8 Best Free MP3 Music Downloader Android Apps

Different mindsets, different moods, and all you need is a song to fit that particular moment’s frame perfectly! Music is the language of souls and the expression of hearts; while online music streaming can prove costly, most users prefer to download the songs and keep them in their mobile phone playlists. This article will look at some of the Best Free MP3 Music Downloader apps for Android.

There are loads of Music Downloader Apps, but the eight best MP3 Music Downloader Android Apps are:

  • MixerBox
  • 4shared Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Sound Cloud
  • Palco MP3
  • Spotify Music
  • MP3 Music Downloader
  • Free MP3 Downloads

Continue reading to know more about these apps in detail.

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Top 8 Free Music Downloading Apps For Android

All these mp3 music downloading apps for Android are hand-picked by our team:

Free Music Player MixerBox

You are beholding the first rank amongst music apps in about 12 countries and an app that occupies a position amongst the top 25 apps in more than 100 countries. This platform integrates music and videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, and MP3 all together! It generates an automatic playlist corresponding to your Facebook likes and shares, discovers and plays your friend’s music library, and creates a playlist of the day!


With an automatic synchronization of playlists across all your devices, you can play millions of music videos non-stop on one app.

Price: – Free & in-app purchases of approx. $1- $100.

4shared Music

This is one of the MP3 music downloader apps with an average rating of 4.4 stars and has been reviewed positively by both the users and the critics. The newest version is approximately 9 MB and supports login through Facebook and improved search suggestions. Apart from listening to your favorite tracks by creating a playlist, you can upload the channels on your device to the 4shared music app. It provides an excellent platform for music lovers!

Price: – Free


Google Play Music

The widely used app for downloading, storing, and listening to music with the newest versions. For free, you can upload around 50,000 songs across Android, iOS, and the web! One can subscribe to get on-demand millions of songs to download and listen to. This app is compatible with all three platforms, as mentioned previously.

Price: – Free

best free mp3 music downloader apps

Sound Cloud

One of the most liked music-downloading apps! Innumerable people have found SoundCloud the ultimate platform for free audio and music. The database is well-managed and constantly updated, helping you discover your favorite tracks from various genres across countries.

best free mp3 music downloader apps

Search your songs, personalize your listening experience, and create playlists. Play and pause from the lock screen! And enjoy this app.

Price: – Free

Palco MP3

An app that allows you to download fast music and provides access to radios of different genres. Recently, Palco was one of the biggest Brazilian websites offering about 1 million songs, and is a platform for independent artists. If you have a band and need to learn about the right platform to showcase your talent Palco app is all you require on your phone! The improved version is around 6.2 MB, with better animations, layouts, and faster song downloads.


Price: – Free

Spotify Music

Need an app compatible with your mobile phone and tablet? Spotify is the option. One can play songs indefinitely and choose their particular artists, albums, or playlists on shuffle and serial mode. The interface is user-friendly, and the song collection is constantly updated.

Price: – Free & offers in-app purchases

best free mp3 music downloader apps

MP3 Music Downloader

From classical to jazz, blues to reggae, hardcore to rock, ballad to metal, and pop to dubstep, one gets every genre of music through this app. It is a simple app with faster response times and great-quality of music. Moreover, the size of the app is preferably tiny, about 3.8MB. So, this is your bet if you want a small yet fast music-downloading app!

Price: – Free


Free MP3 Downloads

Search, download, and enjoy based on these principles. This app allows you to enter your song query in a search tab and then freely download it if it’s “free to use.” Using this app, one can also store songs on their SD card and access them directly through the embedded music players or the phone’s music libraries.

The best part of this app is “NO COMMERCIALS!”. Its size is as tiny as 2.8MB. The only drawback is that the music database is small too and doesn’t suffice the needs of some users. But, still, it is worth giving a try!

Price:- Free

best free mp3 music downloader apps


Can I find popular mainstream music on these free MP3 music downloader apps?

The availability of popular mainstream music on free MP3 music downloader apps can vary. While some apps offer a wide selection of popular music, others focus more on independent artists or specific genres. It's advisable to explore the app's description and user reviews or try it yourself to determine if it provides the mainstream music you want.

Can I listen to music offline with these apps?

Many free MP3 music downloader apps offer the ability to download music for offline listening. Once you have downloaded the music files to your device, you can typically listen to them offline without an internet connection. However, it's essential to understand any restrictions or limitations on offline listening that the app may impose or the source of the music.

Can I transfer the downloaded music to other devices or platforms?

The ability to transfer downloaded music to other devices or platforms may depend on the app and the specific usage rights associated with the music. Some apps may allow you to share the downloaded files to other devices or platforms, while others may have restrictions. Reviewing the app's terms of service or usage policies is essential to understand the permissions and limitations of transferring downloaded music.

Are these apps ad-supported?

Many free MP3 music downloader apps rely on advertisements to support their services. Ad-supported apps may display ads during usage, generating revenue for the developers. However, the frequency and intrusiveness of ads can vary between different apps. Some apps may offer premium versions or ad-free options for a fee to provide a more seamless user experience.

Summing Up

So these were the 8 best free MP3 Music Downloader Apps. The best app for you may depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the availability of apps in your region. When choosing a free MP3 music downloader app, consider factors such as the size of the music library, the app’s user interface, available features, and any restrictions or limitations on downloading or offline listening. Go ahead and give one of these apps a try!

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