11 Best Internet Web Browsers For Mac OS X

OS X is the upgraded version of Mac OS, it is an operating system developed by the Apple Inc. for Macintosh Computers. Presently the latest version in practice is 10.11 named ‘El Capitan’. 

A web browser is a software used for interaction with the World Wide Web this includes information transmission and receiving. Amongst the three leading Operating Systems Windows, OS X, and Linux. Mac has always been considered safer and more secure. It forbids the use of any pirated software hence reducing the chances of virus attacks and shielding the system from other cyber issues. 

Best Web Browsers For Mac

The web browsers supported by Mac are also different from that supported by other operating systems. Although, there are a few web browsers that are available for different platforms. Safari is the default web browser for Mac, but it also supports a few other third-party browsers. Some of the browsers supported by Macintosh are:

1. Chrome for Macintosh

Google Chrome is considered to be one of the fastest web browser services. It searches instantly and navigates through the same box. The results and suggestions are based on the visited websites. The auto fill helps one fill web forms easily and reduces the amount of typing. 

Chrome is available for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), Lion (OS X 10.7), Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and other latest versions. It provides easy customization services and also allows you to start from the place where you left browsing previously. Chrome is not only available for Mac, it is also supported by Windows and Linux platforms.

2. Firefox for Mac

Mozilla is a non-profit organization, and one of the software provided by them is Firefox, it is available for all platforms including Windows and Linux. One of the fastest browsers it is often referred to as speed king. It is highly secured and is subjected to changes and up-gradations frequently. 

The browser is highly customizable and allows you to experience the web in your own way. The software has no cost attached out. And is available for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), Lion (OS X 10.7), Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and other latest versions. 

It has an improved download interface and also provides an inline PDF viewer, along with redefined developer tools. It is an open source software, and that sometimes accounts for redundant interface features.

3. Safari 7

Safari is the pre-installed web browser for Mac. It allows you to enjoy a smoother and better web experience. It was initially released in 2003 and was included in iPhones by 2007. Safari is considered to be highly secured as apple maintains a block list that blocks all the potential malware and spyware. Safari since OS X v 10.6 has a 64-bit architecture. 

A survey by Wikipedia shows that about 15.59% devices use Safari as their browser. The newest version has been provided with highly improved JavaScript performance. The top site pages have been revamped and are incorporated with power-sharing methods. Although the scrolling is a little jittery and is a little slower compared to its previous versions in some test. The web browser is available free of cost.

4. Opera 15 for Mac

Opera is available for both Macintosh and Linux. It is an easy and safe way to explore the web. The new syncing feature allows starting browsing from where you left it. The net experience is made faster and is a case of slow network connections Opera Turbo is available that compresses files and sends them. Personalize your browser to keep what is essential and can improve your Internet acquaintance. 

The newest versions of Opera allow safer interactions over the World wide web and increased privacy along with secure browsing and enhance security even on public WI-Fi. The software is available free of charge  and is available for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), Lion (OS X 10.7), Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and other latest versions. 

Although, it has removed bookmarks in support of Speed dial tabs and has also detached some of the useful features. But the performance has boosted as compared to its previous versions.

5. DevonAgent Pro 3.5

One of the most efficient ways of searching the Internet. It is a power tool for research. Available only for the Macintosh devices it has a cost of 5.00$ and is available for Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), Lion (OS X 10.7), Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) and other latest versions. 

It is basically search-oriented and can also provide scheduled searched, and provides features aid in data discovery and increased stability. A trial version is also available before you actually need to buy the software. It is a software that can be of great help for the researchers, students and teachers, journalists, attorneys and many other power users. 

It lacks some of the basic features that are available in standard Web browsers and has a learning curve for creating sophisticated searches.

6. Sleipnir 4 for Mac

If you are tired of the usual web browsers try Sleipnir, the browser is made without an address bar. It is a luxuriously advanced web browser with beautiful text on par at a pro level. Sleipnir is available for Windows and Macintosh. The browsing is made easy by flicking and gestures. 

Sleipner can also be installed on iPhone, iPad and Android phones. It is somewhat inspired by Safari but is redefined, and redesigned radically. It also provides smarter searching operations that pacifies the bookmark blues. It has touch-and-go gestures. But, the performance is a bit disappointing as compared to other browsers.

7. Maxthon Cloud Browser for Mac

Maxthon is available for Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone. For mac users, it offers sync in with the cloud, bookmarks, and other contents across all other devices. The URL can be highlighted, dragged and dropped in the address bar. Controls can be handled using mouse gestures. One does not need to install flash separately, it is pre-installed. 

The browser guarantees great security and privacy. And the best part is you are always under a cloud. Although the speed is not very high and the performance is a little low.

8. Yandex Browser 1.5

Yandex is mostly like Chrome. It comes with a turbo mode that gets enabled during slow Internet connection and saves data charges. Yandex provides DNS spoofing protection and is incorporated with DNSCrypt technology on board. This also forbids cache poisoning attacks. 

Yandex comes with a Smart Box that remembers sites and addresses which are frequently used. Backgrounds can be changed according to moods. And bookmarks and other contents can be easily synced with other devices. The only drawback with the browser is that it does not provide any new features.

9. OmniWeb 5.6

It is an enhanced and extra powerful browser. Mostly considered to be a reformed version of Safari. Omni web instead of providing tabs to surf between websites uses thumbnails to traverse between different pages. 

It automatically saves all pages as tabs. There are workspaces which are basically a group of web researchers, sites can be given a specific name and hence one can create a shortcut for the website. 

Ad blocking is a powerful feature provided by Omni Web. Site-specific preferences can be set, for example, the font size change on one page will not be shown on other until and unless specified.

10. RocketMelt

It is a fast, customizable browser, that offers a fresh web experience. It enables the use of chat, sharing of links, receiving RSS feed directly on the browser. It also provides a powerful search engine and allows users to add sites as tabs. The bookmarks and other contents can be easily synced between different devices. It is an easy to operate, user-friendly software.

11. Torch Browser

It comes with a special media grabber feature that does not require the installation of any separate application for video and audio surfing. The torch has a pre-installed torrent that eases downloads through it and increases the speed exponentially. 

It also has an amazing video and audio player, along with there is also torch music that allows you to enjoy free unlimited music on your mobile devices. 

Torch games do not require any downloading or loading, they are built-in games. It is a good option if you aspire a user-interactive and media-friendly browser.

These were some of the best and top ranked browsers for mac operating system. Do let us know your experience with them through the comment section.

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