How to Display IP Address of Users in Blogger [Widget]

IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical value assigned to each device such as computer, printer when it’s connected through Internet to share information resources. One can easily check IP address of their device. For computer you just need to search this term “ip” over Google and result will be similar to this.
Your public IP address
If you’re a blog owner then you might want to show visitors their internet protocol address. It could be either because of security reasons or more than that. There are some widgets available which you can use on your blog directly, once they are embedded your visitor will start seeing their address along with several other information such as:
  • Country
  • Region
  • City
  • Longitude & Latitude
  • Language
  • Browser
  • System
Display IP Address Of Users In Blogger

We’ve got two methods to display ip address of visitor in blogger or blogspot. Read the step by step mentioned guide given below and start implementing it on your own blog.

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How To Display IP Address Of Users In Blogger

1. AddGadgets

AddGadgets IP Address Widget


  • Login into your blogger dashboard.
  • Navigate to Layout>>Add A Gadget>>HTML/JavaScript.
  • A new window will pop up simply copy and paste the following code into it.



<img src=”” alt=”Weather Widget”>
  • Now click on Save button. That’s it.
Features: –
  • HTML code is validated by W3C.
  • Support all type of mobile and web browsers.
  • Doesn’t require JavaScript or Flash player enabled in browser.
  • Fast Server with 99.99% up time.
2. IP Widget Script
IP Widget Script
  • Go to IP Script.
  • Scroll down and customize your gadget.
  • Simply uncheck those features you don’t want to enable in the widget.
  • You can modify color, border, text and width too. Just edit them according to your need.
  • Then copy the code below text box and paste it in HTML/JavaScript gadget in blogger.
If you have any doubt regarding this tutorial then leave a comment below.


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