Clickadu Review: Premium Ad Network For Maximum Revenue

Monday, 19 September 2016

Clickadu Review: Premium Ad Network For Maximum Revenue

Posted by Rahul Gupta
A lot of businesses, who are new in their respective niches, try their hands on online advertising to reach to their target audience. Advertising is something that helps others grow, and this is why it has risen to such a great extent.
Clickadu Review
When we talk about marketing, online advertising is something which can’t be left un-discussed. Tons of companies have realized its power and thereby have decided to come up with a platform to help other companies to serve advertisements. One such ad platform is Clickadu. In this post, I’ll explain why you guys must give it a try.

Introduction to

It is one of the premium ad networks out there that serves advertisements for the web and mobile channels. Clickadu comes with tons of experience in revenue maximization, super expertise, and unique capabilities for both the publishers and advertisers.

The ad network came into existence in 2014, and soon enough has built a good audience for itself. The best thing that I love about this system it makes use of the best technology for ad servers to ensure the best service is given to advertisers and publishers.

Active Publishers Campaigns
If we talk about the stats, this ad network accounts for around 70+ million impressions which translate to around 120k conversions daily. To spread its message, it has 3k+ active publishers. If you look at the fact that it was founded only in 2014, it is quite an awesome achievement.

How Clickadu is a good choice for publishers?

  • Payments are offered every week through a variety of different modes. 
  • The network provides detailed reports and statistics so that you can monitor everything. 
  • In more than 240 countries, the network offers quite a high eCPM rate. 
  • The network is also planning to launch its self-service platform in future soon.

Why should advertisers join this network?

  • TO make sure that you get high conversions, the network has an impressive optimization system. 
  • To make things easy for advertisers, it also offers capabilities such as optimal targeting. 
  • Even if you are not a technical user, it also has an automatic campaign feature. 
  • Even for the mid-sized client, the network offers dedicated account managers. 
  • Clickadu also allows its advertisers to serve ads in desktop as well as mobile.

Some features of Clickadu which are worth giving a try

One thing that all bloggers would love about clickadu is that it puts no requirement on the traffic bar so that even entry level publishers can join. If this wasn’t enough, it also targets primarily small publishers and then helps them to extend their audience and reach.

Furthermore, they hope to create long-term relationships with bloggers and webmasters who are struggling in early stages of their career so that the network can continue to work with them when they grow up their websites.

One more thing about the system which is worth mentioning is that its installation is totally hassle free. The full approval takes less than 24 hours, and installation takes even less. If you’ve just started up on advertising, clickadu can prove to be a great network for you.

The brand also looks forward to making the experience awesome, not only for one side but both publishers and advertisers. This is why they offer multiple withdrawal options. Although they are a relatively new network, they still have a clean record of paying up publishers on time.

This network specializes in popunder ads. Which is a type of ad that has more conversion rates compared to traditional ad types? Also, pop-under ads have been observed to outperform display advertisements in various networks.

How Hard is it for bloggers to get approved?

Although their process for approval isn’t fully automatic but is quite close to it. If any blogger applies to clickadu as a publisher, their online property is reviewed manually to be granted approval. The thing is, it takes less than 24 hours to get approval.

Pros Of Clickadu

  • A variety of methods for payments: - To make things convenient for publishers, the amounts are released via PayPal, wire transfer and payoneer as well. 
  • High Fill Rates: - If compared to some other ad networks such as PopAds, Adsterra, and PopAds, this network has higher fill rates. 
  • Payments come on time: - Payment is one of the things than a publisher always worries about. Luckily, this system hasn’t missed any payments even a single time. 
  • No minimum traffic need: - Any publisher despite being small or large can join and manage to get approved. 
  • Detailed analysis and reports: - Although you can get all sorts of significant details from your dashboard itself, if you need a more detailed report, you can get it from the publisher panel. 
Detailed Statistics
  • eCPM optimization: - The network automatically optimizes your eCPM so that you can deliver competitive and high eCPM for your website. 
  • Friendly support: - Clickadu also has a very generous support which would help you in every matter regarding your website and its monetization.

Cons Of  Clickadu

  • Popunder ads still irritate users


Overall a nice network for entry-level and mid-sized bloggers. Major players shouldn’t use this as it might shed a lot of their readers away. Getting approved is easy, and they ensure high eCPM, that’s what a publisher wants!


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