11 Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools You Must Check Out

Every meaningful communication that we have these days are through the internet. We type more than what we write. Outstanding work emails, conversation with business clients, discussions and much more happens online. These are times that we realize how important grammar and punctuation is. 

Grammar And Punctuation Checker Tools

Although SMS lingos and chat languages were gaining popularity for a short period, well-framed sentences are always a charm. Although spell checking is done in MS Word and Emails, this is not enough these days. We make a lot of punctuation mistakes, misplace the words, frame incorrect sentences and make a lot of silly mistakes that are too vital to be ignored. 

Now it is not possible to get all your grammar books in front of your computer and type everything by referring them. Nor is it easy to check every sentence on grammar discussion forums. But thanks to the grammar and punctuation tools available online, you won’t mess up an email even if you make some spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the first place. Here are 11 Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools to ease things out for you.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best tool to perfect your sentences. It corrects spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and poorly framed sentences. One excellent feature of Grammarly is the perfection with which they correct the sentences. They point out even the minutest even at places where you don’t expect it. 


In the image, you can see how Grammarly points out a mistake even for a ‘Reply’ option on Facebook by the Red button. And even if you type similar sounding words at wrong contexts (e.g. meat and meet), they indicate the error. They even give an explanation to the error you have created and suggested corrections. 

You can get the synonyms of words when you only double tap on the word. Even while reading something online, you can always double tap to get the meaning of new words. Grammarly also has Chrome Extension, Grammarly for Windows and MS Office. It also has a paid version that corrects styling issues and other suggestions.

2. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a brilliant tool which has a lot of unique features that most other apps don’t offer. You can use it in Write mode or Edit mode. When you edit your writing, it shows details such as the number of words, passages and the reading time. It highlights the sentences that are hard to read and rates the readability of the passage. 

Hemingway Editor

Incorrect adverbs, passive voices, and other mistakes will be shown by suggesting suitable alternatives. It doesn’t, however, show much spelling suggestions. Hemingway Editor is suitable for people who are making tutorials or sending instructions so as it focuses on the readability of the text. 

You can also get the desktop app of Hemingway Editor at $9.99. It has text formatting options so that you can instantly make the document online. For bloggers, you can readily publish or export the formatted text as HTML or Markdown.

3. After the Deadline

It is a very easy to use but robust app that corrects the spellings and other grammatical errors. Just type or copy paste the passage and hit the Check Writing button. It will point out spelling mistakes and the correction in red. If you want to know other grammatical errors, they will be shown in green lines, and you can right click on the mistake to find what is wrong and correct it. 

After the Deadline

The explanation of the error is also available. Adons and plug-ins of this tool are available. Also known as Polish my Writing, After the Deadline is brought to you by the developers of WordPress. This is a useful tool for a quick check of your work as it highlights fundamental errors. But After the Deadline is not recommended if you are looking for a reliable editing tool.

4. Spell Check Online

This tool is for spell checks alone. Enter the text and click on the Check Spelling option. Using the drop down arrow next to this option, you can change the language. If you want grammar corrections and suggestions, you will have to visit Grammar Check. They have a Free Check option which shows the basic grammatical errors. 

Spell Check Online

The in-depth check uses Grammarly to find the errors. Although this tool has minimal functionalities as compared to other ones, it supports many languages which make it worth going for. Also, this website has a lot of tips to improve your blogging style, spelling tests and much more. It is entirely free to use.

5. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is ideal for students who are preparing their assignments or other works. It is a free grammar and spelling checker. But that’s not it. You can select how educated the author is and what kind of document you are writing(Essay, Thesis, Report, etc.) and depend on that; it will generate the results. 

Paper Rater

You will get a detailed report of your work including grammar, spelling, style and other parameters and a grade that signifies how good your work is. You can also upload files if the content is lengthy. Bibliography and citations can also be included in the text box given. 

And for bloggers and freelance writers, there is a plagiarism checker tool to find the originality of your content. You can avail all of these by signing in and becoming a premium member.

6. Grammar Check

Grammar Check is a free tool for spelling and grammatical errors. It also shows many styling errors and suggestions to make the text more appealing and readable. You just have to copy paste the content in the field given and hit the Check You Text button. The mistakes will appear with underlines, and you can click on them to find out the error and the possible correction. 

Grammar Check

You can readily type the content in Grammar Check as it has formatting options. You can use bullets, points or italicize or make the text bold. You don’t have to type the text in MS Word and paste it. Much time can be saved by directly typing it in Grammar Check with proper formatting options or by pasting it directly in the tool and indenting accordingly.

7. Ginger Grammar Check

Ginger is one of the best grammar checking tools out there on the internet. It corrects spelling mistakes and words that are misplaced or do not fit into the context. You can paste the text in the given field and click the Ginger It! button. The mistakes will be shown in red lines, and the corresponding rectification will be shown in blue lines. 

Ginger Grammar Check

The best thing about Ginger Grammar Check is that it does all the work for you. The corrections are automatically done rather than merely suggesting them and making the user do the changes. So if you are in a hurry, Ginger is there for you to make your work better while you can sit back and relax. It also has dictionary feature, personal trainer and desktop versions for you.

8. Online Correction

Online Correction shows spelling mistakes in red color and grammatical errors in blue. When you enter the text and hit the Submit button, you can find out the errors marked using various colors. These include basic grammar mistakes and also stylistic errors. The corrections and suggestions are marked below. You can also choose the auto-correct mode where the changes will be done automatically. 

Online Correction

And there are various dialects such as British English to choose from. So the mistakes will be indicated according to the dialect you want. It is a free tool and loads fast. So it’s ideal for people who aren’t looking for a fancy interface but an efficient tool that gets the job done quickly.

9. Language Tool

Language Tool is a free online grammar and spelling checker. The adons for Chrome and Firefox of this tool are also available. And you can get the desktop version for LibreOffice and OpenOffice. It supports English, German and more than 20 other languages. Language Tool indicates the spelling and grammar mistakes using various color codes for an easier user experience.

Language Tool

You can choose the language or use the auto-detect mode. Different dialects of each language are also available. To rectify an error, click on it and the correction will be seen. There are examples of similar errors to assist you further. And you can also ignore the mistakes without taking any actions.

10. White Smoke

White Smoke is an all-around grammar and plagiarism checker tool. The best thing about this is the extensive amount of support it provides on all platforms. It is compatible with all modern browsers. You can get the desktop version, Chrome Extension or even work with it with your mobile phone. 

White Smoke

It has grammar, punctuation and style checker along with a translator. It has more than 45 languages that can be chosen. The Anywhere version and Premium version are available. The Anywhere version lets you do your work online by extending its support to all the browsers. 

Whereas using the Premium version, you can get your work done using MS Word and Outlook. It also has a lot of video tutorials to guide you and improve your writing skills. They can be bought at low monthly or yearly packages.

11. Correct English Complete

It is best for students who are working on their projects, reports or thesis. It is very fast in detecting the errors and fixes almost all kinds of grammatical errors and mistakes. The tool offers a lot of formats by helping the students who are looking for different formatting options for their reports. 

Correct English Complete

There is a Teacher Edition that is designed for teachers to evaluate the essays and original articles written by students. Spanish Edition supports corrections in Spanish. All of these are worth $120. Although paid, Correct English has the best reviews regarding how accurately it fixes the errors. You can get a 3-day free trial before choosing the tool. 

Final Verdict

Grammar tools are best for freelance writers, employees or anyone who spends considerable time on the computer drafting emails, write-ups, and articles. They support even social media websites so that you won’t make any embarrassing mistakes on places where all eyes are on you. These tools can save huge chunks of your time by doing the proofreading for you especially if you are a student or an editor engaged in some large writing project. 

And not to mention how good an impression you can leave on your clients and higher authority with proper emails and replies. For perfectionists, you can refine the sentences you use by opting the Premium services so that it will help you make the sentences crisp. Incorrect usages, redundant meanings being conveyed can all be removed. And as you use it, your language will improve as you will realize the common mistakes that you make and rectify them steadily. 

They will also let you keep an eye on the word limit. And you can pause the work you did at home and complete it later from office or other places. With all that being mentioned, I hope you don’t need more reasons to get one of these!

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