Best Dedicated Server Provider in India

Monday, 30 May 2016 Best Dedicated Server Provider in India

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Finding the best and affordable dedicated server for your business is a challenging task as it requires a lot of investment and your data and speed relies on it. 

Dedicated Servers are much more expensive than Shared or VPS Hosting, but it is highly recommended for medium and large businesses as it offers more speed, data security, and flexibility to upgrade your databases according to your needs. So if you are seeking for affordable and fast dedicated hosting servers, then you look no more. 
Milesweb Review
MilesWeb is an upcoming hosting service provider in India which provides best dedicated hosting servers at reasonable prices. Whether you want to relocate your server or if you have a breakthrough idea for an online business and all you need is to buy the hosting, then MilesWeb has many plans to offer. 

I got some excellent comments about them and finally decided to write a review on its dedicated servers.

Why a Dedicated Server?

You should be thinking that “why should I purchase a Dedicated Server for my website and not a VPS or Cloud Hosting when they are less expensive than dedicated hosting?” But have you considered the amount of Storage Space, RAM and ultra fast bandwidth which can never be compared with shared or VPS Hosting

If you are managing a growing business with outnumbered traffic on the site then, there’s no way you can rely on your Shared Hosting Plan. So, if you are generating enough revenue and can’t manage outnumbered customers on your site, then you should go for the dedicated hosting.

Introduction to

MilesWeb is an upcoming Indian Hosting Service Provider, who has already made its name in top hosting and service providers and are concerned to deliver fast and reliable hosting to customers with servers located in the US, UK & India.
Us Servers
It provides numerous hosting plans and domain names at low prices. Whether you are looking for a new domain for your website or if you want to enhance your website’s security, MilesWeb provides Domain names & SSL Certificates at very affordable prices.
UK Servers

Technical Specifications

MilesWeb hosts premium servers with incredible 100% up-time and Data Redundancy. The Basic plan has as Quad-Core E3-1230 CPU with 8-16 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 Tb SATA Hard Disk and is priced at Rs. 10800 on monthly rental basis. 
Indian Servers
You get 5 TB Bandwidth with 2IPs, and the servers are located in various cities and countries. In India only, MilesWeb hosts its data centers in Nasik, Mumbai & Pune. You can certainly upgrade to other premium plans which are available.

Configurations of the Server with monthly rental Rs. 22685
CPU – Hexa Core e5-2609
RAM- 16 GB
Storage – 2*300 GB SAS Storage
Bandwidth – 2TB
RAID 2 & 2 Standard IP

Top Features of MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting

  • Design & Power: - All the Servers & Data Centers are fundamentally designed and infrastructure to meet the substantial traffic requirements of websites. Dedicated Servers can be fully managed and customized using cPanel. 
  • Premium Bandwidth: - MilesWeb promises to deliver premium bandwidth to all the customer varying according to the plans. They have a tremendous speed of 2Tb to 10Tb with other excellent specification which I’ll mention further.  
  • Server Locations: - MilesWeb has successfully set up its servers and data centers in the US, UK, Romania & India with great speed and 100% up time. They ensure high data flow from multiple server locations.
  • Quality & Robustness: - Along with Powerful Processors, MilesWeb is also known to provide enterprise material servers which have security and high Data Redundancy.  
  • Backup & Power Support: - All the Data centers are equipped with 24*7 Power Backup support, and all the servers are backup once a week to ensure data availability so that you won’t face any issue with your business.

Detailed Analysis of Server Performance

I’ve been using MilesWeb's Hosting Service for a month or two. So to check the server speed and up time, I did a thorough analysis using and found these amazing results. Nothing makes sense if your site is down for most of the time and is indeed harming your business. But I was shocked to see the astonishing 100% up time of the MilesWeb’s Hosting.
Analysis 1
All the team and technicians maintain and track the 100% in-house data for each and every time. Even other Big Companies such as GoDaddy is restricted to 90% with 2-3 IPs down every time.
Analysis 2
Note: - The above data varies from time to time. SiteGeek or we do not take full responsibility for any analytical mistake as it user generated data.

The Best Thing I liked about MilesWeb

Technical support and customer support are the most important aspect when it comes to buying a service online, and I am once again surprised with the after sales services of MilesWeb. It doesn’t matter how much you know about data and SQL; At some point, you are going to need an expert advice and technical support. MilesWeb offers a 24*7 customer support for all users and the technicians are super friendly and help with even minor problems.

They have live chat options for customer support and offer Toll-Free numbers for both Indian & US Clients. You can live chat with an expert, email and submit a ticket on their website. Help desk and Toll-Free Numbers work 24hrs, 365days a year.


All in All, if you looking for a dedicated hosting provider then look no further, I recommend you to sign instantly up for the premium plans available for dedicated hosting and enjoy fast speed with reliable performance on your website. 

So that’s it, my honest review of MilesWeb Dedicated Hosting Services and are truly the best dedicated server providers in India with data centers based in the US, UK & India. Hope you had found this article helping. 

With 100% up time, your customer will never complain that the site is down or not responding. Do Check out the all the latest plans available on its official site. If you don’t want a Dedicated Server, then you can certainly go for Shared & VPS plans.


  1. MilesWeb is outstanding in terms of responses. I came to know that my site is blank which never happen before. I tried first from my side to solve. But afterwards I generate ticket with MilesWeb. Within 10 minutes they came up with immediate solution. After that they continuously took followup too. I m delight with service render by MILESWEB!!!!

  2. I have hosted my website with milesweb, and I am highly satisfied with the services they have offered to me. Also, I appreciate the way milesweb treats there customers & provides post purchase services. Highly appreciated.