Audials One Review: Download, Stream & Convert Great Music For Free

Monday, 6 June 2016

Audials One Review: Download, Stream & Convert Great Music For Free

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Audials one, yeah that's the tool I'm reviewing over here today. If you don't believe in tools that are perfect at what they do, without burning a hole in your pocket, you should probably quit reading this piece right now.
Audials One

Because well, Audials is practically the Houdini of the Online Music Industry. Name something that's even distantly related to Online music, music streaming, or anything, and Audials would have it or get the job done for you.

In a nutshell, if there's anything you want to do with music online, let's say the search for music, organize them, get the list of the top trending current tracks, Audials does all of that for you. Right on your system, without the need of you browsing through hundreds of sites and getting confused.

So okay yeah enough with the sweet talks let me take you on a Live-ride to Audials-land to give you a better view of things over there.

Audials-The Introduction!

First head along and download audials one! Once it is downloaded, install the program which should take couple minutes only. Once it's installed, you're greeted with this super awesome, beautifully designed interface. 
Audials One

Not that it matters "a lot", but this indicates the professionalism with which the program has been designed. As I'm talking about the design, let me introduce you to the dashboard right away.
It's neatly divided into four parts.

  • The Navigation Panel: - This is where your programs/features are grouped. (Yeah it's a long, long list I know, that's just how feature-rich Audials is!)

Navigation Panel
  • And then you get the Player on the top right section of the screen; it lists anything you're currently playing. Just like any other player on any other app, this is where you control the volume, adjust it, forward, rewind, and do all things of that sort.

  • And finally, the playlist. Of course, it's a music and audio app, those can't be complete without the playlists huh?

Audials one Features

I'm listing it here at the top for no apparent reason, just because it's a feature, it exists, and I just have to tell you about it.

The one thing Audials specializes in is, simultaneously browsing through thousands of radio stations across the globe, and getting you what you're looking for. 

So well yeah you hit the Radio option on the sidebar, and you get the available radio stations (Which is almost all the radio stations of the world) on your dashboard.
Guess what, you just don't get the radio channels, but it's more than just "organized." The world has a lot of channels, so yeah it's stupid to ask you to sort out through all of them, right?

That's why the advanced sorting out options from Audials divides the radio stations into:

  • Genres: - Classical, Electronic, Jazz, Bass! And what not! So basically whatever you taste might be, you don't have to play every single track to get to it. Instead, you can just select the genre, and then play out the tracks from there. 
  • Countries: - No habla Ingles? Habla Esponsol? (Don't speak English? Speak Spanish? ) Then, in that case, you might not need English radio channels, right? And might need Spanish channels specifically, well that's where the "country-wise" channel distribution comes into action.


Or just sort them according to:
  • Popularity
  • Top Playing! 
So well yeah finding the right tracks could never get easier. Not Enough? Well, have a look at the advanced features that Audials Radio offers you.
Advance Features

  • Select the bitrates at which you want to play the tracks.
  • Schedule Recording of your radio stations.
  • Or MANUALLY add channels! That's like everything you might ever need with just about any radio station, right?

Music Search

I promised you this would ease your music life, didn't I? Well, let me walk my talk.

It has this beautiful user interface through which you can search for just about any piece of music on the planet. 

You can filter your results according to Artists, Album, Genre or whatever! So the bottom line? That you won't ever have to bump your head on the wall searching for any piece of music.

Here's what the Music search interface looks like:
Music Search
Now it pulls its music from online streaming sites like DailyMotion, Soundcloud, Vimeo, etc.! So it's like almost all the major music streaming sites are embedded inside this one little small app.
So whenever you search for something, it's like you're searching on all of those sites simultaneously, and it's advanced algorithms do the job better than we humans.

And guess what, it is backed by plugins from those leading music streaming sites, right? So just in case, you feel like your favorite platform is missing (which is almost impossible), still you can add that platform's plugins to it with the help of that small add button.
And then when you finally do find your album or track,  it displays them in a beautiful interface, which you can further filter out according to sources and other filters.
So bottom line again? It just doesn't "find" your music for you; it finds you the "best' possible music along with the option of letting you highly customize the search results.

Music Wishes

Now this is something that's my personal favorite. I have an extensive list of artists I love hearing too; I'm pretty sure you have to.

So what this wish list does is, it lets me record or find music specifically from those artists. In addition to that, it even makes me "advanced filter" out the results based on the bitrates,  Length, and "type". (Video-audio).

So yeah now I know what exactly I need, let's say I need an audio file from Eminem, and I only want to stream from YouTube, or Vimeo, well I just select these settings, and they're delivered to me instantly!

Have a look at what kind of filters they let me have! That like extremely narrows down my selections!

Download/Record Live Streams

Not to boast but Audials just doesn't seem to stop with the features. This another excellent feature lets me stream music just directly from any source I want.

Let' say Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Xbox and what not! So basically I can stream the exact kind of music I want right from my desktop! (Wow? Right? Hold on, there's more, a lot more!)

Well in addition to "streaming", guess what they added! They even let you RECORD the live streams! Well yeah, you can record the audio-video streams and play it offline any time you wish to! 

Damn! That's heavy? Sorry to disappoint but there's something even better! It's not just about audios! You can even stream and record "video" files directly from leading platforms like Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, Dailymotion, Amazon, Hulu......(and the list goes on!)
Save Video
So hey bottom line? Just hit the keyboard, search for your music/video, stream it, download it! That's how simple Audials makes it.


Last but not the least, Audials one also features a built-in converter for you! Which you can use to convert just about any audio/video file, to any other type of audio/video file, simple as that.

Trust me; it features a LONG, really LONG list of files it lets you convert.  From extremely accurate data like PMP, PVA, VQA, to entirely familiar ones like 3Gp, MP4 and what not.


So hey if it's an audio or a Video format, and you need to convert it, Audials will support it, it just will there's no looking back!

Final Verdict

So hey that was about it! 

Of course, I couldn't cover "all" that is there about Audials, cause that would need me to write a 20,000+ word Ebook. But I did try my best to cover the most common, interesting and "worth the money" features with Audials!

Not sure about it yet? (You must be stubborn, but it's okay), I've got something specifically for you! Here's Audials Tunebite Platinum, the Pro Edition of Audials One! 

It's the 'pro" version= more features! = More money!
NOPE NOPE totally NOPE! Audials platinum is in fact priced lower compared to the standard version! If that's not a tool worth grabbing right about now, and if that's not one heck of a deal, I'm not sure what is.


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