What Country to Choose? Predilection of Offshore Development

Thursday, 21 July 2016

What Country to Choose? Predilection of Offshore Development

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It is all based on the size of your company, industry and your business what type of offshore development you would like to outsource and which country you want to select. Offshore services in IT and software development sector are getting great popularity.  Here, you deal developers from offshore programming companies just like in-house employees.

There are different approaches to evaluating the talent of the outsourced country. You can get an accurate rating view from famous freelancing websites where professionals from various countries registered to show their diverse talent. These sites work as a small talent pool, particularly when you need to find the people who are suitable to your job requirements.
Offshore Development
Here I would like to elaborate few best ways of finding the topmost Outsourcing Development talent for you. You can mark the following manner To find the best outsourcing development talent.

It is the situation when you need the offshore outsourcing. It involves the new staff hiring worldwide while looking at the profile of the companies and individuals based on their ratings. Professionals and highly rated IT companies register their profiles on the top ranked freelancing websites such as Elance or LinkedIn. From where you can easily find the best talent. Here are some examples of the countries and roles from where you hire the professionals based on outsourcing development services. 

Calling Consumers

The Philippines is the best option for the potential customers and calling them for services or shopping, You can easily find people with good English skills. They have experiences to play large sale role. It is easy to find real talent in small cost if you choose this region for customer service outsourcing. And nowadays English is a crucial factor considered before hiring employees. After all, you need people who can work efficiently and at the same time communicate fluently. So for communication purpose, you can find the Philippines. As they have adorably amusing speaking skills.

Web Development

Central Europe, South Asia, and the Philippines are the countries to consider the hiring of development languages such as PHP and you want to create a WordPress website. These countries provide you with the best web developers across the world.

Desktop Development

Russia and the Ukraine are good options for outsourcing these services. Of course not the best but when considered finance and affordability factor; Russia and Ukraine are always the better options than any other country at present.

Project Management

You can hire the best and the most talented project managers from the USA. These Project Managers are usually talent and ready to work at a reasonable salary. So next time when you look for a project manager; don’t forget to consider the USA.

UX/UI Design

It seems tough to find high quality and talented UI designer in South Asia or the Philippines or China. You need to consider the US for this although there are a few real artists in Europe. As you have no option such as importing employers from another half of the world. So it is better that you hire UX/UI designers from Europe.

It is not the definitive list. You can search at your side to find the best country. However, these places are famous for the following talent, and this is the point. It is better that If you do not focus on one country, try to hire individuals from different destinations. If you search for multiple locations, offshore outsourcing can give you benefits in this context. This way you can get to learn about diverse cultures and traditions as well; which obviously affect offshore outsourcing.

On the other hand, if you are interested in software development, I think central Europe is the place to find the best-talented graduates in the field of development. You must have read about it; Central Europe is like a hub of blossoming young software development talent. Their services are impressive and highly rated worldwide. And for software development, it would be your priority to choose the place best rated by the world.  But they are the little bit pricey starting from 4$ thousand to 8 thousands. Of course, you cannot expect it to be easy and financially amusing to you. This will cost you exceptionally more.

Well, you don’t have to be sad about the hindering money factor; if so. I have a better suggestion for you.

For affordability reason, Ukraine is also famous because the software development talent is good and affordable here. So if not central Europe; I would suggest you Ukraine ought to be your second choice.

Similarly, Eastern Europe can also be considered for offshore development service. Here, you can find people having good programming skills, business acumen and the excellent communication in low cost. And everyone want all these factors to be supportive in case of establishing new offshore development service in a country.


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