10 Resources To Find Background Music For YouTube Videos

Monday, 15 February 2016

10 Resources To Find Background Music For YouTube Videos

Posted by Rahul Gupta
I won't say that recording a video is one of the easiest task anyone can do. It takes a lot of efforts including creative thinking and proper timing. Daily thousands of videos are rewarded with a tag of 'viral' only because of their perfect timing, uniqueness and of course proper editing. The only thing you'll need after creating a video is background music. But where to find them? Let me remind you one thing, you can't simply pick up and embed any audio file in your newly created Youtube video. It will be a for sure copyright violation of that music file.

Free Youtube Background Music
Youtube Background Music
You can claim copyright for the stuff produced by you only if they are unique. Thus to use desired music in your video, you should have either it's copyright or the permission of the owner. So the only choice left is royalty free music. I know most of the readers are not aware of this term so let's first find out about it. 

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What Is Royalty Free Music?

According to Wikipedia, one can use copyrighted stuff or intellectual property without paying any fee if it comes under royalty free category. You don't need to pay royalties, license fees for that music, video, text or anything else. There are both commercial and noncommercial options available in the license. 

What If I Used A Copyrighted Music?

Youtube works with the algorithm (I don't know the exact number of them) to find out whether the video, song or background music uploaded by you is unique or not. If it's not then it will ask you to show the permission letter of the real producer. In any case, you failed to provide that then you won't be able to monetize your video. And you content can be deleted too.

10 Websites To Find Royalty Free Background Music For YouTube Videos

There are a couple of genuine websites which provide background music for your Youtube videos at free of cost. And of course, you can use the freely without any copyright violation. Some of them are listed below:

1. YouTube Audio Library
You might don't know but the largest source of videos that is Youtube itself provide free music. And you can't doubt on the quality of the files as It's provided by one of the top giant websites. I've used some of them in the past and they were simply awesome. 

One can filter playlist on the basis of genre, mood, instrument, attribute and even duration too. You're provided a direct download option to use them in your product even commercially. 

There are two more categories on that page just next to Free Music named as Ad-supported music and Sound effects. Sometimes you might need to embed popular tracks in your project then this category(Ad-supported) is for you. You can pick any popular music but don't forget to read the usage restrictions. 

Note: - You can monetize your videos if you're using this music. 

2. Incompetech
One more untapped resource to find best-suited music for your videos. You can use this website if you're looking for:
  • Free Music files for YouTube videos.
  • Building film or game.
  • Need music for presentation.
3. Purple Planet 
It's an awesome source if you're looking for some premium one's. The only thing you need to provide them is credits. Just download the music, use it on your project and link back to the original website that is purple planet. 

This site is a huge database of royalty free music composed performed and produced by Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn. They have some terms & conditions regarding usage:
  • Use their files for free and give them credit with the word "Music" and link (http://purple-planet.com) over it.
  • Don't want to give them credit? then here's a better option for them. Just purchase a license for $8 up to five tracks.
4. Partners In Rhyme
Last but now the least partners in rhyme is delivering their services since 1996. It's a huge period which can show their quality on its own. Just browse the library and find the suitable one for you.

Some more sites are listed below:

5. http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music/2
6. http://www.royaltyfreemusic.com
7. http://www.freesoundtrackmusic.com/
8. http://www.danosongs.com/
9. http://www.fruube.com/
10. http://www.premiumbeat.com

So that's it. If you've more such resources then feel free to let us know about them. 


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