Best 5 Social Media Channels To Interact With Tech Gurus

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Best 5 Social Media Channels To Interact With Tech Gurus

Posted by Rahul Gupta
It's the 21`st century isn't it? The time for E-mails and text messages is almost over. Even the traditional video thing is going dead, what's emerging is, the LIVE trend, right? And then you've got tons of questions and doubts, which you just need to get answered.
Social Media Channels
So yeah that's the reason today I'm bringing you some excellent options disguised in the shape of Apps, which would let you interact with real tech gurus online! And get just about any question answered!

I won't lie about this; it's a kind of review I'm doing over here, a  live streaming gadget reviews, so you can be sure that all the apps covered in this piece let you connect and gather techies live opinion just about any matter or topic that you might be concerned with.

1. Fame

Fame is one of the largest Live Streaming platforms which is used by over thousands of users and tech geeks. As the name suggests, Fame is gaining so much popularity among its users and communities due to its direct interaction features through the app.

The website has a fast and responsive interface which makes it super easy for the users to familiarize with live interactions and videos.

There are hundreds of videos and live feeds of the ongoing technological bonanza. You can also watch all the past videos uploaded by various tech authors and even YouTubers too. Many Tech-talks are available on the website, and you can even demand a live interaction.
The #Fame App is also available on the Play Store you can easily interact with all of your favorite Tech Gurus on the go. Undoubtedly, Fame is certainly better than all other platforms which will provide you this much ease to interact with any Tech Guru on the internet. I mean who even uses Google Hangouts anymore.

You should check out This Beam at Fame! It is the ultimate home of all the Tech Geeks and would keep you entertained for hours. You can also see this one too, though it is not meant for a hardcore tech fanatical.

2. Meerkat

Meerkat is another viable option if you want to interact with real tech gurus online! Well, Meerkat has almost everything you might need to host a live stream, or attend one! 

It lets you live to stream instantly or schedule a live stream for a late time. Also, there's this push notification system that would let your followers know whenever you're live. Everything's fresh and chill.

And you're bound to find it in almost every live streaming gadget reviews, but there's just one small downside.

Well, you can't have Meerkat on PC! Yeah, you need a cell device either an iOS or an Android one to live stream with Meerkat! You can attend a live stream, but can't interact in that case on a PC system.

Well, so nope, not my favorite tool I'd say. But if you're cool with going with it on a cell device, it should do the job.

3. Netflix

Ever wanted to "Netflix and Chill" with your girlfriend or boyfriend maybe? Then you already know what Netflix is, don't you?

Well now let me tell you something you don't, Netflix to boasts the live streaming feature and that it can let you interact with real tech gurus, well it most certainly can!
Let me be bold and say this to you before you get your hopes high, Netflix? Isn't free! (As always!) It's around $7.99/month! So if you're looking for "free" alternatives, skip this section.

The one factor where Netflix does have the upper hand (and probably it charges high too) is that Netflix can be accessed on most smart TVs. 

Apart from that Netflix does just what most other Live chat applications do, let's you live chat simple as that nothing very magical there.

4. YouTube Live Streaming

YouTube recently added the live streaming feature, and it's going wild too. It is becoming one of the most popularly used live streaming platforms where all the tech geeks sit down for a cup of coffee! (I mean, virtually!) 
YouTube live streaming
Well, YouTube lets you Live Video stream and thus a lot of techies uses it, and thus you can get techies live opinion readily available on your questions when they're live.

You can attend a live YouTube session, but it's not as advanced as Fame or Meercat, to be honest. Well because you can't live chat!
Other than that? Yeah, it does the job just fine!

5. Gizmodo

Not a live-stream geek? No issues! You can still interact with real tech gurus! Gizmodo is one such platform that lets you do that!  It's probably world's most popular TECH and Gadgets Hub! And the place is crawling with Experts and Tech Gurus. 
I mean if there's a person who's seriously good at something, and it's related to Tech and Gadgets, he's bound to be on Gizmodo! And that's where your hunt ends!

Final Words

So hey yeah those were the best options for you to connect with tech Gurus either Live or on Gizmodo. My primary concern was to get you a place to get your questions answered, hope I did that huh?
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