ProxyRack Review: Fast, Secure & 100% Free VPN

Today, we have a very fantastic product to review, ProxyRack VPN, the best, secure and Yes, Absolutely Free!

Why a VPN? Why ProxyRack?

A VPN alone is just a path to reinforce your security and access information on a network that you’re not physically linked to. So, what you choose to do with a VPN is a different story. 

ProxyRack is one the leading VPN service providers and being a free service; it ensures you that you’ll enjoy access to all the restricted websites along with safe and secure browsing.

Although, there are various other VPN services which will help you to keep your browsing safe and anonymous and will allow you to browse restricted websites based on country locations. ProxyRack is the best among its competitors and adds an extra layer of security by altering the connection path over the secure VPN servers.

Proxyrack VPN

ProxyRack is a free VPN service which allows you to access blocked websites and provides you with an extra layer of security whenever you browse the Internet. It masks your IP address and channels the traffic through ProxyRack servers which are highly encrypted and placed in various locations all over the world. You will be completely safe from all the threats, online scams and malware that can potentially harm you and your device.

Installation & Setup

This VPN client is available for both Windows-Powered and Mac devices. The service is free and can be used by anyone regardless of the location. You can download the software directly but for that, you have to sign-up as a user on its official website. You can register easily by nagivating to the website.

ProxyRack provides all the major premium features in the client, and we’re going to talk about all of them. So, let’s take a quick look at all the features that this VPN client provides. Moreover, I’ll discuss most of the important features thoroughly later in the review. So, stay involved with me. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Unlimited Server Switching 
  • OpenVPN Protocol 
  • DNS Leak Fix 
  • Access to All the Restricted Websites 
  • Multiuser-Login  
  • Internet Kill-Switch  
  • Free Updates and Much More.  

Key Features of ProxyRack

1. Enhanced Security and Privacy
As we know most of the free VPN services lack to provide proper security and protection for the free version and always offer something more in their premium version. But, ProxyRack is aimed to provide all the protection and secure browsing free to every user itself. 

The client ensures, encrypts and masks your network to protect you from the hackers and every other online threat even without a premium or paid account. 

2. OpenVPN protocol
The client uses OpenVPN protocol to deploy maximum security and privacy to the users whenever they browse. Also, it is considered as one of the most protected, fast protocol, and reliable connections available. Like every standard VPN service, ProxyRack uses the 265-bit encryption for better protection.

3. Unlimited VPN Server Locations
For swift and protected surfing on the Internet, the company has located its VPN servers all around the Globe. Doesn’t matters in which country you are living; you can access the locations from all over the world.

VPN Server Locations

The servers located in the main cities including Bangalore, Manila, Miami, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, SG, Tokyo, Perth, Sydney, Milan, Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and will easily cater your IP masking requirements. Also, the company promises to establish new location every week.

What did I love about ProxyRack?

Bypassing the censorship and geo-location restrictions
One of the most satisfying features of using a VPN is the capability to access all the restricted and blocked content on the Internet. You can anonymously access all the websites by just installing the client on your computer or laptop. ProxyRack’s VPN service generates an extra layer over the regular connection where the servers can be changed and then chosen according to the inheriting country to detour all the restrictions. 

And the best thing about using ProxyRack is its ability to access Netflix in blocked countries. So, if you too are craving to use Netflix or any other relevant website, then this VPN service is the one stop solution for you.

Customer Support

Although the service is free, the support that company provides is incredible. You can easily contact the technical team for any issue or problem.


  • Fast & Reliable 
  • Unlimited Server Location 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth usage 
  • 100% Free to User 
  • Netflix & Spotify Unblock from Every Country  
  • Fantastic Customer Support


  • Not Available for Android or iOS


All in All, ProxyRack is a fantastic service to consider in case you need a free VPN with all the protection and encryption features. You can access all the restricted websites with unique IP addresses that will help you remain anonymous and can protect you from all the potential harms. Numerous Server Location, Unlimited Bandwidth, and Server Switching are all the amazing features that this VPN client offers.

So, give it a try as it costs nothing and you can always disable the services from your system. The client works seamlessly and easily integrates with the browser, giving you unlimited access without any connection break or server crashing.

Comment your opinions below and let us know what you think about this. Do Visit ProxyRack Free VPN service for more.

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