The Best Bipolar Advertising Platform:

Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Best Bipolar Advertising Platform:

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Imagine you are an upcoming company with the fantastic and the ultimate product which you can think will generate a lot of revenue but wait! How are you going to reach the customers? Who will review the Product? What about Internet Marketing?

Advertising the product is one of the most important tasks to generate high-quality leads and customer acquisition. Online  Reviews are the biggest thing to produce user traction and ultimately sales but many big companies and independent internet marketing struggle when it comes to reviewing their product and end up spending a lot of money to get premium and official campaigns.

How about one of the best influencer marketing platforms that can provide marketers genuine and quality reviews from bloggers all around the globe and that too for an affordable price? Well, is the one stop solution for internet marketers, product advertisers, and independent bloggers.

Being a blogger, I am using this platform for past few months, and this is the final review from a blogger and marketer’s perspective. So, it’s a two-part study, covering the benefits and features for both the companies and the bloggers.

How Does the Platform Works?

The website extensively connects all the marketing companies and influential bloggers who can provide high quality and genuine sponsored reviews for various products and online services. Furthermore, businesses can easily buy blog posts at very reasonable prices and can get featured on the most popular blogs too.

To ensure the authenticity and the popularity of the blogs, the team of manually reviews the blogs and check if it fulfills the eligibility criteria which I’ll mention further in the review.
Dashboard for Bloggers

You can easily manage your articles, finances and nearly everything in your dashboard. You can view your stats of completed items, pending posts and approved posts. Furthermore, all your funds and transactions are listed in a separate tab.

In the end, the advertisers can get genuine quality article reviews on popular blogs and bloggers can earn by writing honest reviews. So, it is good for both the sides.

For Businesses, Online Marketers & Advertisers is the one stop platform for all the businesses and brands who are looking to promote their products and services on the favorite blogs and ultimately getting user traction for the product.

Moreover, for all the advertising firms and marketers, it is a useful tool to endorse their client’s products via online marketing and blog reviews.

You can easily choose the most suitable blog from all the categories; then advertisers need to generate a request for the post. Being a neutral platform, bloggers can also accept/reject the adviser’s request. 


For Independent Bloggers & Tech Reviewers provides an incredible platform for all the freelance bloggers and blog owners to earn money blogging via sponsored posts and articles. The websites act as a useful tool for all the independent bloggers to make extra money by writing honest and genuine product reviews.

Being a blogger myself, is one of the most amazing platforms that I’ve ever used. From past 8-9 months, I’ve written over 50 sponsored reviews for various software, products, and services.

By using this platform, you can benefit following features: 

  • More Revenue: - Increase your income by writing genuine product reviews for popular brands. 
  • Unlimited Payout: - There is no limit on the number of articles you right. So, if you have a well-established blog and the required skills, then this website is all you need.  
  • Exposure & Sharing: - Since, it is an extensive community for self-hosted bloggers, internet marketers, and advertising agencies. You can surely increase your following, build new links and the much-needed traffic for your blog.

Eligibility Criteria for Blogs

  • The Domain Authority (DA) must be greater than 25. 
  • The Alexa rank of the website should be less than 2 million.
  • Free Hosted Blogs are not considered. For ex. Blogspot. 
  • Blogs are regularly monitored for advisers.  
  • Publishers must have legitimate traffic on their blogs.  
  • After registering, if the website fails to pass such criteria, then it would be removed from the platform.  
  • Publishers must set a deadline for the sponsored posts.

Payment & Fees

One of the most impressive features of the platform is the transaction process and the payment system that they provide to both advertisers and bloggers. 

Bloggers can receive payments through PayPal. The transactions are done after a 14-day period of reviewing and approval by the advertisers. 

There is no sign-up or registration fee for the bloggers to join the community. It is a sound deal for all the bloggers and marketers to generate revenue via sponsored articles.

Advertisers and Internet Marketers can subscribe to the services for $9.99 per month. There is a 7 Day Trial Period also available for the advertisers. With the monthly subscription, advertisers get weekly notifications about new blogs that offer sponsored blog reviews.

Moreover, there is a strict refund policy for the all the advertisers which states that if the sponsored post is removed by the blog within the period of 14 days, then would be entirely responsible for refunding credit into the advertiser’s account. You can read more about the policy on their official policy page.

Final Verdict

To conclude, is the best platform for all the advertisers to promote their brands and products via sponsored reviews. And for all bloggers, it is a promising tool to generate more revenue by writing genuine reviews and articles. It is always good to make some extra bucks, but if you are good at reviewing products and can differentiate its benefits and perks for other customers, then you can make some serious money from this platform.

From a marketer’s perspective, can be potentially used as a lead generating platform if you want to promote your client’s product or service. You will mainly found it to be cheaper than other marketing techniques as the article rates are very reasonable with the authority blogs.

So, this was the review of Do share your thoughts below let us know if you have any queries related to the platform. It works well for both bloggers and advertiser looking to promote their brands and products.


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