3 Ways To Change Font Style On Xiaomi Phones


Xiaomi has undoubtedly captured the market with its Android-powered Smartphone series, redmi, and Mi. Its presence must be addressed due to providing budget Smartphones with excellent quality. Even I’m also a fan of the Xiaomi series since its launch. Its UI comes with a pre-installed font style, which is good. But within a few days, we turn off due to repeatedly using the same technique. So to help you out we’ve bundled some tricks to change the font style on Xiaomi phones.

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You can use these methods to easily modify the font style of Redmi 1s, Redmi 2 Prime, Redmi Note, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 2 Prime, Redmi Note 3, Mi 2, Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi 4i, Mi 4c, Mi 5, Mi Note and Mi Note Pro. Just follow the step-by-step guide given below:

3 Best Ways To Change Font Style On Xiaomi Phones

Note: – Some of the Xiaomi devices require root permission. As in the previous MIUI version, there’s an inbuilt option to change fonts, but the latest version, i.e., MIUI 7, doesn’t provide such an option.

Using iFont App [Need Root]

This method requires root permission. So before going first to step root your device then, you can add custom fonts using iFont Android app: 

how to change font style on Xiaomi phones

  • Install and launch it.
  • There, you can see a list of all the available fonts, such as Alexander, Algerian, and many more.
Font Styles
Font Styles
  • Choose the one that suits you and by tapping on it.
  • On the next page, click on the Download button. It would take some time, depending on your Internet speed.
  • Then click on Set
Set Font
Set Font
  • It’ll ask for confirmation. Tap Ok.
  • When you see the prompt below, tap OK. The Themes app will now be launched automatically.
Theme Pack Produced
  • Go to Themes>>Category>>Component>>Font.
  • Move to the Local tab, find and tap the font you’ve installed using the iFont app.
  • Press Apply and reboot the phone to see the changes.

Use In-built Fonts

You don’t need to root your device in this step. In some handsets, such as Redmi 1s, redmi Note, you can use the font style provided by the manufacturer. 

  • Navigate to the Themes app on your phone and launch it.


  • Tap Category>>Component. On the component screen, tap Font.
  • Find and tap the desired font.
  • On the next page, click on Download.
  • Once it’s downloaded, tap Apply button and reboot if asked.

Using .mtz Files

Go through Mi official forum, and users will share hundreds of custom fonts. You can easily download them from there. They are in the .mtz extension. 

  • Download the font file either from here or here.
  • Extract it on your computer if it’s in .zip format. You can use Winrar for this.

how to change font style on xiaomi

  • Transfer all the .mtz font files to your android device through a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Find and open the Theme app from the menu.
  • Go to Local>>Menu>>Import From SD Card.
  • Browse for the file you want to install and apply. 
  • Then select the Category tab, then tap Component.
  • Hit Font>>Local>>Choose .mtz file thumbnail.
  • Tap on apply and reboot the device if required.


What font options are available in the built-in settings?

Xiaomi typically provides a selection of font styles in the built-in settings. The available fonts may vary depending on the Xiaomi phone model and the MIUI version. Users can choose from various styles, including casual, formal, cursive, and more.

Can I download additional font styles on my Xiaomi phone?

Yes, Xiaomi's Theme Store offers various themes with unique font styles. Users can download and apply these themes to change the font style on their Xiaomi phones.

Should I root my Xiaomi phone to change the font style?

Changing the font style does not require rooting your Xiaomi phone. Without rooting, it can be done through the built-in settings, theme store, or third-party font apps.

Can I use custom ROMs to access more font styles?

Users who have rooted their Xiaomi phones and are comfortable customizing the device's firmware can install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs may offer even more font style options and customization features.

Are font styles compatible with all apps on my Xiaomi phone?

While most font styles work well across the system and apps, some fonts might not be fully compatible with certain apps, leading to readability issues. Choosing fonts that are visually appealing and easy to read in various applications is best.

Can changing the font style affect the performance of my Xiaomi phone?

No, changing the font style is a cosmetic customization and should not significantly impact your Xiaomi phone's performance.

Final Takeaway

So this was all about how to change fonts on  Xiaomi phones. Changing the font style on Xiaomi phones is a relatively simple process that allows users to personalize their device’s appearance. It’s important to note that the availability of font styles may vary depending on the Xiaomi phone model and the MIUI (Xiaomi’s custom Android skin) version.

Additionally, some font styles may not be compatible with certain apps or may cause readability issues, so users should choose fonts that are visually appealing and easy to read. For any doubt, query, or correction, feel free to comment.

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