25 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Blogger Post Editor

We can’t customized blogger up to a large extent similar to the WordPress. On WordPress you can customize anything you want but this case is not applicable for blogger. Hundreds of features are not available even using scripts or coding while on WP they are directly available. Just drag and drop and you’re done. So you can save a lot of time there. But as we’re working on blogger so we keep on finding new tips & tricks for blogger to save our own time. So today we’re having a list of some most useful keyboard shortcuts for bloggerYou can use them in blogger post editor. 

keyboard shortcuts blogger post editor
keyboard shortcuts blogger post editor
These shortcuts would save your time as well as make your job much easier to do. A one minute task can be completed in seconds using these keyboard shortcuts. We blogger knows the importance of Time and it’s truly said that, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend”.

So below we’re sharing all the working blogger keyboard shortcuts. This would help you to perform several tasks in seconds without wasting much time. 

25 Keyboard Shortcuts For Blogger Post Editor

  1. Ctrl + C: – To copy the selected text.
  2. Ctrl + V: – To paste the coped text.
  3. Ctrl + Z: – To undo the deleted or erased text.
  4. Ctrl + Y: – To redo the undo text.
  5. Ctrl + X: – To redo the undo text.
  6. Ctrl + B: – To bold the selected text.
  7. Ctrl + D: – To save post as draft.
  8. Ctrl + G: – Indic Transliteration.
  9. Ctrl + P: – To publish the post.
  10. Ctrl + A: – It will select the complete page.
  11. Ctrl + S: – To auto-save your post. Keep on editing at the same time.
  12. Ctrl + U: – To underline the selected text.
  13. Ctrl + I: – To italicize the selected text.
  14. Ctrl + K: – To insert hyperlink to selected text. First select the text and then insert the link into it.
  15. Tab: – To change the bullets into sub-bullets.
  16. Tab + Shift: – To add levels between bullets and levels, (Use to remove the bullets or numbers). Select the text and then use this shortcut.
  17. Ctrl + F: – To provide a search pop up which you can use to find any phrase or sentence in your post.
  18. Ctrl + Shift + M: – To convert your Blogger Post Editor to Mobile View.
  19. Ctrl ++ (Press + Two Time): – To zoom in the blogger post editor.
  20. Ctrl — (Press – Two Time): – To zoom out the blogger post editor.
  21. Ctrl + 0: – To change the screen to default size.
  22. Ctrl +Shift + V: – To paste the copied item without formatting.
  23. Ctrl + Shift + A: – To add a link.
  24. Ctrl + Shift + P: – To preview.
  25. Ctrl + L: – Format selected text as block quote (Works In HTML Mode Only).

So it was a complete list of useful shortcuts for blogger. Some of them might not work in the latest web browsers. I have tested them in Internet explorer 7/8, Opera browser 34.0 but not in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome latest version. If these are working fine in browsers listed above then let us know by commenting below.

If you know about any shortcut that I haven’t shared in this guide then kindly share it with all of us in the comments and let our readers know. We hope these tips would help you all. If you’ve any doubt or query then feel free to leave a comment.

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