10 Games Like Angry Birds For Android [#7 Is My Favourite]

The release of Angry Birds on 11th December 2009 by Rovio Entertainment created an environment of excited buzz equally among the teenagers and adults. The game was initially released for the iOS platform, but it gained its fame and popularity on Android.The concept of the game is to hurl or shoot the little angry birds using catapults and slingshots on the target structures to destroy to cross a level. Successive levels consist of more challenging goals. At the end of each level, rewards and points are given.

Games Like Angry Birds

As the excitement for this game started fading various app developers tried to come up with something more engaging than the different versions of angry birds. Almost all of these games were based on physics of trajectory.  Some faced success while others little recognition. Here is the list of some of those games which were a hit at their best and criticized at their least.

1. Crush the Castle

It is the same infamous game after which the shooting/ flinging mechanism used in angry birds was designed. Crush the castle was initially released on 28th April 2009 by Armour games for different platforms. 

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The concept of the game is very simple which is to break or destroy all the castles and its inhabitants. A trebuchet is used to shoot the targets by tapping on the machine once and then twice. As the level continues many rewards and points are provided to the player, and also more enhanced projectiles are unlocked. Furthermore, some targets can be easily destroyed while others take more precision to do so.

All in all the game’s rules are quite easy to play with, and the game itself is exciting to play. But the graphics display is a big letdown as it is very dull in comparison to angry birds which has vibrant colors. Another version of the game was also released with new improved features.

2. Catapult King

The catapult king was initially released on 27th March 2013 by Chillingo game developers. In catapult king, there is a story which involves a princess who is kidnapped by the dragon and being held hostage by the nasty knights and little soldiers.

The player has to take over the city catapult to destroy the soldiers and ultimately the dragon by crossing 60 levels to save the princess.  Apart from the same mechanism or method of killing the targets, the only difference which catapults King offers is that of the game being in 3D which enables the physics to be applied in more useful manner.

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3. Fragger

At first, this game was released on the web network by Harold brenes as an Adobe flash game but as it started gaining fame by being played over 100 million times it was released first on the iOS platform in 2010 and then on Android and PlayJam in 2010. The player moves to the different level in the game by throwing grenades into the buildings to blow them up and to cross the defenses. 

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In total, there are more than 100+ levels in the game which kind of makes the game is anticipating and challenging at the same time. The physics of playing the game is similar to that of angry birds but can be kept at the same popularity level as that of angry birds.

4. Hambo

Released on 21st April 2012 Hambo is also similar to angry birds. The game involves a storyline in which Hambo is a war hero who has to save his best friend bacon from the captivity of the enemies or the government officials. The game consists of different obstacles such as bullet deflecting walls, ice floors which can break anytime and hanging platforms which have to be crossed by Hambo. 

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Also, Hambo has to shoot all the pig’s soldiers with minimum bullets possible to pass a level. The movement of Hambo is quite fixed as it cannot roam around in any level and has to shoot in a particular direction. At the end of each level reward is given in the form of gold coins which are used to unlock new features. The user can also buy More coins. With lots of killing involved and over 200 levels, Hambo can be very much interesting to play and engaging.

5. Siege Hero

War spark developed it and released initially on 10th May 2011. The game uses the concept of angry birds and changes it slightly by rotating the world at 90 degrees in the anti-clockwise Y direction. The aim of the game is very simple which is to throw rocks on the structures to make them crumble upon the invaders with the goal of crushing them as you can’t throw them directly on the invaders.

This game allows zooming which helps the user in aiming. Each level provides the player with new and improved weapons having their benefits. Overall the assessment of siege hero shows that it is much less complicated to play, and a player can quickly devise a strategy to finish the level in one or two shots.

6. World of Goo

A very famous game released first on the Windows platform by independent game developer 2D Boy on 13th October 2008. This game was presented with many rewards including the best independent game from the Spike TV video game award show. 

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The aim of the game is to create structures using goo ball to cross a path. The game consists of 5 chapters having different levels. Even the goo balls have their unique properties and can be used to make larger goo balls to achieve various goals in the game. The four chapters represent the four seasons whereas the last chapter is a virtual world.

The game consists of a story which is slowly revealed by the passing of each level.  Better to play the game for more information as it contains many possibilities for the player. Oh! And ultimately all the goo is going to be sucked up.

7. Panda’s Vs. Ninja’s

In this game panda’s represents the angry birds and ninja’s their target. Apart from this, the game doesn’t have many distinct features. The ninjas are bad, and the pandas have to kill them by throwing themselves on the ninjas. Also, they have a Japanese theme.

8. Stupid Zombies

The game was released on 20th August 2014 and is loosely based on the concept of the evil dead. Both the player and the zombies stand at their respective positions. The player has to kill multiple zombies using a limited number of bullets. The game is developed in a way that the ball can bounce upon different obstacles and therefore kill several zombies at once.

As the level increases the level of difficulty also increases making it hard to kill the zombies. Thus the player has to learn to shoot the bullets from a particular angle for maximum damage. It contains 720 levels. Be ready to kill the zombies.

9. Amazing Breaker

The aim of this game is not to crush buildings but to destroy the ice structures. The player is provided with bombs and slingshots to achieve the goal. In all regards, the game is very similar to Angry Birds just the concept is altered somewhat.

10. Plants Vs. Zombies

It is one of the games which was introduced on various platforms i.e. more than five platforms. It was released on 5th May 2009 by Popcap games. The aim of the game is to stop the zombies from coming near the house using plants as a killing weapon. Zombies will only walk in one lane in the front yard of the house and thus the plants also have to aim in a single lane only. 

The game changes from daytime to night-time in different levels having various difficulty ranges. Overall this game will be a nice change from the other conventional angry birds type games.

Apart from all these games, the games which were able to reach the success that angry bird reached are Candy crush saga and Pokemon go. Both of these were able to arrive at the same level as angry birds and more. So if one has played angry birds, these are the games they should try to play and compare them with each other. Happy playing!!

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