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Dictionary is a useful utility that many of need a lot of times. There are times we don’t understand meanings of some words and we need dictionaries for it. With Smartphones capturing the market we have Dictionary Apps which eases our task of carrying a dictionary around. Talking of dictionary apps, there are several apps available in the Play store.

Dictionary Apps for Android

You can find not only the usual ‘find the meaning’ type of dictionaries but also a wide range of Professional and Multilingual dictionaries. To make your choices easier, here we present your list of  Top 10 such awesome dictionaries available in the Play store.


The first thing that you would notice is clean and beautiful App design; you can search for the words right from the front screen without diving into options and clicking here and there. It provides the possibility for searching either for the meaning of thesaurus. 

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It has a massive database of words and works in more than one languages. You can also find several other options in the app regarding the term you’re interested in like the origin of the word, usage of words in a sentence, synonyms, antonyms, etc. The most impressive part is it works even offline, all you need to do is enable offline mode which will download its extensive database of words in your device which ranges around 50 MB.

It also has other features like Text-To-Speech and voice-enabled search. You can enable its other features and get rid of ads by getting paying for the premium version.

2. Dictionary-Merriam-Webster

It’s one of the most popular dictionary apps available in Playstore. It features a simple and clean UI. You can search for the words, and it provides you with the bundle of information apart for just providing the meanings like its synonyms, antonyms, information about the origin, etc. The app contains ads though which aren’t quite disturbing.

You can use the app offline for getting meaning and thesaurus but other options like TTS, voice search, illustrations can be online accessed when you have an active internet connection. It also has other features like word of the day and much more which are similar to a few apps in this category. It supports only English language.

3. English Hindi Dictionary

It’s cumbersome task to find any good Hindi-English or any other Language to English Dictionary. It’s a dictionary that helps you to find meanings of English to Hindi and vice versa. You can even type in Hindi and find its English meaning. It works same as other dictionaries. The UI is kind of interesting and is beautifully designed featuring the material design. 

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You can enable the offline mode to use the dictionary offline. You can play in app games like hangman to improve your vocabulary and can interact with the other users in the community section. Overall it’s a great app for the ones who wish to learn any one of the two languages. 

4. Oxford Dictionary of English

The biggest dictionary is now available on your smartphones. Oxford dictionaries have been one of the most trusted and well-maintained information sources from quite a time. The app brings its access to your smartphones. You can search with words and find a lot of information related to it.

The app as various searching methods like scanning via the camera to search the phrase, typing into the search bar, voice search, etc. You can even find the words you don’t remember the spelling of. It has filters to see those words for you. This is one great dictionary you can install on your smart devices. Supporting both tablet and mobiles this app also comes with premium with ads removal and some other features.

5. Dictionary free dictionary Farlex

This app combines the word information from a wide range of websites to provide you the information you need. You can even have access to other relevant dictionaries like medical, veterinary, finance, etc. It has some features that you can use even offline. But most of the features work with the internet connection. 

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It’s a simple to use the app with minimal and simple UI design. You can enjoy other features like word games, dictionaries in other languages, professional dictionaries based according to the needs of a field and much more.

6. English Dictionary – Offline

It is one of the best dictionaries you can have offline. It’s light weight, simple and yet responsive app with clean and minimalistic design. You can find information about various words and even find their synonyms or meanings in other languages.

The app primarily works offline with all the main features like TTS and word search but requires a net connection for other extra features like viewing the word in other dictionaries. You can enable themes and get other options like a free button for search, history, and other stuff. You can even change the accent British-American for the voice outputs.

7. Online Dictionary

The previous one was a just offline version of Dictionary For English language. This one is entirely online dictionary with a multi-lingual support. You can use all the features of the previous app, but it works when you have an internet connection. You can also use themes in this as the previous one. You can bookmark and save the words you feel you might need frequently. Supporting English, Italian, French, German and Spanish languages.

8. Dictionary – WordWeb

WordWeb presents you with the dictionary that works offline. It has most of the features that you would wish to have in a pocket dictionary app. It has a massive database of words and provides you with other information as well. If you want to get the pronunciations, they are available in the other audio edition app. This app is free from ads which make it kind of interesting as most of the apps nowadays are stuffed with ads everywhere.

9. English++ Offline Dictionary

As the names suggest, this app is for the ones who wish for an app that works offline. This app provides you information from a massive database of words. You can even switch and find information from not only English but other languages as well. It also provides you with a proper voice pronunciations along with the quick word search. You can have long word lookup while you’re connected to the Internet.

10. English Dictionary

This app is lightweight, fast and simple to use application that you can install on your smartphones. It’s an offline app so you can use it without any hassles even when you are not connected to the internet. It also has features like voice search, voice outputs, searches autocomplete, bookmarks for your words and history. You can access to other features when you have active internet connection. Overall it’s a good app with a minimal size of 18MB.

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