How to Prevent SEO Management From Getting Messy With SheerSEO

Saturday, 30 July 2016

How to Prevent SEO Management From Getting Messy With SheerSEO

Posted by Rahul Gupta
I’ve been in the digital marketing domain for a fair amount of time. Due to my work, I have to manage the ranking sheets of a lot of clients. If it is tracking down a single keyword, things go well. But most of the times it is not a single keyword. Suppose If I am trying to rank ten keywords, and I have to manage their rankings for a month, then I have to make a 10*30 = 300 cell long excel sheet. That is only one client, and I have to do it with every customer I work with.

I know there are a lot of digital marketers out there like me. There might be as much as thousands of websites that are trying to rank the same keyword as you. A marketer would certainly not be willing to lose the race to another person due to just poor management.

To help marketers like me, I’ve found a tool known as SheerSEO that you can use to track down your rankings and also outrank your competitors.

Salient Features of SheerSEO - What Makes it a Perfect Fit?

There are a handful of features provided by this tool that make it an excellent utility to track rankings of your blog/website on search engines. Some of its salient features which can be quite useful for digital marketers are mentioned below:

Keyword Tracking
The feature which came as a life saver for me is its tracking feature. It is quite natural if you are publishing a new blog post, or web page, your sole intention is that it ranks well in SERPS. Otherwise, it would be worthless to write a post. 

But the thing is, posts don’t rank immediately, they can take some time before appearing in top positions. They can take some hours, days, or even months.

Track Keyword Ranking
It highly depends on your off-page and on-page efforts that how quickly your post is going to rank. With this tool, you would be able to track down the rankings of your keyword rankings.

With its “History” tab, you can also view the complete history of that article and its rankings for the keyword.

On Page Optimization
With the SheerSEO tool, you can cross check if everything is okay with SEO optimization on your page at internal levels. You can carry out tasks such as checking out the density of keywords on articles or the home page itself - whatever you want in a simple click.

You can also target and rank for particular keywords to make sure that your blog ranks wells in Google searches. If you are willing to open floodgates to your blog, this can be a great option and with this section alone, you can carry a lot of tasks.

What Else This Tool Has For You?

Apart from its keyword tracking and on page checker, this tool consists of several other features which would help you analyze the performance of your blog. As far as I am concerned, I used SheerSEO for mainly two reasons - tracking my keyword, and on-page optimization.

But you can certainly check out its other set of features and explore each of them to explore the hidden capability of your blog and its search engine optimization.

With this tool, you’ll be able to monitor the following:

  • Page Rank: - Check out the page rank of your website. 
  • Referrers: - Interested to know which sites are linking back to you. You can use this tool to find out whether you have any weak or bad backlinks pointed towards your website or not. 
  • Backlink count: - Analyze the proper number of links pointing to your blog.
  • Social Shares: - This part of tool gives you a complete and detailed analysis of the social stream of your blog. You can find out how many people are sharing your blog on Twitter, and Facebook.
Social Shares
  • Indexed Pages: - Find out the total number of blog posts which have been indexed by Google. 
Indexed Pages
One of the best parts of this software is that it can even mail you detailed reports in CSV and PDF formats. For efficient management, this is quite crucial. Also, its keyword density tool is worth giving a shot. Some other excellent tools include its Social bookmarking, content benchmarking, leading referrals and some more.
Content Benchmark
The company is so confident of their tracking that they offer a demo to their first-time customers as well. You can explore and access the functionality of this software during this time and take the time to analyze the software.

From my point of view, you’ll certainly love the demo. Its demo comes with the rankings of its company website itself. You can monitor stats like traffic stats, current page rank of that site, the number of referrals, history of page rank, the number of proper backlinks.

All this data comes broken in the form of pictures and graphs so that you can understand the whole thing in a better way. This certainly lies on the fact that human brain is more of a visual learner compared to other methods of learning.

SheerSEO isn’t only a link building and monitoring software; it is more than that.


When it comes to final bag it or grab it, I’d recommend serious bloggers & webmasters to grab this software to manage all their SEO hustle. To me in particular, it has helped a lot in getting my job done in time.

Three of its feature are more than enough in my opinion to have this software. Those three feature are – Keyword tracking, on page optimization checker and directory submission.

With these tools combined, you can keep an eye on rankings and outrank your competition. Let me know your suggestions in comments below.


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