Free PowerPoint Templates Download: FPPT Review

Consider a situation where you are giving a PowerPoint Presentation on which you have worked all night just to make a good impression on your colleagues and your boss, but suddenly it all goes to waste because of that annoying and ugly and lifeless Presentation Design that made it all look dull and tiresome.

Well, bad PowerPoint always happens to the good people. They are the victims as much as the poor sods listening to it. So, how can you improve your PowerPoint presentations and make them more beautiful and stylish? A good starting point is to reuse pre-existing designs and download a nice PowerPoint template. If it is for free, then better.


Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) is a website that offers thousands of free presentation templates and PowerPoint background designs that can be used and downloaded from their gallery. They provide templates for business presentations, college, school and much more. So, this is the review of this ultimate website and why it is recommended for every person who is suffering due to bad and dull PowerPoint presentations and interested to fight death by PowerPoint.


To move ahead in your profession or industry, you’ll need a set of excellent presentation skills. After all, presentations are the only things through which you communicate with your clients, business, employees and other necessary people, and the essence of an excellent presentation is the PowerPoint presentation design.

While many people try to develop on their own or use the inbuilt templates, many just want to get quick access to pre-made templates. To help you improve your PowerPoint skills, FPPT provides most rated and recommended templates with stunning designs and easily customizability. You can check more on the official website.

Free ppt powerpoint templates

Being a Blogger myself, I am always in the dire need of designing a Kick-Ass Presentation Template that can impress my clients, and this website satisfies all my needs for a perfect Presentation. Since PowerPoint is the largest software or platform for making Presentations and Slide Shows, solely focuses on providing the finest templates for PowerPoint (for free) and saves a lot of time and designing work.

About FPPT

The only online platform where you can download attractive and design-oriented PowerPoint Templates for free. At FPPT, you can also learn how to use PowerPoint and find great tutorials to help you preparing your presentations. Moreover, you can get informed on some of the best organizational chart templates for PowerPoint and tools for presenters. Browse designs from a wide number of categories like business, marketing, education, travel, college, food, invitation, finance, technology and much more. Moreover, you can search and download templates by tags, colors, animations, graphics and much more.

Templates for presentation

Free Downloadable PowerPoint Templates along with premium designs and graphics, that’s what FPPT offers. Whether you require making an excellent presentation with advanced graphs and complex data charts or if you just want to add cat pictures and showcase it to your children, they have dozens of template categories that you can rely on.


The website is an online resource for templates and often comes handy for all the business employees, marketing professionals, college students, speakers, different organizations and independent individuals. Being a free website, you are eligible to download any template from the website and can easily customize it according to your needs.

Support & Compatibility

FPPT exclusively supports Microsoft PowerPoint® and thus all the templates are compatible across the latest versions of Microsoft Office. Most templates are built for PowerPoint 2010 & 2013, but you can also open them in newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

Featured Powerpoint Templates

Apart from Microsoft PowerPoint, the website also offers templates compatible with LibreOffice and Keynote. You can try with Google Slides as well, but for Google Slides users there is another free resource I would recommend to get free templates: Free Google Slides Templates.

Dynamic & Animated PPT Presentations

FPPT hosts a large number of Free Animated PowerPoint Templates apart from static online templates. The one thing that makes animated templates stand apart from the static ones is that they tend to attract more audience than regular templates during a presentation. So, if you’re familiar with all the features and the brilliant functionalities that come with it, then it is always preferred to opt them. 

Also, FPPT provides reviews and analytical templates from other Third-Party Websites that also include built-in video animations and trust me; there is nothing better than a video presentation as static ones ultimately become quite tiresome and eventually you would lose most of your audience. 

Talking about the recommendations and the most suitable templates, this website has categorized thousands of templates into several categories that make it more unique to choose from.


FPPT is ideal fo:

Businesses: – The strongest companies aim for global growth. Use this template for reports, commercial assignments, market entry, or attain milestones in any part of the world. 

Educational Purposes (College Students): – Showcase your talent and impress your classmates and teachers with presentations garnished by FPPT. 

Organizations: – Create awareness for your motto, purposes and enlighten people with your organization’s full potential using remarkable templates and designer animations.


  • Wide Range of designs, templates, and PPT resources. 
  • Tailored & Categorized for Specific Needs. 
  • Premium Designs & Beautiful Graphics. 
  • Free to Download along with Royalty free sources. 
  • Third Party Templates & Reviews also Available.


  • The downside is that not all the templates are fully customizable. For serious presenters and business people, there are other professional PowerPoint templates resources out there to check out. 
  • Most of the templates include a watermark. Even if you can remove the watermark by hiding the FPPT logo by yourself, check the terms of use to make sure it is a permitted practice. 
  • Lack of support. Even if the templates are provided for free, the site does not offer support for the content.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, browsing all these templates is a fun task to get introduced to more kinds of templates and since they are all free, so might end up downloading dozens of design for your same project. To avoid this confusion, it is better to search the templates through tag clouds and all the respective categories.

All in All, is the best resource to download free PowerPoint templates with great designs and beautiful transitions. You can use these templates for your business presentations, educational purposes, organization portfolios or even invitation cards. There are endless possibilities to use and customize these templates according to your needs.

I hope this review has assessed you enough to stop using those boring templates and moving to the premium designed templates. Do share your thoughts on this website and let us know for any further suggestion regarding the review. Also, if you’re using any of the templates, then please share this article too. Cheers!

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