How to Create Amazing Logos Online Using Logaster

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How to Create Amazing Logos Online Using Logaster

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Behind the surging growth of a company, branding always a crucial role and the most important thing is a fantastic logo that tells everything about your product in just one glimpse. 

A Logo is like the face of your product, brand or company and portrays the essence of you’re trying to do. A great logo boosts your brand look classy, confident and often attracts potential leads towards your product. It is a well-renounced promotion strategy, and there is no other perfect example which is using this technique effectively and efficiently, Apple.

For starters, you can always hire a designer to make a personalized logo for your brand or product but why troubling when you can create your logo online. So, let’s review the Logaster. 


What is Logaster?

With Logaster, you can create logo online for free. It is a remarkable website platform that offers fully customized logo designs and tools to craft an outstanding brand entity for your product. The site offers free and paid pre-designed logo templates which could be used or downloaded with a proper license and much more. 

A little bit of tweaking, a pinch of creativity and you can create a perfect logo within a few minutes. Logaster offers over thousands of unique logo designed which you can use to for your brand logo, business cards, flyers or any other relevant branding article. 

So, without any further talking, let’s start with all the features and how to use it.

How to Use Logaster?

To get started with all the designing, you can start directly by entering your company’s name and your industry on the logo wizard. It automatically guides you with all the relevant logo designs that you can customize or later tweak on.
Choose Activity Type
In the step, you can choose from a repository of thousands of customizable logo concepts which suits the best for you and your company.
Choose Logo Concept
So, if you’re done with choosing the design, you can further edit your template. The editing tool offers full customization like font, colors, shapes, size and shadows. There was not much to tweak as it was already looking good.
Choose Logo
The final step lets you download your created logo for free in small resolution. Moreover, after paying a little amount, you can save your logo in any required resolution, size or format such as JPG, SVG, PNG, or PDF.
Download Logo
So you can easily guess how much straightforward and fast this was. A few clicks and I a minute or so, you can see your logo. The Logo Wizard helps you to carry out the process faster and offers all the essential customization. 

Fully Customizable Features

An amazing blend of customization and performance, Logaster definitely saves up a lot of time and efforts. The website offers thousands of logo design for every industry possible. Whether you’re a corporate, an online business, a restaurant or even a flower shop, Logaster hosts a broad range of conceptual designs to choose from. 

The best part about using this platform is that you can even create and download designed logos for free. It can be used to develop other branding necessities like Envelopes, Business Cards, Favicons and much more. Moreover, by paying a small fee, you can get the royalty-free, high-resolution logos that could be used anywhere. It has several monthly paid subscriptions that I’ll mention later in the review. 

Logaster also offers a WordPress Plugin for Logaster Logo Generator. It is a free plugin for WordPress CMS by which you can generate logos for your websites and blogs. The process is very simple and works seamlessly. All the logos get automatically saved in the Media Library and usable everywhere on the site.

Plans & Pricing

Even though you can download all the customized logos for free, I would personally recommend buying the premium logo as it would lack all the necessary features like: 
  • Watermark Less Design 
  • High-Resolution Images 
  • Transparent Backgrounds 
  • Wide Range of File Formats like SVG, PNG, JPEG, DOCX, and ICO
The all in one package (Brand Kit) includes all the designs for logos, envelope, business card and much more for an affordable price of $29.99

All the other premium designs are priced as follows: 

  • Business Cards for $9.99
  • Envelopes for $9.99 
  • Letterheads and Covers for $9.99 
  • Favicon/Web Icons for $9.99


Logaster offers real freedom, creativity, and convenience for anyone who requires a great logo for their upcoming brand or product. It is definitely much cheaper and affordable as compared to hiring a graphic designer or an online service provider. All the concept designs are fully customizable and can be downloaded in any standard image format. 

All in All, a perfect platform to create free logos online. Do share your thoughts on this excellent website please mention if you’ve created any logo with Logaster. Cheers!


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