Review: Earn Money by URL Shortening

That time has gone when the work was limited to only offices and people used to have a fixed routine of working hours that is 9 AM to 5 PM. But now the era is shifting towards the Internet and thus the money too. Yes! now you can earn money online by just sitting at your home. And you know the best part is that you’re not restricted to work within a time limit. You can work as a freelancer without any restrictions with no bosses at all. 

shorte st review Review

According to a post on the telegraph, a teenage spend 27 hours a week online. That simply means that you’re spending more than one day on the Internet. Smart people are utilizing it to improve their skills while rest of the people are just wasting this time on Social networking. 

So this post is basically for such type of people who are addicted to social media and willing to convert their activity into dollars. There’s a website named to earn some real cash. So first of all let me provide you a brief intro of this awesome money making tool.

What is

It is a European based company which is basically a link shortening tool. More than 300,000 users from 100 countries are using them to boost up their income. This tool helps you to short your lengthy URL and whenever someone clicks on them you’re paid. Say there’s a URL given below:

then after using services your URL would look something like this.

Get Paid With These Simple Two Steps

It’s is a three step process. The user just needs to complete the two steps and Voila! You are paid in the third step.

  • Users land on your page and click on the link shortened by Shorte.
  • They see the advertisement on the intermediate page.
  • And your account is credited for every ad displayed.

Some Reasons Why I Would Recommend

  • Unlike other networks, it provides several options to monetize your website or blog such as ready to use scripts and plugins.
  • You readers would still trust you as the ads shown on the intermediate page are only the premium ones’.
  • They guarantee for the best CPM rates. For some countries such as the United States, they offer up to $15.20 per 1000 views.

Payout Rates

  • Your dashboard would provide real time update of your earnings. That means it would take seconds to show your recent click.
  • Minimum payout threshold is $5.
  • Multiple withdrawal options such as PayPal, Webmoney, and Payoneer.

How To Use?

  • Go to their official website and sign up for a new account.
  • Enter the desired URL that you would like to monetize and hit the SHORTEN button.
URL Shorten
  • That’s it; there you can see a short version of your URL.
Shortened URL
  • If you’re willing to monetize the complete website then go to Website Script option, enter your domain URL and click on Generate Script button. Now just copy the given code and integrate it into your blog or website.  
  • You can use Mass Shrinker tool for shortening 20 URLs at a single time. 
  • Besides this if you’re getting hundreds of social media shares daily through your website then use Social Share Widget to monetize social media buttons. All you need to do is to place their Social Share Widget on the page where you want to share and earn.
  • Beside this, several other tools are available for your comfort as shown in the image below.
More Tools

Referral Program

This was not an end. They are having one more option for you to earn some more pocket money that is Referral Program. You will be provided a special link once you have signed up on their website. 

One can share this link through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blog post or discussion board to earn a 20% commission of what every person you have referred has earned. 

Final Words

I don’t think it’s the toughest task to earn $$$ through this amazing website. You don’t need any kind of technical skills rather the only need is targeted traffic. Their highest payout is for the United States, so try to focus on it and do some research on getting traffic from this country. This can help you to earn more than $100 a day.

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