to it as automatic albums because it is an album that gets populated based on some specific conditions. In total, there are ten total properties which you can use to search and use six overall conditions in combination.

Another cool feature is their live album feature in which you can track all the contents of the folder. (irrespective of folders being on the drive or the network drive) The fresh photos from these folders would appear in this library on their own when they appear in the respective folders. Even if you edit these pictures with some other applications, the changes would be recognized and reflected quickly in the library along with the new tags and keywords.

Also, one particular thing that you’ll love about this software that it doesn’t distract you while you are looking at your photos. The Full-screen mode makes the photo viewing experience smooth and flawless. You can adjust the background colors as per your light conditions or personal preferences.  Phototheca Features
Apart from this, many other things such as the size of thumbnails, height of photo strips can also be changed by a slider through which you can view bigger thumbnails, or alter the height of the image. If you want to search for a particular set of photos, you can do that with the powerful instant search feature.

Another cool feature is the timeline and calendar feature.

If you are a privacy-minded user (like me), you can hide your private stuff into password protected safes. This feature comes handy when you want some of your pics not to be available for everyone. All you need to do is to move such photos into a safe and then protect them with a password. Then those pictures become invisible in the library.

You can also export a part (or whole) of your library in some other place with ease. Items such as events, albums, and photos can be exported in any combination.

You can also send your pictures via email to your default email client (the one which is installed on your PC). 

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The tool has tons of features which you can explore and enjoy. Overall, the software works without glitches and is available to deliver what it promises.


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