[Tutorial] How to Convert EXE File to APK File

Every new step in technology either launch of the new Windows 10 or latest update in Android only makes the users more restless, yearning to do more, make out something more out of it. And when they face an obstruction, they start to look for alternatives. That time, enthusiasts like me come on the scene to play our role, to bring you all at ease.

Today, I would like to show how you can run a Windows EXE file on an Android phone regardless of the Android version you are running. 

EXE to APK Converter Tool

Theoretically, an EXE file (executive file) is a file format used only for windows on which you run your favorite applications, software, games, etc. Also, any EXE file cannot run on a smartphone because Android operating system only supports Android application package (APK).

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But then isn’t this in our human nature, we love to bend rules, don’t we? And when it comes to our tech freaks, well no one dares to stop them. So, now I will show you how you can convert your EXE file to an APK file to make it work brilliantly on your Android device. Much-talking right, not wasting much of your precious time, let’s directly come to what exactly do we need here.

What Components Do You Need?

  • A software called “EXE to APK Converter Tool,” you can directly download it from here
  • A windows application in EXE file format. (portable or setup files)
  • An Android device to run the converted file.
  • 5 -10 min. (it may be longer, depending on the size of the application)

That’s it; you will only need these things to get this process done. The Sad news is that it is a bit difficult to reach out the software online. The link I have provided do have the file to download, but you have to complete a survey, and you know how the survey thing works. 

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Believe me, and I have tried every forum, and this is the only way to download the software unless your friend already had the software which would be a bliss for you. Anyway, let’s proceed to the method now:

  • Once you have downloaded the tool from the directed link, go to the downloaded folder and double click to open the tool 
  • After opening the software, you will see two options there

* “I have setup files.”
* “I have a portable application.”

Exe to Apk Converter

Now before you choose, do think wise. It totally depends on upon the kind of file you want to convert. If it’s a single EXE file, then go to the second option, and if you have a bunch of files including a setup file, then go for the first choice. 

Note: – Setup is an EXE file, which installs a variety of software applications so always use the first option if you have a setup file.

  • Here, I will take care of only portable EXE files. Now click on the second option “I have a portable application” and click on next
  • A directory will open; now browse for the folder that contains the EXE file that you want to convert to APK file, and then click on “convert.”
  • The software will take some time to change your EXE file to APK file. Also, the process of converting depends on the EXE file size. After completion of the process, you will receive the success message like shown in the below image. 
  • Congratulations! You have successfully converted your EXE file into APK file, and now you can easily install that file on your android mobile/tablet for proper use. 

Now run your favorite application on your android phone. And let us know if there’s still any issue via the comment section.

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