Total Outlook Converter Pro Review: Convert Outlook Emails With Attachments

There are a great variety of file formats available today for each type of data that needs to be transferred. For example, text files can be available as PDFs, Enriched text format, TXT files, ASP document file and others and similar is the case for video, audio, and other data types. Not all of these formats are supported by readers and players. And converting a file from one format to another has remained a tedious task always.

convert emails with attachments

The swapping has been brought greatly to simplicity by CoolUtils, a website online since 2003, that provides around 20 file converters which can possibly convert amongst any type of formats. It is easily accessible, feasible to use, highly flexible and convenient for conversion.

They claim their expertise in the multimedia section and that can be easily understood. They offer support for audio, images, movies, emails, Excel, HTML, PDF, iPod and more. This allows the user to convert between 140 different file types.

The website has made a great impact on the international market as it is accessible in various languages including – English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and many more.

This has created a CoolUtils interface across the globe. The website boasts a diverse group of clients ranging from big to small businesses and government agencies to NGOs.

The site also provides a special customization offer, if there is a function not on the website you can request the developers for it, with a minimal customization fee or is sometimes also free of charge depending upon the function required. The customized versions save a great amount of effort and automate the task to a great extent.

The Website Serves the Following Services

  1. File converters
  2. PDF and Tiff Tools
  3. Free online converters
  4. File viewers
  5. File rename
  6. Document processing
  7. Freeware

One of the most reliable tools provided by the website for conversion is Total Outlook Converter Pro. This is a complete package for converting Outlook to PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT with attachments in batch. The software is available for Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

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What is the Need of Total Outlook Converter?

The speed of the Outlook slows down heavily when there are a great number of emails stored on Outlook email client. So it is always better to convert these outlook emails with attachments into PDF, DOC, RTF, TXT, HTML, TIFF in batch.

Most of the converters available in the market only convert attachments into other formats, but Outlook Converter Pro converts the mail along with the attachment into suitable and usable formats.

Total Outlook Converter Comes With More Than 30 In-built Converter

The software allows more than 30 conversions. Some of the popular ones are:

  • PST, Outlook, OST to PDF with Attachments
  • PST, Outlook, OST to TXT with Attachments
  • PST, Outlook, OST to Text with Attachments
  • PST, Outlook, OST to DOC with Attachments
  • PST, Outlook, OST to HTML with Attachments
  • PST, Outlook, OST to JPEG with Attachments

It also allows conversion of various other formats such as XLS, PPT, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG can be converted to PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML, HTML, TIFF, JPEG, and EML.

The application is user-friendly and allows the user to choose various designs making it flexible, one can select the email fields to export by using filters for date, senders, recipients, subjects or bodies. A date or a counter can also be added for a refined appearance of the original document.

A Glimpse on How to Use Total Outlook Converter

  • The software will automatically connect to Outlook if it is already downloaded on your system or you can locate an OST file.
  • From the folder tree on the left-hand side choose a message that shall be displayed or previewed from the right panel.
  • Select all the emails you need to convert and then select the target folder (eg: PDF, Doc, Txt etc.)
  • A pop window shows the wizard for the software and asks for the target location where the converted file needs to be stored. Select the location.
  • You can either combine the message and the attachment file or keep them separate depending upon your choice. Press next.
  • You can rename the file names and choose to the next specification.
  • Further you choose the fields to report like cc, date, time etc. and choose whether you want to embed image files in the document or not. Press next to continue.
  • Now, we specify the requirements with attachments. Many conversions on this step are supported by the Pro version.
  • Moving towards the next bit, we choose our preferences for the appearance of the file. This step may be skipped.
  • Now, we stamp the messages and describe their type such as confidential, commercially sensitive and others. You can also choose the header and do an easy font formatting for it. One can choose the paper position, size, orientation and other properties of the output file. Once you are done with all the formatting choose Stop.

You can also choose the default settings if you do not require customization.
Check out the below given video tutorial for the complete conversion process.

Plans & Pricing

It comes in both free and pro version. You can download trial version which is available for 30 days and a licensed pro version at a price tag of 99.90$.

The software is an easy, fast, reliable and secure way of converting from one format to another it provides great choices for the output file and handles data back with 100% accuracy.

The tech-support can be easily contacted and CoolUtils provides money back guarantee if the software fails to perform what it claimed. Buying the licensed version one receives a year of free software maintenance and the service can be extended after a year by paying 30% of the actual cost. Support service is available for 24 hours even on weekends and holidays.

We hope you have a great experience with this software just like us and many other users.

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