Lead Generation Software for Outbound Sales Enablement: LeadFuze Review

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Lead Generation Software for Outbound Sales Enablement: LeadFuze Review

Posted by Rahul Gupta
In the excitement of SaaS startups and big funding, it's sometimes easy to overlook the thing very thing that drives everything else.


Sometimes described as the hardest thing in the world (depending on your product and sales process), LeadFuze is making this process easier for everyone.


This new LeadFuze product is inspired to generate leads and create potential business prospects with the use of data enrichment from social networks.

The software works with third party services to verify prospects’ email address. Then, you can setup an automated outbound email sequence (inside the LeadFuze software), which will allow you to send one-to-one emails to everyone you have selected (and follow up emails after the first one).
LeadFuze Review
So, let’s get started with all the major features that the tool offers and why it is recommended to every Sales Team & Marketing Firms for B2B businesses.

My Personal Review – Amazing Product Experience & Genuine Customer Success Support!

Distinguished Features of LeadFuze

For anyone with a background in sales, the amount of time and effort to gather and input all the relevant leads and customer data is ridiculous. The process of finding the right target market and the accurate contact information often becomes a time-consuming task for any sales team. This is where LeadFuze shines, a power lead generation tool designed to power your sales efforts.
  • Data Gathering and Enrichment
Compared to all the other email verification tools I have used, LeadFuze’s is probably the best. They use a combination of verification tools, and I am showing about a 85% green email rate on the targets I select.
  • Automated Outbound Emails (in the same Ecosystem)
To be able to collect contact your prospect data, but then setup an automated campaign to send the initial cold emails (and the followups) is where LeadFuze becomes a true asset to the sales team. 

You can segment lists based on unique target markets, and send a different message to all of them. And the reporting, all the key data is there: open rates, response rates, and bounce rates. 

The email system will also send a second and third email to your prospects, if they do not respond to your initial attempt. If someone does reply (a real reply, not an 'Out of Office' auto reply), the system will take them out of future sends. Meaning, they either said "no thanks' or you started a real conversation with them. But for the ones that do not reply to the initial message, you can set up in the system to send multiple emails to them in attempt to start a conversation.

  • Setup and Prospects
The installation and setup of the LeadFuze software was pretty easy as it only requires adding their Chrome Extension to the Browser. With one search (that the LeadFuze software helps to recommend the necessary fields), I was finding prospects based on job title, location, and industry. With one click, I added them to my account and it found their contact info. 

Once the search filters are selected (and prospected chosen), the software searches for the emails networks automatically. You can also easily export this data into a CRM tool or any email client of your choice (or send using the LeadFuze system - highly recommended especially for ease of use and scale).

LeadFuze offers free versions for all the users to get a glimpse of this lead generation wonder. With the trial version, you get up to 20 prospects to use.

You can download the extension from here
Leadfuze Extension


  1. Powerful email collection and verification software using multiple reference checks 
  2. Automated outbound email sending in the same LeadFuze ecosystem makes it easy to contact the prospects you have found 
  3. Easy to use - No prior experience needed and a wonderful customer success program to help with questions


  1. Additional contact Information for each prospect would be nice to have
  2. Free version allows only 20 verified prospect

Plans & Pricing

The basic plan is priced for $150/mo with the ability to find up to 500 verified prospects each month.

When you are ready to ramp your sales efforts up to the next level, there are premium plans which you can find below.


Final Verdict

LeadFuze is capable of generating leads from a quick search on your browser. Find potential business clients, get the relevant contact information and then email them to start a conversation.

All in one system - with only a few clicks (once you have your email sequences setup).

So, that’s it. Do let us know what you think about this tool in the comment section below. 


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