The Professional URL Shortener: Clkim Review

The day, all the Internet Marketers comprehended the true influence and possibilities of link sharing on Twitter, it got swamped with products links everywhere. The Internet is an incredible platform to share and promotes your brands, business but the only problem arises is that people don’t like to open or share long URLs, even though it is an excellent and informative product. Well, that’s how the URL Shortener was born. Using a good URL shortener would help you to increase your sales and user traction.

One such remarkable URL Shortener, Clkim is here for the review, and I’m to test out all the great features that this premium platform offers. You can easily convert long ordinary links to trackable assets that can work both online and offline. It gives users a complete control of their links, clicks, deep analytics and much more. So without any further blabbering, let’s start the review of Clkim.


One of the most professional URL shorteners, Clkim is recommended for all the online marketers, bloggers, YouTubers or business marketers to share their products, brands, and much more with the ease of tracking, monetizing, and statistics.

For all the Affiliate Marketers, Clkim is serving the most versatile shortening platform that will help you to monetize your blog, brand or website up to its full potential. The platform also has an integrated plugin for WordPress which enables you to maximize the user traction and monetization potential of your site. Clkim has so many premium features that you can’t even think of. So, let’s get started with all the setup and shortening. 

Clkim WordPress Plugin

Getting Started

Although Clkim is a premium URL shortening platform, you can still try the features with a trial version. The company provides a free with a glimpse of all the essential features like branded domains, analytics, traffic insights and much more. 

Clkim Dashboard

You can start your 14-day trial with all the premium shortening features. All you need to do is to is to sign up on the official website, and you can start to shorten URLs from a dedicated dashboard afterward.


After setting up, Clkim welcomes you with a dedicated dashboard that displays link analytics and traffic insights in real-time. It also enables the marketers to understand and track the audience from various sources beyond referring. You can quickly shorten all the links with branded domain links, and easily monetize your blog or website with Clkim.

Shortened Links With Clkim

Talking about the features, this URL shortening platform is a beastly one with tons of premium tools and automation utilities that you can rely on.


  • The Platform for Marketers: – You can easily track the number of users, the device they’re using, and the amount of traffic referral site is generating. You can create automated reports for the number of Clicks, Engagements, and much more. Also, you can shorten URL with white label domains & links. 
  • All the clicks consist a QR code that you can use in any printed advertisement, flyers or on any other relevant media. Get a full report and traffic analysis by devices, Operating systems, and location-based traffic, i.e. You can also track that from where your traffic is coming from and the referral social websites for traffic analyzation as well.    
  • The Professional Network & Monetization: – Satisfy your audience with ads between the redirecting process that are more contextual. Also, you can enable the Anti-Ad blocker fallback, so that none of your links go wasted. All the shortened URLs are re-targetable, and you can also track the number of conversions your link has generated for your product.
  • WordPress Integration & Real-Time Analysis: – The integrated WordPress plugin, share box, and other automation tools allow you to shorten links of your blog. You can also use the developer’s API to use the shortening platform for other websites as well.The onsite dashboard for all the users avails you get the real-time analytics of your links, traffic insights, user traction, conversion and much more.

Plans & Pricing

So, how much does this piece of wonder costs? Well, the monthly subscription with all the premium features starts from $10 for 100 URLs and the business plan with $70 for 25,000 URLS, unlimited conversion tracking, and much more other features. You can always go for the trial version, and even the company recommends you use the free version and get a glimpse of all the powerful and compelling features of Clkim.

Plans & Pricing


  • Shorten links for Emails, SMS, and much more. 
  • Track & get statistics of all the user engagements.
  • Clkim also provides insights for Startups & Small Ventures.
  • Track all your monetization stats and clicks from a dedicated dashboard.
  • Automatically Shrink URLs.
  • Simple & Easy to Track URLs.


•    The trial could’ve been increased for 30 days.

Final Verdict

Clkim is giving a cut throat competition to all the other URL shortener like, as it provides a smooth workflow and potential monetizing through ads and much more. You can try the trial version to test out all the premium features with A/B testing and automated processes. Just sign up on the website, and start converting.

So this was my take on this remarkable URL Shortening platform Clkim, and now it’s your turn to tell me about what you think about this tool. Would you use it on your blog? Would you purchase it? Do comment your thoughts on this platform. Cheers!

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