Host1Plus Review - The Best VPS Hosting Packages

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Host1Plus Review - The Best VPS Hosting Packages

Posted by Rahul Gupta

Host1Plus: Affordable, Feature-loaded & Highly Flexible – The Best VPS Hosting Packages

I have multiple sites driving AdSense and other-channel revenues for me. And my earnings are rising every month. So you can imagine the number of sites I have and how important my web host is to me. After having one of my sites hosted on Host1Plus for over a year, I have only positives to say about them. I have had some poor experiences with a couple of web hosts previously, but I strongly think that this is a hosting provider I am going to stay with for a long time.
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Host1Plus VPS Hosting – Best Package for Multiple Sites

I started with shared plans at other web hosts. When my number of sites crossed 2, I knew I would have to upgrade. I upgraded to a VPS plan with my previous hosts, but there was not a week when I haven’t faced issues with the hosting. Eventually I moved to Host1Plus’ VPS Silver plan. I was surprised to find the prices charged by this host for its VPS plans.

I started with a plan that cost me within $14 a month. Currently, my sites are running on a VPS Gold plan and it costs me just under $18 per month. My sites never suffer downtime and I rarely had to contact the tech support. Host1Plus’ VPS hosting service is perhaps the best out there when you compare the price to feature ratio!

The Host1Plus VPS hosting plans are the most unique ones you will come across. They are very flexible as well. Whenever I needed to increase my bandwidth, I just needed to do some sliding and increase the value. It has been so easy and every increase of 500GB bandwidth cost me nothing more than an additional $0.50. What can be more affordable than that? Can you imagine? $0.50 for every 500GB of additional monthly traffic!
Comparison Copy
Comparison Copy
There are many other advantages for choosing Host1Plus’ VPS hosting. They allowed me to host endless number of domains. Now I am able to host as many new domains as I want – and my business model is flourishing like anything!
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Flexibility of Server Location

Server Locations
Server Location
I don't know why most other web hosts don't offer the option to choose server location. Host1Plus however stands out from the crowd. It allows its users to choose from different server locations. They offer 5 options: 
  • Frankfurt 
  • Sao Paulo 
  • Johannesburg 
  • Chicago 
  • Los Angeles
Most people don't realize the importance of server location. However, I have known it long ago that it has many benefits in search engine results pages. Google and other search engines take the location of my server choice into account when delivering my webpages to people who search for the info offered on my pages!

This helps me drive more traffic from my target markets and improve my profits!

Main Features of Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Some of the main reasons why I like Host1Plus for my sites are as follows: 
  • There is wider flexibility with my VPS hosting plan – I can install any software I want. 
  • They offer WHMCS, cPanel and other licenses to allow site owners to simplify their UI. 
  •  Host1Plus protects my account using DDoS protection. None of my previous hosts offered this level of protection. 
  • Customer support is one of the keys to Host1Plus’s success. In my personal experience, quality web hosting and powerful servers don't mean much if the customer service is not up to the mark. They offer 24x7 tech support and in a number of languages. As already mentioned, there have been very few instances when I needed to contact them, but my experience has always been positive.


I will recommend Host1Plus to everyone who is seeking the best-possible VPS hosting at the most competitive pricing. Their VPS plans start from as small as $2.5 a month. That is usually the price charged by other web hosts for shared hosting plans. Although there are multiple VPS plans offered by them, when you start moving the slide to create your custom plan, it is apparent that there is a hosting plan for every user.
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Whether you have a small blog site or a large corporate site or an ecommerce site, Host1Plus has the infrastructure and plans to support every level of hosting needs. As I already mentioned, there is virtually a plan for every type and size of user. All these plans are relatively more affordable than equivalent packages offered by other web hosts. Reliable customer support, choice of server location, ease of installation, and number of other features make this web host the perfect option for any type or size of business.


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