How to Start a Popular Lifestyle Blog That Will Make Money

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to Start a Popular Lifestyle Blog That Will Make Money

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Blogging is very common nowadays and many people are choosing this art either as a hobby or as a means of leveraging their writing skills to start a new business. There are various topics or niches about which you can choose to start your blog, but one of the more popular options is the creation of lifestyle brand. By using a blogging platform, you can open so many doors for yourself to show your creative talents.
Start A Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogging as a career is a vast field and offers many useful opportunities once you make your own blog. Basically, starting a lifestyle blog is cheap and quite easy to set up. Nevertheless, that shouldn't prevent you from researching and planning your online marketing strategy before you start blogging.

Lifestyle blogging also has various fields or themes like fashion, family, beauty, life, cooking and much more from which you can choose any which suits your interest and easily start your blog.
Below mentioned is the step by step list which will help you in starting your new lifestyle blog easily.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

1. How To Choose A Blogging Topic

This is a very important and even base step to start your blog because blogging is totally about your interest.  Now choosing to start a lifestyle blog does not mean that you have to talk about every field of life, but you can choose a particular topic to concentrate and can write your majority of posts on that. So stay focused and creates content on the topic of your choice so that you can enjoy doing this.

2. Select a Suitable Blogging Platform

Choosing a suitable platform for your blog is another important aspect of blogging and nowadays there are various platforms which are easily available on the internet. Out of these many platforms, the two best are Blogger and WordPress. Both are good but Blogger has some limitations as compared to WordPress because it only allows you set up a custom domain name but, on the other hand, WordPress has some additional features, plugins, and themes. It the most common and widely used platform as it has two versions, one is the free online and other is self-hosted version.

3. Choose a Domain Name and your Own Host

If you seriously want to expand your lifestyle business blogging and want to grow your brands then you have to own a particular domain name and blog hosting in order to get successful.
Always try to keep in mind that your domain should be short and match with the name your blog so that it becomes easier for people to remember your site. 

On the other hand, you need to have a hosting account which WordPress also provides and this will help to reserve a space for your files and resources on the web.

4. Start Designing your Blog and Create Your first Post

Now designing your blog is totally up to you as there are numerous themes available on various platforms to choose from. You can easily choose and install any theme of your choice from these platforms and further design your blog. After designing, you can now start with creating your first post about lifestyle options. This is very exciting, so start writing and further you can also schedule your posts and save them for future.

5. Show your Creative Skills and Launch Yourself on Social Media

Lifestyle blogging is totally concerned with various creative skills like enhancing various audio-visual modes while blogging. So use your photography skills to add some superb image in your blog which will explain more about your products. Further, you can also launch your blog on various social media sites to attract more traffic, especially from Facebook.

6. Get Noticed by Publishing the Best Content

The blogging community is huge and you won't get noticed if you publish content that has been rehashed. Simply put, your content needs to stand out in terms of writing ability, information, and usefulness so takes your time and write meaningful content on your lifestyle blog to make better money. You can also do this by connecting with others of your niche on various social media sites. This will also help in promoting your products and can further give you financial benefit also.

So this guide will definitely help in starting you lifestyle blog while making good money, whether it's through Google AdSense or some alternative ad network. Lifestyle blogging is totally concerned with interacting with new people so that you can get to know their taste and update your business according to that.

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  1. Hi Rahul, thanks for sharing this information with us, I am new blogger and I am still learning the basics of blogging, this post given me some idea that how can I proceed to create e a new website and content for that.
    Keep posting such informative content friend as this might be very helpful for those who are in need of such guide like me.