Blogger Launches New Featured Post Gadget Functionality

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Blogger Launches New Featured Post Gadget Functionality

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you're a blogger then this article is a must read for you. You might be having some posts that should come across every reader of your blog. Earlier there was not any option in blogger to highlight or feature any special article. But recently Google has launched an awesome feature called "Featured Post". Now you can highlight any post anywhere on your blog using featured post gadget. 
Featured Post
Featured Post

It might happen that once you wrote some article which got the highest popularity but as soon as you're going to write new posts that awesome article is going to slip down on older pages. Sooner it won't be visible to the readers. At that time Google's new feature provides awesome benefits. 

You can easily highlight hot and delicious recipe, cool running offer or just revive any article from the archives. It's the best way to run any promotion on your blog as it's going to provide maximum conversion to you. Read below how you can set up featured post widget. I'm showing an example to add this widget in the sidebar.

How To Add Features Post Widget In Blogger Sidebar

  • Simply follow the steps given below: 
  • Navigate to
  • Login with your Gmail user name and password.
  • Now go to Layout.
  • From the right sidebar select Add a Gadget.
  • Then select Featured Post.
Featured Post Widget
Featured Post Widget
  • A new windows will pop up showing all the available option.
  • This widget allows you to select any post to make it highlight on your blog. It includes following options:
Configure featured post
Configure featured post
Gadget Title: - You can give any name to your gadget, by default it's Feature Post.

Post Snippet: - You can choose whether you want to show post title only, post image only or both.

All Labels: - This option will show complete list of labels made by you. Either select any post from the list given below or filter it by using labels.
  • Simply select the desired post and click on Save button.
  • It also offers a small preview of how the post will appear on your blog.
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So this was all about featured post widget. Use this fabulous feature by blogger to attract the visitors on a particular post, offer, promotion. Easily highlight the posts that matter most. If you've any doubt regarding this new functionality  then feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.


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