Top 10 Diet Apps for Android (Both Free & Paid)

With the increase in the health awareness all over the world. There comes a broad range of accessories to support the cause. There are now a lot of apps for Android in the market to suffice your fitness needs. Are you confused which one to choose as all of those claims to be best? Here we present you the list of top 10 diet apps for the Android. Many of these apps are freely available on the Google play store, but some of these have a paid subscription plan offering you increased features.

Diet Apps For android

1. Military Fit for Weight Loss

As its name suggests it as an app for the users who are mentally prepared and have oath sworn to lose weight within a short period.

Military Diet is one of the most powerful diet apps for Android. It can make you lose up to 10 pounds (4.5 kgs) without any exercise or prescriptions and if you follow it can help you to lose up to 30 pounds (13.6 kgs) within a month.

It presents you with the food combinations which are designed specifically for you to lose weight quickly and anyone can use it irrespective of the gender.

2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

This app has one of the largest food databases of any Android calorie counter which has over 6,000,000+ foods and recipes. It records and analyzes your meals to find the nutrient content. It’s a fast and light build app featuring a clean UI which is quite manageable.

You can connect the app with over 50 devices and apps. This app also features a Recipe importer for the ones who love cooking but are concerned with diet. It provides you with a personalized diet and exercise program for you to track your meals and exercise. You can also connect with friends easily by adding your socials.

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3. Noom Coach: Health & Weight

This app feels more like a personal coach or trainer rather than an app or a guide to losing weight or diet. This app is used by over 15 million people worldwide. Noom has made efforts to focus more on tips to master the habits that you need to get and which helps you to stay healthy for the long term basis.

It also features other side apps like Noom Pedometer that keeps track of your steps helping the Noom Coach in keeping track of your calories. You can also connect with a physician and have your personal coach. You can socially connect with other members using the app and can measure your progress. With real user ratings and large user community this coach might be the right app for you.

4. Lose It!

Lose It! Like any other calorie counter app, it tracks down your calorie intake and prepares a diet plan for you to lose weight without any extra exercises and heavy workout schedules.

It lets you connect with the other users by connecting your socials which also helps by motivating users to lose weight. You can connect with many other health apps and devices available in the market. Some features of this app are only available with a premium subscription. This app prepares the diet plan, workout schedules and other lists that you can follow for catching up with your diet plan. With an excellent user rating, this app can be your guide to a proper diet.

5. Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary

It is another app which is well recognized for its dietary advice and successful approach towards guiding the users to lose a few kgs. It has been featured in USA Today, Wall Street Journal and NPR. It uses the similar method of tracking the food intake and daily activities to calculate the total calorie intake and usage during the day to prepare the diet plan for its users.

You can connect your socials to see how others are performing in comparison to you. You can connect it with many other health devices and prepares your diet plan according to your budget. It can sync with the server to store your progress so that you can access it whenever you can like. It pretty much tracks your daily activities including the BP, cholesterol and other medications and symptoms.

You can also create custom trackers. Along with the app, it also features a website where your all progress can be seen. You can share it with your doctors and family members etc. It’s a free app whereas few advanced features are unlocked by premium plans for that you can download the paid version of the app.

6. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

Google Fit comes from the Tech Giant Google. It comes with nice, simple and attractive UI that’s quite manageable as well. You can connect it with smart watches and wristbands to track your daily activities. It encourages more on the exercise rather than the traditional approach of the other health apps where they provide you with diet plans.

You can effortlessly track any activity. With the Google Fit, you can see real-time stats for your runs, walks, and rides. It records your route, speed, pace, elevation, and more so you can stay motivated on track. You Set goals based on steps, time, distance, calories burned. Receive personalized recommendations and coaching for activity goals.

It combines the info from other apps like Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings,  Xiaomi Mi bands and so on. You can log in from anywhere to view your progress from your phone, tablet, the web ( and also  Android Wear watch.

7. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

It is an app is for the users those are fitness conscious and want to stay fit. This app features a tracking system that tracks your outdoor activities and helps you to stay fit. It has more of a professional Gym approach rather than a traditional diet to lose weight. You can track your activities and can view the number of calories that you’ve burnt. You can connect it with a broad range of socials and track devices that let you freely interact and motivates you.

The app features a premium version for the ones who wish to go for the more of athlete approach. For more training and detailed analysis, the premium version is the one to go for, which you can get via in-app purchases.

8. Fitbit

Fitbit also features a workout and exercise to burn calorie rather than eat to lose weight approach. This app has features like Wirelessly syncing your Fitbit Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Flex, One or Zip tracker with your Android device. It helps you in tracking your daily goals and progress over time for steps, distance, calories burned and more by Using GPS to track your runs, walks & hikes.

It provides you activity schedules like yoga and workouts to keep you on track. You can also compete with friends daily or weekly by the challenges and compare stats by logging into the socials. It provides all day heart rate tracking with Fitbit surge and charge HR.

9. 30 Day Fit Challenge Workout

This app presents you a perfect workout plan that suits your need along without the daily hassle of measuring and counting calories. Instead, it keeps track of your activities and workouts to count the calories that you are burning. It’s more of a Gym Approach to Lose/Gain weight featuring a 30 day aka monthly workout plan that will help you in your diet.

It has levels from a beginner to Pro levels. It gives tasks in the forms of challenges which according to developers prove beneficial as it gives you emotional and intellectual support to carry out the functions. Acting as a personal trainer this app can be good for your dieting plans.

10. My Diet Coach – Weight Loss

It feels like more of a personal weight loss/gain trainer. It keeps track of your diet, provides you tips and tricks to keep you motivated to follow the diet plans. It offers you a visual weight tracker which will help you to see how and where you’re losing weight. It features the new material design UI which is pretty attractive and is simple to use. Premium version provides access to more of the advanced features.

So these are the Top 10 Diet apps we feel, are good enough to keep you on your fitness track and can help you to get fitter. You can choose them according to your approach towards the diet plan and your convenience.

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