7 Must Have Android Apps For Gate Exam Preparation

Sunday, 6 March 2016

7 Must Have Android Apps For Gate Exam Preparation

Posted by Rahul Gupta
GATE is an acronym for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. This is an exam attempted by all the technical enthusiasts in our nation, who wish to pursue a masters degree in their perspective field of engineering. Along with the coaching and self-studies that you might be taking, a smart way to have an edge over the others is to use your smartphone for your benefit rather than as a cumbersome liability which is targeted to waste your time. With the outburst of technology and its outreach in almost all  domains of the society. There are innumerable apps available for GATE preparation. These apps are a must for almost all aspirants who wish to qualify this prestigious exam.
Apps For Gate Exam Preparation
Apps For Gate Exam Preparation
Some of the apps provide information about GATE, some contain question papers of the test, while some others are tutorial apps. If you're really serious for the GATE exam then these android apps are must for you.

7 Android Apps For Gate Aspirants

This app provides preparation material customized for various undergraduate courses. A mobile app made with the sole purpose of helping the multi-tasking students. Carry your preparation course with you everywhere, access it anywhere. Take tests and leave no stones unturned! The course has following specifications in the given branches.
  • Computer Science: 9 Sections, 350 topics, 36 tests, 1000+ question.
  • Electrical Engineering: 8 Sections, 77 topics, 40 tests, 600 questions.
  • Engineering Maths and Analytical abilities: 5 topics, 10 tests, 150 questions.
  • And it occupies a space as less as 2.5 MB.

2. Made Easy
Made easy is a very renowned institute for GATE and IES and other Public Sector undertaking preparation. As the current phase of almost all exams have become Online tests. A series of online tests has been launched by the institute. The test papers are developed by experienced faculties, professors from some of the best and reputed colleges/universities, GATE and ESE toppers. Subject-wise and full syllabus tests are designed for the coverage and preparation of entire Gate syllabus.

Apart from this video solutions are available by some of the senior teaching staff of made easy, and a dedicated R&D team is always at work to solve the student queries. Online Test Series today is the tool to crack GATE/ESE, where candidates get the opportunity to compete with thousands of fellow students.  The app is available for Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering students.

This app is specifically designed for CSE and IT students who aspire to crack the exam. The app contains questions from the year 2000-2015 and has topic wise separation of questions, and analyzes the student performance based on topics. So, that the students can realize their strong and weak points and improve accordingly. 
Information about the paper, exam admission and job alerts are intuitively provided.  

The app also contains a question pallet for navigating and keeping track of questions along with answer keys.

This app is for Mechanical and Production Engineering Students. With an amazingly simple and user-friendly interface, it contains 27 full-length previous year question papers from the year 1994 to 2015-III of the mechanical branch and 5 full from the year 2011 to 2015 of production branch. You can use this app offline as well the timer is shifted instantly depending upon marks for each question.

A topic wise performance analysis is done at the closing of each test and reviews are provided. Status of each question is provided and question pallet helps in navigating and keeping track of answered questions, unanswered questions, questions marked for review & so on. Guidelines, preparation techniques and useful links to various resources are added. Alerts for Exams, Admissions and jobs are sent on the phone. 

Apart from this Detailed solutions are available for the year 2003, 2004 and 2014-I of Mechanical Branch. Also, detailed solutions are available for topic mathematics from the year 2003 to 2014 Set-1

It is an app committed to delivering efficient and effective mobile learning techniques to ensure the development of strong aptitude and technical skills. It helps the user to develop understanding and knowledge in an interesting and interactive way, anywhere and anytime. 

Along with fee previous years question papers, chapter-wise Question Bank and study material with a vast set of questions as per the syllabus and solved examples are available. Mock tests and customized tests aiming at the 360-degree development of students is available. I store and analyzes the performance and generates reports based on that.

The app provides all required information before a person appears for the exam. It assists it's users for the exams and provides information in various domains like; general information, pre-Examination related information, information related to examination and information for post-examination. The app answers various vital questions like: 
  • What is GATE?
  • Why should I take GATE exam? (i.e. Benefits of GATE exam)
  • GATE eligibility
  • GATE streams
  • GATE qualifying discipline
  • GATE specializations
  • Maximum marks obtained in GATE exam
  • Zone-wise list of cities (Exam centers)
  • Important dates (Schedule)
This app is targeted for the preparation of:
  • IES 2016 Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • IES 2016 Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • IES 2016 Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • IES 2016 Civil Engineering (CE)
  • IES 2016 General Science Exam
  • GATE 2016 Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • GATE 2016 Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • GATE 2016 Electrical Engineering (EE)
  • GATE 2016 Civil Engineering (CE)
So you can use this app for various other exam preparation too. For GATE aspirants it provides; short notes on various topics, a daily dose of general knowledge and current affairs. Online practice papers, inspirational interviews by toppers and their study methodology.

Apart from these apps, students belonging to different sectors of engineering can download different apps that provide shares the latest technological update about their respective branches.

As a matter of fact, downloading an app is of no good until and unless you work hard for the results. But for sure these will escalate the process of learning and will prove to be a boon, by reducing the amount of tedious work and enduring smart work instead. Prepare well for the paper and “All the best” for the exam.


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