Review: Would You Eat or Prefer Get Eaten?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 Review: Would You Eat or Prefer Get Eaten?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Eat Me is quite a popular game which is supported by a broad range of Android devices. The game came from the house of Junglee game developers and entered into existence on 8th of October in 2015. is among one of the games that can be played and enjoyed by both adults and children. The best part of this game is that it is so attractive that both amateur and hardcore players would find it tasty.
EatME Review
We are living in the 21st century, and no doubt it’s a dog eat dog world. But when you play the game, it is a fish eat fish sort of world. Not often it happens that I play a game which is both compelling and addictive. But when I do play such a game, I make sure that I share it with you guys as well. Talking about this app, in particular, its basically about eating your way to top and become the biggest fish in the sea.

Review & Features

As I mentioned above, you need to eat other fishes to grow stronger and bigger. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up being someone else’s meal. It’s about survival, and this is what makes it a fun multiplayer game.

Thanks to its game plan and unique features, The game has received several positive reviews by the players. This game provides you with a unique and mind-blowing experience as you grow your fish to be the biggest in the sea by taking care of feeding fantasies. The more you’ll eat, the bigger you’ll become – simple as that. You either many others or become their lunch.

It's no brainer that Android is ruling the gaming arena of smartphones. There are tons of awesome apps on this platform to install, play and gain knowledge. I guess, it's because of such apps that the platform keeps growing. Eat Me packs in some great challenges which would keep players engaged for a long time. One thing which I found good (you might fight it irritating) is that you can’t move to next levels until previous ones are cleared. Graphics are impressive, and level of clarity is mind blowing.

The theme of this game is pretty straightforward and straightforward. You have to feed your goldfish (I call my goldfish Bella) with small fishes. You have to be careful and maintain a safe distance from big fishes. When I was testing the app, I tried to get rid of big fishes, but there are a handful of challenges in the path which indeed make the game more awesome. What you have to do is to reach to the top of “food chain” and win the game. The obstacles and challenges offered in this game are kinds of interesting and straightforward to play.

Initially, you have to start as a young fish and eat some seaweed to grow (weed sounds funny in this context ). You have to make sure that while you are eating, big fishes don’t dine on you. You have a couple of options to defend yourself, hide behind stun bombs, and even poop to escape. With the time, you grow big, and this is when the fun takes effect. Once you are a bit big, you can eat big fishes. Every fish has different sort of skill and powers. Players have to collect coins while on their hunt and then use them to unlock their tanks and bowls.

Get Eaten
You can also get noticed by eating the most in 3 minutes and being the top of the leaderboard. Talking about variety, there are 15 types of fishes you can unlock. For unlocking you need coins. You would be playing with a maximum of 100 players in one game.


The gameplay experience was unique, but the story is similar to games such as and similar games. However, the graphic part is splendid and is worth applauding. The game is challenging for both big and small fishes.

Small fishes have to defend themselves from big fishes while the bigger have to eat the smaller ones to get to the top. The whole thing gets exciting when you play it on your own.


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