Top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers of 2024

The toughest decision that arrives when you start your online business is what kind of web hosting do you need for your website, should you opt for Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting. If you are looking for the excellent performance, one always settles for Dedicated Server Hosting. Then, another question arises, what is the best company for dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

Unlike a shared server, on which multiple sites rely for storage and speed, a dedicated server is industrialized to host only one website. Companies who demand speed and reliability always consider dedicated hosting rather than any other hosting service. The cost of investment is pretty high but considering the benefits dedicated hosting offers, it is more than enough to cut the cost of its installation and purchasing.

Who Should Buy Dedicated Server Hosting?

Most brands and companies nowadays are operating their businesses online and to company their website’s performance, they tend to choose Dedicated Hosting.

All the medium companies and E-commerce websites buy their servers for fast speed and storage. So, if you are considering to expand your business online, then you should opt for Dedicated Hosting.

5 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

Dedicated Servers overcome the major issues of speed, performance, storage problems and bandwidth as they have high configurations when compared to shared and VPS hosting. To help you choose among the best dedicated hosting providers, We’ve curated a list of the top 6 dedicated hosting companies of 2019. 

1. AccuWebHosting Dedicated Server

AccuWebHosting is a Leading Dedicated Server provider around the globe. Their ultra-fast servers come with 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps port connection. AccuWebHosting provides servers in more than 10 countries.

AccuWebHosting Dedicated Server

They have a server solution for small companies to large organizations. They offer fully secured servers with ultra-modern data center facilities.

Top Features of AccuWebHosting Dedicated Servers:

  • Guaranteed Dedicated Resources 
  • Premium Bandwidth 
  • Full Admin/Root Access 
  • Free Powerful SoftRaid and Free Backup with Selected Locations 
  • Choice of Operating System, Control Panels, and Other Configurations 
  • Fully Configured Server with Ready-To-Go Environment 

Unbelievable Price With The Latest Technology
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AccuWebHosting offers servers with 32 GB of RAM, latest CPU, 2×2 TB Drive, and Unlimited bandwidth at just $75/Month. They provide servers in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Australia, India, Germany, France, Poland, and the Netherlands.

AccuWebHosting Dedicated Server

Are you worried about Technical Support? Don’t be. You are in safe hands when it comes to technical support. AccuWebHosting offers 24*7 support to their all clients. When it comes to technical support, no one can beat AccuWebHosting. If you are planning to launch your site or want to move your mission-critical application to another host, AccuWebHosting is the best option.

2. Dedicated Hosting

It is a dedicated server provider with un shared 10Gbps ports. They offer up links from 1Gbps to 40Gbps, and the company is known for its amazing and steadfast services with exceptional customer care.

10Gbps provides hosting solutions that are best recommended for enterprises, video delivery solutions (IPTV, streaming, video storage), generally I/O intensive web applications.

Top Features by –

  • Unshared dedicated ports 
  • Instant accessibility (opposed to shared hosting) 
  • Reserved 10Gbps connectivity without aggregation 
  • No system failed caused by other server users 
  • Scalable growth – possible to grow to 2x10Gbps or 4x10Gbps

Fantastic Prices & Plans of Dedicated Servers 
They offer premium plans with reliable speed and impressive after sales support. Their prices start at $350, which is above average, but when looking at reviews and information on their site, it’s obvious they don’t oversell their connectivity and have a stable network. 

Add the great customer support and you have something worth paying a little extra for. Also, if you want to test the 10Gbps connection, the company is offering a 7-days’ dedicated server trial period for only 99$. So, if you are thinking of investing in a dedicated server and want to test the network and services first, then you should try the trial version.



3. 100TB Dedicated Hosting

100TB hosting provider is best known for their performance oriented data servers. They offer standard dedicated server packages with 100TB Bandwidth, 4GB memory, 4 Core processor, 1TB hard disk with a basic pricing of 139$ per month and with 24/7 customer support. They also provide cloud hosting and VPS solutions.


Their website states they operate a network with over 2.8Tbps global network capacity with Cisco & Juniper routing equipment. They also offer software DDoS protection and hardware firewalls. The prices are lower when choosing the primary server configurations, but when you want to pick high specs, and bandwidth packages the prices are extremely high and for every change, you make to the package, you have to pay extra. There are mixed reviews about the company’s customer support

4. Singlehop Dedicated Hosting

Conquering the 3rd Place is the Singlehop dedicated server hosting services. They are offering a broad range of dedicated servers at 4 DC locations in the US and 1 EU location (Amsterdam). The starting monthly price is rather cheap, starting at $159 monthly. This price is only for 10TB bandwidth, which is rather expensive when compared to, that has begun plans from $350, but for 100TB bandwidth.


What Singlehop excels at is its automatization regarding most of their processes. They offer their LEAP platform that serves as an easy to understand interface for managing your server that one can install on his computer as well as a mobile device. They also offer a robust SLA agreement for all of their customers.

5. Rackspace Cloud & Dedicated Hosting

Rackspace is the leading company in the managed hosting market. Regarding the dedicated server hosting solutions it only offers managed dedicated hosting. That is why their solutions are significantly more expensive. They don’t provide too many details regarding the structure of their packages and the bandwidth, if you contact their sales department you receive information that the price for 1TB is 80£, so if you don’t have a huge budget to spend on a fully managed hosting solution, Rackspace probably isn’t the right choice for you.



6. OVH Dedicated Server Hosting

OVH is the 3rd biggest hosting company in the world with more than 150,000 servers worldwide, administrating a robust network of +4,5Tbps capacity. They offer unmatched prices in the dedicated server market, but lack significantly in customer support, as can be seen in complaints found in reviews all over the web.


OVH does offer many additional features such as free 100GB backup and software Anti-DDoS protection. One can get up to 16 additional IPs for $35 per month. Dedicated server hosting is not the only service they offer. They also offer VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and other network related services.


Conclusion & Final Verdict

The dedicated server hosting market can be divided into two significant camps. The first focus on providing their services for significantly lower prices capturing the not so hard part of the market. The second “half” focuses on the high demanding customers with exceptional customer support.

So my conclusion is this. If you have a limited budget, and you are not in need of high bandwidth packages, I would opt for providers like Singlehop or OVH. But if you are in need of high-performance servers with high bandwidth packages, is the company to choose thanks to their affordable prices and excellent customer support.

So, this was it. Do share your thoughts on your favorite hosting provider and let us know if you are using any of the mentioned above.

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