Miss Hosting Review: Best Affordable Shared Hosting and VPS Solutions

All businesses need a website, but setting up a full-fledged is not always an easy job. The first thing that occurs to the mind is the web hosting. There are many hosting providers in the market, but Miss Hosting are best and cheapest hosting providers regarding shared and cloud hosting.

Miss Hosting

Getting a reliable and affordable web hosting for your growing company is the most important thing. If you are looking for credible and fast hosting server, then Miss Hosting Services are best for you. So, here is the honest review of Miss’s Shared and Cloud Hosting Services.

Web Hosting

The three things to consider before buying a web hosting are:

  1. Affordability 
  2. After Sales Support 
  3. Performance & Speed

Lucky for you, Miss Web Hosting packs it all. So, I’ll begin the reception by discussing its super cheap shared web hosting. Starting at $1.25/month, it is the most affordable shared hosting in the market.

About Miss Web Hosting Providers

Miss offers a broad range of hosting services. It includes shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Hosting and VPS solutions for enterprises. They have created a name for themselves by providing the best after technical and customer support along with the super-fast shared hosting.

Their basic shared hosting plan is perfect if you are planning to if you are planning to start a website, but if you want to upgrade your hosting plan, then cloud hosting plans are also available to fulfill the needs.

Review of the Shared Web Hosting

Before we go into the details of all the hosting plans, I want to inform you all about the basics. So, before buying a web hosting, I usually compare its pricing and all the features that it offers to its users. Also, keep in mind that you should consider all these points before purchasing the plans: 

  • Ease of Access 
  • Installation Time & Handling 
  • Pricing as compared to other Providers  
  • Server speed and up time

Fortunately, Miss Hosting Shared Hosting plans are a great buy as they are offering so many premium features even in their basic plans for very reasonable prices that start from as low as $1.25/month.

Top features of the Shared Web Hosting includes

  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth for professional plans 
  • SMTP & Webmail Services 
  • 24*7 Call/Mail Support 
  • Performance Oriented Servers 
  • 99.99% Server Up Time and much more
  • Does Support & Auto-installer 
  • Latest MySQL and PHP supported Servers

Pricing of the Shared Hosting Plans

Plans & Pricing

If you are still confused about the right plan, then this might help you: 

  • If you are new and only want to host one website, then the basic plan is for you. 
  • If you are looking to host multiple domains, then the professional plan is a no brainier. 
  • If your requirements are much more than a typical hosting plan? Ultimate Plan suits the situation. 

Miss Hosting provide three plans for the shared hosting plans. You can opt for the respective plan according to your needs. According to my personal recommendation, I would go for the basic plan. Also, the pricing has been reduced. So, you should hurry as all the programs are available at special prices for a limited period only.

Cloud VPS Hosting by Miss Hosting

That power and performance that you can experience with the VPS Hosting are far more than what a shared hosting offers. Usually, the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) are recommended to the full-fledged corporate and medium enterprises as the pricing and plans are premium and cost a lot more than standard hosting plans.

Usually, setting up your website on VPS hosting is much more expensive than on shared hosting, but here comes the Miss’s VPS Cloud hosting to the rescue. With stellar reliability, performance oriented servers, and the best customer support, the VPS plans by Miss Hosting are the most affordable VPS hosting available in the market. The pricing starts as low as $5/month. So, here is the review of the cloud VPS hosting.

Miss VPS Hosting

Features of the Cloud VPS Hosting

  • Somewhat Configured VPS Plans: – When you move up to the cloud VPS plans, you can easily observe that all the five programs are tailored and distinguished for the ease of customer. 
  • Reliability & Up time: – The one thing that makes VPS hosting unique is the server up time. Fortunately, all the servers from MissHosting.com are stable and do not compromise on speed and reliability.
  • Support: – The one thing that matters is how much support does the company provides to its customers? MissHosting is known for their easy to reach technical support who are always there to help you. 
  • Pricing & Affordability: – The hosting solutions are priced at or below the standard prices that other companies provide. So, it is always a good deal for you. Premium VPS are also present with the beastly configurations which I’ll discuss later in the review.

Additional Features & Offers for Users

  • Free Migration: – Yes guys, they are offering free migration service for every customer who want to upgrade to their hosting services. 
  • Dedicated Support: – You can contact the tech support team 24*7 personally for any issue or problem related to the hosting services.  
  • Low Pricing Guarantee: – MissHosting.com is strongly emphasizing to provide low-cost hosting solutions with standard configuration and ultra-fast servers 
  • IP Address: – You can easily choose from over 114 c-net IP addresses that are available from all the countries.

The VPS Premium Servers: – MissHosting also offers high-end VPS solutions for the premium website. With up to 32 GB of RAM, eight cores CPU and a massive 320 GB SSD storage, the first-class cloud VPS hosting are worth an investment. The pricing starts as low as $100/month. 

VPS Premium Packages

Final Words – The Conclusion

Although, they are a small and upcoming hosting provider in the market, Miss Hosting is doing amazing, and most of the users are satisfied with their services. You can check the reviews and customer ratings on Trustpilot.com


All in All, MissHosting.com are providing the most reliable and affordable hosting plans. Be it a shared hosting or cloud VPS hosting, they offer debauched servers and fantastic customer and technical support. Also, their servers and data centers are located in various countries so you can get more speed and unlimited server up time. 

So, I think this review was enough to acknowledge you about the amazing and super cheap hosting plans that MissHosting.com offers. You can get the basic shared plan for $1.25/month and the cloud VPS for $5/month. 

They also offer you to choose and buy over 650 TLD (Top Level Domains) with amazing features such as Webmail, DNS editor and cPanel support. You can check the pricing for various domain names such as .com, .xyz and .net here.

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