Next Flipbook Maker Pro Review: Build Interactive Digital Flipbooks

The days of reading text are gone, I mean how many people do you find online who go onto a blog and read a lot of textual stuff, right?

Well then again you can’t ignore the potential that content marketing has got but now that the textual audience has been saturated you can just approach them with the old models right?

Next Flipbook Maker Pro

Well, that’s where this Flipbook maker I’ve been talking about comes in. Now I am not asking you to buy this Digital Flipbook Software, In fact, I would be happy if you don’t buy this product because honestly speaking I don’t want to share the awesomeness  which it offered me.

But at the same time I cannot contain my excitement and I just thought it’s better if I place a review about whatever my experience was with this product so I hurried along if you are the least bit interested in to increasing your audience and giving them a better approach to the content, ideas, or knowledge they might seek.

OK, in a nutshell, what the flipbook converter for you does is, it converts your PDF text into a very interactive, and approachable flipbook, simple as that.

What’s So Special?

Well by saying special, I mean it is the one great thing at the office you are interactivity, I mean it creates for you a very interactive Flipbook design I mean your audience and readers can actually interact with it in real-time and avail the benefits of the options and features.

The first feature that just made me fall in love with it was it’s extremely smooth and real-life feeling Page Flipper! Well yeah, the pages actually flip in 3d, just like real life!

Paper Flipper

Oh hey, you don’t need to be a professional in order to start using flip book maker for Windows.Yeah well, what I want to say is when I started using it I was the total newbie when it came to digital Flip Books.

I mean I had never before created Digital Flipbook,  but well I found the user interface and the features extremely user-friendly so all I had to do was cry long with it yeah there was no Rocket Science to it.

Well, let’s talk about the features in a bit of detail huh? That should give you a better insight, I’m pretty sure of it.

So what’s great with this smooth little FlipBook maker is the  option this Flipbook maker includes in it, it really know how to engage your audience, what it technically does is it allows you adding  A lot of multimedia right into your book or PDF.

Say you can easily integrate:-

  • Videos 
  • Images 
  • Buttons 
  • Charts 
  • Data Icons and a lot more.
Menu Bar

See? That little screen above holds all the elements, all you need to do is click on it at the bottom of the screen to insert it! Yeah, that’s how easy it is.

Oh hey, I know it’s not always that you’d  want all the elements to pop up on the screen as soon as the page loads, right? Well, that’s where the advanced event manager comes in.

yeah, you can literally decide when will certain elements come up on the screen, I mean the page.

For example if you want a video to come up on leave and the mouse is whole word on it, you can do that, or maybe you want in image to pop up only when the user is about to move to the next page, well you can do that too so you are in total control of all the elements and when they should appear.

Select Action Type

Now that  really boosts of engagement and doesn’t let people get bored and frustrated because the screen would not look clouded as soon as it appears, the elements will move slowly and over time will keep the people interested in it.

Extra Privacy Layer

I totally understand if you don’t want to share your eBook with all of the worlds, I mean damn it moments when you don’t want your Flipbook to be all over the globe.

in a fact, that might be a really great modernization strategy I mean if you have got a really great flipbook then what you can do if you can monetize it by using the privacy layer means you grant access to only those people who have paid for the products that come in handy.

Anyway, bottom lines say, with this HTML5 Flipbook maker, you get an advanced security layer that you can get in place with just couple clicks.

Edit Flipping eBook

Hey not just that, it has three advanced level of security. The first is public of course when the Flipbook would be accessible to everyone, but just in case you don’t want it, you can avail two other password layers.

One, where you can set one universal password, anyone who has access to the password can view the FlipBook. 

The other? Well, you grant each user a separate password and only he can access the FlipBook using that password.

So well you ask me, and I’d say you won’t ever have a problem regarding security and exposure of your flipbooks with Flipbook maker.

Privacy Setting

Pre-Made Templates

What is the one element that comes to notice almost everywhere online ? The visuals, of course, right?

I mean how your page looks like, how the background is, how the buttons are placed, what are the colors used I mean whatever you may be looking at not just Flip Books but whatever the visuals are the first thing that takes on your eyes, right?

Well trust me, nobody is going to Read a lame, boring, history looking page no matter what kind of great content it has got because of course humans analyze the look and feel of something before actually getting deep into it.

And flip book maker knows this all very well so what it does is it has enough pre-made templates for you already, so you don’t need to stress yourself with all the strategy things like the position of the buttons and colour scheme that would suit your readers, all you have to do is go on and use them.


Not just that, flipbook maker has a very advanced customization panel too, so you can customize literally everything about the template it’s like you will get the skeleton of the template, and then you can add the flesh and bones do it yourself.

Flash Display Setting

Of course, you can just start using the template right away without any more customization, either way, it’s a win for you.

Other Advanced Features

Well, I already said, Flipbook Maker is loaded with features, so don’t get “overwhelmed” with the features. (I’m warning, cause I did.)

In-page Search Option:- It’s totally possible that not all your readers complete the book in one go. In that case, they might want to search for words and pages where they left off last. Well, that’s totally possible.

Search Option

Google Analytic Integration:- In simple words, It lets you keep a detailed track of the performance, hits, and insights of your FlipBook. Well yeah, you can integrate Google Analytic too! (That’s pretty advanced huh?)

Google Analytic Integration

Plans & Pricing

You can purchase Next flipbook maker pro at a price tag of $299. You can also check out some of the demos of flipbooks listed on their website. Currently they are providing three payment options; Credit card, check (prepayment) and PayPal too.

Final Words

Being honest, I can’t list each and every feature that this Digital Flipbook Software has to offer. I just tried to get you a sneak-peek into the features and it’s powers.

Now, if you seriously were serious about your content and it going viral, I’d say there’s just no better alternative. Give it a try, you aren’t losing anything anyway right?

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