11 Best Online Fake Email Address Generator Sites


We use many services using the internet. We watch movies, download a particular software or use a website for important tasks. Most often, when we visit the site for this, they ask for details such as email address and other specifics. At times, you may be asked to enter the email address to get more services from them in return. But many other websites ask you to sign in using an email id to access the content or watch a movie.

Best online fake email address generators

Providing the email address is not always safe. Why? These websites may share your email address and other personal details to spammers. And in no time, your inbox will be flooded with spam emails and junk. You would not want that to happen in your personal or work-related inbox, right?

The way out of such spammers is to enter a disposable email address when the websites ask you for an address. A spam email generator will give you many such disposable email address options. This article will explore 11 fake email address generators you can use.

So what are you waiting for? Read on and make fake email ids in a jiffy!

Top 11 Online Fake Email Address Generators

Here are 11 online fake email address generator sites for you:


With Dispostable, you can get any email address with the username you pick. If you want a truly anonymous email address, choose the one they suggest. You can also view the disposable inbox of the mail address you have just created. They will stay there for three days if they are unread. The interface is smooth, and you will get an email address within seconds.

Best online fake email address generators

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail gives email addresses that last for 10 minutes, exactly what the name says. You can easily copy paste the email address generated by the field you want. There are very fewer chances of error. And once an email id has been used, you will see the inbox corresponding to that address and can take actions against those emails. You can extend the time by ten more minutes.

Best online fake email address generators

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Discard Email

Discard Email probably offers the most number of email address with different domains. You can either enter the name you wish or generate one automatically. And the best part is that you can create email addresses for about 50 different domain names. The emails that come to these addresses can be read in the homepage of the website by logging in.

fake email address generators


GMX is for those users who want to keep using an email address without spammers. The tool allows you to create multiple email accounts at the same time. So even if one gets flooded by spams, you can always use the other ones. And you can also keep your official mail ids free from unimportant emails. GMX can be used for online shopping purposes or with similar websites.

fake email address generators


Temporary addresses that last for a few hours can be created using Mailinator. You can create any address with about hundreds of domains. The website is free to use. But if you want to have your domain, then you will have to upgrade. With The Email Tester version, you can own a private domain with 10MB Storage. The Enterprise Plan will give you a private sphere with 100MB storage and a few other perks. Both of these are paid options.

fake email address generators


This one is for those people who want multiple fake email addresses that serve for different purposes. You can have a domain from over 200 unique domains. It supports sending attachments of up to 50MB from the address you have created. Mail.com has an elegant interface and is free to use. The Premium version can give you an ad-free experience with POP3 and IMAP support.

fake email address generators


Anonymous  Email

This website offers you with the service of sending emails to different addresses using a fake address. You can also add a custom address or use the default address they suggest. An attachment of up to 2MB can be attached to the email you are sending. The signing up process isn’t much lengthy when you are using anonymous email.

fake email address generators

My Trash Mail

My Trash Mail is a verified fake email generator. You can check out any of the active domains shown in the website and choose one to create a temporary email address. You can also manage the inbox corresponding to this email address. Also, you can get a brief email private account which is a lot more secure.

fake email address generators


Mail Catch

You can have fake email addresses with Mail Catch, hassle-free. It doesn’t require a sign-up r ask you for any information. You can write whatever address you wish with a mailcatch.com domain name. And again, for checking the emails coming to this address, you don’t have to sign in or anything. Just enter the email address in the given field and they will have it for you.

fake email address generators

Get Air Mail

Air Mail is another spam email generator that doesn’t ask your details like email address and generates email addresses without any sign ins. They are also secure as the sender cannot track your IP address thus safeguarding your anonymity completely. You can check the emails that come to the inbox by using a unique URL provided.

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YOP Mail

YOP Mail doesn’t require any registration or sign up. You can choose any address or your choice, and you are ready to go. The inboxes are not password protected so choose them wisely. The messages are kept for eight days, and you can also remove them manually. You cannot use YOPMail to send emails to any other addresses except to another YOPMail address. Extensions and Widgets to YOPMail are also available for quick and easy access.

fake email address generators



Q1) How does an online fake email address generator work?

Online fake email address generators use a combination of algorithms and randomization techniques to generate unique, fictitious email addresses. These generators usually work based on a predetermined domain owned by the service providing the email addresses. Users can select a username or have one automatically generated, and a completely fake email address is created, combining the chosen username with the predetermined domain.

Q2) Are online fake email address generators legal to use?

The legality of online fake email address generators depends on the user's intent and the website's terms of service. While using them for anonymous sign-ups or protecting privacy is generally accepted, using fake email addresses to engage in illegal activities or bypass authentication measures could be illegal. It's essential to use such tools responsibly and abide by the terms of service of the websites or services you're accessing.

Q3) Are there any security risks associated with using fake email address generators?

While using fake email address generators for temporary purposes is generally safe, there are some security risks to consider: Data collection: The service providing fake email addresses may collect data on your usage or track your activity, so choosing a reputable provider is essential. Phishing attempts: Be cautious about the emails you receive in the fake email inbox, as they might be phishing attempts or contain malicious links

Final Verdict

So these were 11 online fake email address generators. You can keep a clean inbox if you don’t share your email address with websites you don’t trust. And most often, the sites may also send many promotional emails and newsletters. You can also get rid of such things with a fake mail generator. It is always better to keep your anonymity intact while accessing content from websites you don’t trust that much.

You can check the emails to these addresses from the active disposable inbox for a few days. The downside of such a fake email generator is that this can fool anyone. And since the emails will be directed to the disposable inboxes, anyone who guesses the address URL can access it.

Here is an extra tip. Suppose you don’t want to use new websites as fake email generators. In that case, you can also generate a limited number of fake addresses using certain email services like Yahoo! And Outlook. This might be useful if you own an email account in one of these domains.

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