10 Best Bluetooth Based Apps & Games for Android

Bluetooth was one of the first peer-to-peer data sharing functionality which our little mobile devices were equipped with. Being the oldest, yet trusted limited functionality, it was soon replaced by Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspots. 

Sometimes you feel like getting connected to other users for one or the other reasons, but this speedy new tech consumes a lot of battery. Sometimes we wish we could be attached to the Internet (Wi-Fi Router/ Hotspot) and still could log into any other device just to share a thing without breaking our connection to the world. 

Bluetooth Based Apps Games

There Bluetooth becomes our savior. Bluetooth is a close range functionality which usually works within a 20m range, but that often depends on a lot of factors like device, range and so on. Here we present your list of some amazing apps that work with Amazing little Bluetooth functionality. 

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1. BlueChat Messenger (Bluetooth)

We all know and have used Messengers that send and receive messages and media via Wi-Fi or over an active Internet connection. But have you thought of an application that will do the same with over Bluetooth connection? 

It is an app which lets us connect with your buddy inside a classroom or any close little place where you just want to chat and share stuff without ending up draining your battery life or using internet connection. You can chat, send media and it’s secure enough so that your stuff stays safe. 

This app supports all devices right from Android 1.5 and up. Other most interesting feature is that the creator of the app which is a 15yr old has kept it ad-free. The app has decent looking UI which is easy to use, and it’s a very light build of around 1.5 MB. 

2. Bluetooth Messenger

It is yet another fantastic app which you can use for communication over small places. This app supports multiple users chat i.e. you can connect a chat room and users can either join your chat room or can create one of their own. You can connect maximum number users with the chat room that your device can support. 

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You can share media, chat and even kick out the annoying ones (if you’re the host). This is one interesting application that supports all devices from Android 4.0 and up. It’s a light build app of around 1MB and has beautifully designed UI that matches with any other modern Internet messengers we use nowadays.

3. Apk Share/App Send Bluetooth

We usually used Bluetooth for sharing media when it was initially available. But now using this app you can share your apps from one device to another. You can send the apps, uninstall the apps and can even check the details of the app before submitting the app. 

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You can share both installed and system apps. This app can be quite useful for the ones who still are having older Androids. The size of the apps is around 2.4 Mb which supports all the devices with Android 2.3 and above.

4. Bluetooth App Sender

It’s an app sharer application that works with your Bluetooth functionality. You can send the apps using this app; the UI is quite presentable and neat. You can even share the apps with via email or can upload it to cloud storage, and can even share it via the socials (link). It’s a small decent and nice to use application.

5. Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

When there was a situation of sending one file via Bluetooth, it wasn’t quite a hassle, but we felt the need of sending multiple files via Bluetooth that became quite tedious. This app makes the best of the use of your this functionality that we rarely use nowadays other than connecting to headphones. 

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You can transfer files, any files, be it media like images, audio tracks, videos or be it data files like documents and pdf or even apps. You can send it all. Even to multiple users. This app allows you to send files using multi-select and can send to more than one users. It zips up the selected files to send and once it’s received user can extract it to get the contents via the app.

6. Bluetooth Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie is the devices we loved as a child and are quite useful even for professional communications. Using this app, you can voice call to the other user that’s within the range. You can even video call while you’re connected with them. This app also has a side support with Wi-Fi technology so that you can switch to the medium of communication if needed. A small, simple yet attractive app.

7. Bluetooth File Share

This is a little app which works as a file manager and even sends your data via the Bluetooth connection. The app has a very decent and clean looking UI. It’s a powerful app which even as roots explorer. You can sort the files according to types which make it easier for sending. You can backup your applications and send them via Bluetooth. It even supports the clouds like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

8. BlueFi Phone

As its name suggests, it’s a calling app which you can use to call other users. You can connect it via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to perform voice calls and send text messages and media. It uses encryption for transferring your voice so that the communication channel is safe and secure. You can customize the settings so that the app can suit your needs. You can even connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth device at the same time.

9. Tic Tac Toe – Bluetooth Game

After a long and very day, we sometimes opt for music or games to refresh ourselves. But as most of the times, it happens that we don’t have enough battery to play high-end games or use the Internet to play in multi-player. Here’s a simple game that refreshes your mood. You can play this game versus computer, or you can connect with your friends via Bluetooth and enjoy the playing in multiplayer.

10. Carrom 3D

It is yet another exciting 3D Game that you can enjoy when you’re bored of other high-end games. One can play against the computer or can connect to other players via the Bluetooth and enjoy playing this game in multiplayer. This decent app is bringing your indoor childhood game to your smart devices.

Bluetooth might be an old school technology but yet its reliable and trusted mode of transferring data. Most of us aren’t aware of these awesome apps that were available in the store. We hope you like and enjoy this list of top 10 Bluetooth apps available for Android.

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