Find & Remove Duplicate Files on Mac- Tidy Up Review

Frankly speaking, it’s the worst nightmare for all the hard disk manufacturers; that’s what Tidy Up is. The moment I got my hands on this tool, I scanned 2TBs of the messed up files and data on my old Mac Pro. The need to use it occurred when I found that my device was running slower as compared to when purchased. I still don’t know why the manufacturers make us create so many files, but Tidy Up 4 is always here that can free up some of the space from your hard drive.

Tidy Up Review

For those who don’t seem to be informed, Tidy Up is a tool for Mac devices that specializes in finding duplicate files on your disk, and you can quickly delete them with this tool, as we do somehow accumulate a lot of those files, and at least they do free up some space on your device. So, after a lot of in-depth research and testing, I’m here to review a very remarkable tool that works, unlike the other fake hoaxes. Enough of the chit-chat, let’s get started with the review of Tidy Up.

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Getting Started  

This Apple utility tool is from the house of a leading Mac developer company, Hyperbolic Software. Besides Tidy up, the company also provides other tools that can increase the functionalities and optimizations for Mac Devices.

To get started with the tool, you’ll need to download Tidy Up 4. Although it is a premium tool, the company offers a trial version which is available on their official website. The trial is free and has all the essential features but for a limited time. You can download it from here.

Before starting the process, there is something that you must keep in mind. Occasionally, cases occur when some of the applications require duplicating files. So, deleting every random file might make one specific application stop. Well, this is one the many worst problems of using a Mac device. Nevertheless, you can always re-download those apps from the Mac Store. 

Coming back to the setup, I deliberately started the Tidy Up on my messy Mac Pro. It automatically guides you towards all the essential features and the functionalities. So, I followed on and ran the scanning process. The program deeply scanned through almost 1,000 media files and while I had a full of coffee. The program displays a total number of all the scanned files and how much are left to be scanned. Though the progress bar was not much of help. 

Tidy Up Scanning

Review of Tidy Up

Tidy Up 4 has a lot of improved features and improvements from its prequel.  All new look and designed interface make the functionalities, and all the premium features stand out. It is a power-pack combination of performance and minimal looks.

Tidy Up Simple Interface

After the scanning is done, Tidy Up instantly lists all the duplicates files regardless of the number. So, if you have a photo with five other copies, then it would list all 6 of them. If you just want to try out the basics, then you can use the simple mode. Moreover, there is a search wizard which would allow you to customize the scanning scenario. Advanced Mode is also present there with different smart search filters and to search specific file types. 
Although the simple mode was able to satisfy all my needs. You can also use the Advanced Mode to search for duplicate emails, though it doesn’t seem to be working with the IMAP accounts.

Tidy Up Advance mode

The software has a pretty neat and minimal interface with all the premium features displayed on the main Dashboard. More appropriately, it is a good mix of power along with the responsibility, but it is that kind of the application that you’ll need to run once in a while every month. It saves up a lot of space and efforts, so it is a perfect deal for an expert user.

Moving onto the next part, here are the most of the premium and amazing features that Tidy up offers with the paid version.


  • You can quickly search and delete for duplicate files and packages by the type, creator, name, label, visibility, owner application, content, extension, time modified; time created and even the date/age. For specific media files, you can also filter the search by the duration for an MP3 or AAC file and metadata, Aperture, iPhoto for a photo or video file. Once the deletion is completed, you can also sync it with iTunes or the Cloud. 
  • Tidy Up offers different types of the search modes – Basic and Advanced. The basic one is enough to scan all the duplicates and includes more than 90 pre-defined searches. The advanced one is mostly recommended for the customized searches. It could be used for the specific file searches.  
  • The software has an inbuilt security system feature that keeps at least one of the duplicate copy protected. Also, if you’ve accidentally deleted all of the files, then you can easily recover them from the trash unless you’ve emptied it.  
Tidy Up Security system
  • One of the best things about the app is that you can get a full preview of all the scanned files. Whether it is a media file such as photo, video, music or files such as graphics, PDFs or documents. You can preview them and can either group them according to the file size, type, modification or duration. There is a “Smart Box” option which lets you easily organize all the found items for further deletion and modification. 
Smartbox Tidy Up


With so many necessary features, Tidy Up is obviously a premium product but how much does it cost? Well, the latest version, i.e. Tidy up 4 is available for a price of $30 and runs on OX Yosemite. The company recommends the users to try out the trial version first. It would enlighten you up with all the premium features you can avail with the paid one. 

Moreover, if you already own the previous version, then you can easily upgrade it for $20 upfront.


All in All, Tidy up is amazing software and would help you with cleaning up a lot of space from your Mac device. Do share your thoughts on this amazing software in the comment section below. 

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