Get Notify When Google Index Your New Blog Posts

Monday, 14 March 2016

Get Notify When Google Index Your New Blog Posts

Posted by Rahul Gupta
More than 70% of the bloggers don't give a damn to their blog posts indexation rate. You might don't know but this can be a negative mark for your website. Personally, I have noticed that CrunchyTricks's latest blog posts are indexed within 5 hours by Google. So I don't need to worry because the average time taken by Google to index a blog post is 5-24 hours.

Get Notification When Google Index Posts
Get Notification When Google Index Posts
Indexation and crawl rate are directly inversely proportional to the quality of your content. Google uses different kinds of the computer algorithm for the proper functioning of search engines. Whenever there is new content on your blog then Google spiders will crawl it for indexing. Since the past few years, Google is focusing on the genuine and original content. Low-quality sites are moving down to the bottom and thus are lost. Even they're not visible on the 10th page in search engines. 

I have seen many people claiming that Google is not indexing their blog posts. If the same thing is with you then you're simply wasting your time in writing.

There can be several reasons behind slower or no indexing at all. So first of all, let us check out some mistakes you might be doing.

Why Google Bots Are Not Indexing My Blog Posts?

I will keep it simple with the help of bullet points for proper understanding and readability.
  • The content you posted in not unique. You might have copied it from some other website.
  • It is marked as low quality by Google and doesn't provide any value to search engine and visitors.
  • You're not updating your website frequently. Say you updated one post yesterday and then randomly posting another content after some days or even months.
  • Your website is new. It might take some days, weeks or even months for indexing. 
  • Too much usage of stop words.

Why Should I Care About Indexing?

As I mentioned above indexing is in relation to content quality. Higher the quality of your blog posts, faster indexing will be there.

If it is taking more than one day then you're in in serious trouble. You should focus on your writing skills and some original content.

Well, there is a trick to know how much time did Google take to index your latest content.

Get Alert/Notifications When Google Index Your blog Posts

For this, we will take help from Google Alerts. It is a free tool from Google to keep an eye on your desired keywords or phrases. You will receive email alerts for the specified terms related to either your competitors or brands. Here is how to set up it for email alerts:
  • Go to Google Alerts and log in with your Gmail account.
  • Simply type in "" in the search tab. Replace yourdomain with your own URL.
  • There you can see the latest post from the website. 
Latest Blog Post
  • Click on Show options to drop down the list.
  • Select As-it-happens from drop down list just next to How often.
  • Select All results next to How many. See the screenshot below.
Manage Options
  • Set rest of the options as default.
  • Then press Create Alert button and you're done.
This method works for blogs as well as websites. You will be notified by Google once the content is live in search engines. Thus, you can estimate the time to improve your blog

Keep on sharing information which is useful for the readers and Google will surely decrease time take to index.

For any doubt or query feel free to let us know. We would be happy to help you.


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