MaxxCloud: A Proven Cloud Enterprise Document Management System

Saturday, 2 July 2016

MaxxCloud: A Proven Cloud Enterprise Document Management System

Posted by Rahul Gupta
MaxxCloud is a powerful cloud document management software that is designed keeping in mind the content management needs of medium to enterprise sized organizations. It is a fully cloud hosted document management software that is easy to scale, affordable, and can be used for managing simple to highly complicated business processes.

The cloud-hosted software has a proven track record in medium to large industries including healthcare, education, insurance, public services, manufacturing, and law. In fact, it can be used in almost any industry due to its high level of scalability and flexibility. It delivers highly robust document management and workflow solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.

Why MaxxCloud?

You can scale this platform as and when your business grows. You can customize it at many levels. It is focused solely on making your business succeed. When you use MaxxCloud, you are getting access to an integrated cloud solution that can be accessed online from anywhere at any time. The benefits of being able to work from anywhere on documents and workflow can enhance your organization’s productivity like anything.

MaxxCloud provides you access to the features and benefits of the powerful Enterprise Document Management System MaxxVault that has been proven in the industry for its high level of security and availability.

MaxxCloud Volume

Currently, MaxxCloud manages a staggering 1-billion-plus records and continues to grow at a rate of a million records a week. It is one of the best cloud-hosted content management software on the market. Interestingly, it comes at a price that is affordable, but it is not the most inexpensive cloud-based solution. When you compare the MaxxCloud features to cost, you will find that it is one of the best fully-cloud-hosted document management software.
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Drag and Drop Documents Directly Into MaxxCloud

You can scan documents to import them into the cloud. Import documents from email or the web. Print from other places directly into MaxxCloud. There are many other ways for capturing documents into the cloud document management system – bar code paper burst, scheduled folder import, or MFPs. Once imported, you can custom index them based on the information you want the document to be searchable.

MaxxCloud: - Providing Solutions to the Right Business

MaxxCloud brings the power of the cloud for content management within the access of organizations that don't have on-premises servers. Most of the small to medium businesses cannot afford to have their on-premises server and infrastructure.

It is much more than an enterprise document management system. You can manage your workflow without the need to manage or maintain expensive servers. A significant advantage of using MaxxCloud is that it allows you to get access to the benefits of your MaxxVault subscription.

Mobile Workflow & Document Management

Mobile document and workflow management are one of the biggest benefits of MaxxCloud. Your staff doesn't have to be present on the desk to be able to review all the documents and complete the workflow. With this fully-hosted cloud-based document management software, you can have your staff manage the workflow from anywhere and on any device. 

Review documents on the go with MaxxCloud mobile, approve them, add digital signatures, share documents and collaborate with them, email them or do anything as long as you have internet connectivity. Your staff can review documents on their iOS or Android devices – smartphones, tablets, or iPads.
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Review Documents Online and Approve or Reject Them

As a fully hosted Cloud Document Management system, MaxxCloud performs all the backups, maintenance and software upgrades itself. You don't have to worry about it or spend your time and resources on these aspects. 

Besides, you will be able to have certified and experienced engineers who are available on-site 24x7x365. Your data is fully secured on high-quality services hosted in world-class data centers. Industry-standard security systems including firewalls are used to protect and encrypt all data.

MaxxCloud Integration

As already mentioned, MaxxCloud is a proven software within the cloud computing environment. Almost all industries have accepted it in the last six years. The software integrates fully with industry-leading products like Microsoft Dynamics ERP, DocuSign, and Salesforce. You can also use a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and Office. So the next time you want to save a file from MS Word or Excel into MaxxCloud, a few clicks will do the job for you. You can also allow your Outlook users to search for your content or documents in MaxxCloud. 

File-Sharing/Syncing: - MaxxCloud also offers a file sharing/syncing feature which is designed keeping in mind the external users. You will find it to be something of a Dropbox-like solution built within the Enterprise cloud-based content management system.

Simple & Familiar Interface

Simple Interface
When your staff and you manage a large volume of documents, it is easy to become so much occupied with document management. This can mean lesser time for your core business processes. MaxxCloud provides a straightforward and familiar interface that allows your staff to go swiftly through the process of document management. Managing your content doesn't have to be a worry with this software.

It is well known that user interface (UI) is a major issue with any enterprise document management system. MaxxCloud offers you a familiar Windows-like UI so that there is almost no need for extensive training and wasting your valuable time and resources. 

The interface is not confusing. It is not slow. It is almost like the file manager that people have been using for decades. Even someone who is not tech-savvy will immediately understand how to capture, store, index, retrieve and share documents. 

The MaxxCloud UI is not only straightforward and easy to use, but it is also attractive. You can also have the interface customized at user or group level. Whether it’s personal preference at the user level or a corporate requirement based on uniformity or proximity to brand colors, you can have the UI tailored to your needs.

Plans & Pricing

And MaxxCloud offers all this at highly competitive pricing:
  • Subscription for MaxxCloud named users begins from $35/mo. 
  • You can also choose from concurrent user pricing.  
  • The cost for storage and managed infrastructure starts from $100/mo and can be up to $300/mo. 
  • This cost will vary based on data volume and some users.

Customer Support

If you have queries, it will be best to check the MaxxCloud FAQ section. It can help answer many of your queries related to MaxxCloud, its features, and pricing.
Customer Support
MaxxCloud's customer support team can be reached via live chat, web mail, phone, or web form. They have fully certified and well-trained engineers who are knowledgeable and available round the clock and all days of the year.


MaxxCloud is one of the best cloud document management software in the industry. It is ideally suited to address the content management and workflow requirements of medium to large enterprises. 

MaxxCloud is an utterly compelling cloud document management system. Your staff can immediately start using it while also integrating it with your existing MS Office system. When your documents are stored in a secure cloud, your employees can have anytime-anywhere access, and your workflow will become smooth and fast. Overall, the impact will be felt on your business’ efficiency and your productivity.


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