Increase Productivity By Being A Better Organizer With Folder Maker

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Increase Productivity By Being A Better Organizer With Folder Maker

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you don't have an organized lifestyle, well you don't have a way of life- Me. (Okay ignore that!). But hey, isn't that true? I mean successful people have lot's of things in common, and I'm an advanced kind of a bookworm, so one thing I learned is, being organized is one of the steps.
Folder Maker Review
So that's the reason I almost instantly fell in love with this small little tool which lets me Change folder icons on my computer immediately. Oh not just the icons, I can even Change folder color!

What the heck? Right? It's going to make your computer look beautiful, so what? Is reading this post even worth it? Let me tell you, it is. Because it's not just about making your computer "look" beautiful.

Benefits of Organizing Folders Colour and Icon-Wise

Oh, of course, you'd be asking me, I mean why do you even need this product I'm talking about. What did it do for me that I'm so obliged to share it with you guys, right?

Well if you're a long-term reader of this blog, your probably already know that I don't share a product unless I've been awe-struck with what it offered me, right?

So well, why do you need to change your Folder icons and colors? Good question, let me start by answering the "color" thing.

  • Easy Recognition: - I mean of course, you can recognize red from yellow from blue much quickly, you don't need to waste time being confused and reading through the name of every single folder on your system. 
  • Organization: - You can distribute your folders to different priority levels, too!  I mean let's say the Red color goes for High priority things and the blue for the "completed" ones.
This way, you and your co-workers will instantly know which folders need your attention, and they need to work on.  
  • Ease of Co-working: - If you have a system that's used by more than one people, well then you can use it to tell them which folders to stay away from. That way, they won't be having anymore "Ah I didn't know this was a private folder" excuse! Additionally, you can also use it to tell them what folders they need to work on. 
  • Custom Colour Code: - These are just "some" of the possible options. You can set up your color codes to denote different things and then use them.
For, e.g., Red might mean "work this folder in the morning", or maybe "don't open until 6 pm" thing. Whatever, it's up to you and your creativity what you want to do with them, but well yeah it does make life easier.


Well yeah, you can, of course, change your folder icons using Folder Marker, now I'm pretty sure that you are aware of this but just in case you don't let me tell you.

The brain processes visual information 60x faster than text. So guess what, now you can have a working speed that's 60x faster. Well not literally, but now you can just decide if you're going to a folder, or not. If a folder needs attention or not.

And the best thing? You can set different icons, right? So you don't have to get the folders to know what they're about. For, e.g., You can have "movie" icon on the movies folders.

A more professional one on the work folders and like that. So bottom line? You are spared a lot of confusion just by looking at the icons! Yeah, much easier decisions and triggers.

And not to mention, the custom default windows folders look dull. They do need to be revamped, right? I mean trust me re-designing is a significant productivity boost!

What You're Getting with Folder Marker Pro?

So yeah the name of this small little tool I'm talking about is folder marker. And that goes perfectly with what it lets you do. It enables you to change the color of your folders, and as if that wasn't enough, even the icons.

But still, that's not all. Let me show you some more to what's possible with  Folder Marker:

  • Office Use: - Home use is subtle, but well it doesn't ignore the fact that you might be a guy who has a team or works in an office. And that's why it was coded with the specific "office needs" in mind.
For, e.g., It has these awesome little icons designed specifically for office works! 
  • Customize the Software: - WHAT? Well yeah heard that right. It has this small little "Mark Folder" menu; that does all the job of coloring the icons and that shit.
Customize The Software
    But the magic is that you are allowed to almost "design" this popup on your needs. Let's say you use some colors more than others, or might want some options, or remove the others.

    Well, that's entirely possible! You customize the popup yourselves!

    • Priority Levels: - Well yeah, you can assign three different priority levels to your folders. Ranging from High>Normal>low. 
    • Work Completion Degree: - This is another handy feature that Folder Marker offers you. You can assign the folders their colors and icons based on the "completion degree. For, e.g., You can mark them "Completed" or maybe "half completed" or "Planned".
    Now this seriously helps a lot because then you won't be wasting time wondering if a particular project folder is full or still needs attention. Also, you will instantly know that the "half full" folders are what need your attention, and well that gets the job done faster.
    • Double-Colour Variations: - When I said "change color" I didn't mean "just" the color. Of course, the color can be changed, but hey get this, you can even change it's "variation". For, e.g., You might want "dark green"Light red" or maybe the natural colors, right?
    How you will use it is entirely up to your creativity but well yeah it does support double color variations!

    Your Own Icons

    Your own icons
    This is my favorite option! It's not that Folder marker has all the perfect images, right? (And I'm extremely choosy anyway). So well what it did for me was (Of course, it'll do for you too!) is that it lets me upload and use my icons to mark folders!

    That's like awesome! Do You want to take a sneak peek of what I'm going to add to Folder Marker by this evening?


    Yeah get jealous I don't care!

    Final Words

    So hey, first things first, it does make my computer look damn impressive! And trust me on this, if you aren't bored by what you're doing, your productivity hits the skies. And that's what's happening to me right now!

    So productivity? Hell yeah.

    And of course, the "color changing" thing now lets me identify folders quickly, especially their priority levels. And then there's that icon changing this which allows me to add that special finishing touch to them that I'm just in love with my computer right now.

    Not to mention the advanced features of "Priority levels" and "color variations" that just didn't seem possible Folder market. And you know what's the best thing?

    The Pricing! Okay, take a wild guess, how much should it be priced? $200? $150? Ah $100 is totally doable for this level of awesomeness, right?

    What if I tell you, you can have all of those magic tricks I talked about, for just a small little $34.95! Well nope, I am not lying, you can go to their homepage and check it out yourselves.


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