9 Secret iPhone Interrogation Codes You Might Don’t Know

We all are familiar with the popularity of Apple’s iPhone. It’s like a charm if you’ve got an iPhone. No one will ask you about your Smartphone or whether you’ve purchased it at a price similar to iPhone. But it’s the iPhone that raises your status in society. Similar to Android, iPhone too has secret codes. But you will only be able to find a few. One can easily open the door of hidden features using these codes. On Android, we call them either hidden codes or secret codes, but for the iOS platform, one special name called ‘Interrogation’ is given in the market. These secret iPhone interrogation codes will solve everything.

There’s nothing you need to learn to operate over these codes. They consist of some numbers along with an asterisk (*) and hashtag (#). Open your dial pad, put the code, and hit call enter. That’s it, and the hidden menu will appear before you. These are the top 9 secret codes for iPhone:

  • IMEI Number (*#06#)
  • SMS Message Center Number (*#5005*7672# + ‘Make A Call’)
  • Field Test Mode (*3001#12345#* + ‘Make A Call’)
  • Incoming Call Numbers (*#30# + ‘Make A Call’)
  • EFR Mode (*3370# + ‘Make A Call’)
  • Call Barring (*#33#)
  • Call Waiting (*#43#)
  • Call Forwarding (*#21#)
  • Hide My Caller ID (*#31#)

These codes are mind-blowing but surely would be a fun dose for you. Let’s see these secret codes for iPhone.

Top 9 Secrets Codes For iPhone

We’ve listed almost all the working hidden codes here. They are compatible with all the versions, such as iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. Check this guide on Mobile Unlocked to unlock your iPhone from its network carrier.

IMEI Number (*#06#)

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and consists of a 15-digit code. It identifies your phone uniquely on GSM, UMTS, LTE, and iDEN mobile phones. IMEI code is helpful if you’ve lost your iOS device. The commoner needs tracking tools, but telecom companies use your Smartphone using your IMEI number. You’ll be using it while filing a complaint against your stolen phone. Remember, insurance companies also demand IMEI codes.

IMEI Number

Use the above code to find your IMEI number or navigate to Settings>>General>>About. Apple has also printed it on the original box of your mobile phone.

SMS Message Center Number (*#5005*7672# + ‘Make A Call’)

If searching for your carrier’s text message center number, dial the code above. Press the call button (Green Button In Most Of Cases) once you enter the code.

SMS Message Center Number

To change your message center number, dial **5005*7672*SMSCNumber# and press the call button.

Field Test Mode (*3001#12345#* + ‘Make A Call’)

This mode will allow you to see the actual signal strength represented by numbers, not signal bars or dots. Have patience, and we’ll show you how to enter field test mode. You can get impressive technical information about your device once it is enabled.

Field Test Mode

Dial the code above and make a call; you can quickly notice signal numbers in the upper left corner. On pressing the home button, you’ll be out of the test mode, and signals will convert again to bars or dots. You might not know, but you can read data from the surrounding tower through the field test menu. Try to get around menus to find some more hidden information on iPhone.

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Incoming Call Numbers (*#30# + ‘Make A Call’)

If your iPhone stops showing numbers, you can use this code to display the numbers of incoming calls.

EFR Mode (*3370# + ‘Make A Call’)

The very first thing is that this mode only works for some networks. If it’s working, then you’re lucky. Enhanced Full Rate allows users to improve voice quality between GSM networks. It’s a speech coding standard. Give it a try and check whether it works for you or not. You can improve network quality once entered in this menu.

Call Barring (*#33#)

iOS operating system doesn’t have any setting to block outgoing calls. But you can quickly solve this problem using the above code. Call barring is used to restrict your phone from making or receiving calls. You can check its status using the above code.

Call Barring

Turn ON Call Barring: *33*pin# (Replace pin with your SIM card pin)

Turn OFF Call Barring: #33*pin# (Replace pin with your SIM card pin)

Call Waiting (*#43#)

By enabling this setting, you can quickly receive other calls while there’s already conservation. You’ll be notified through sound that another person is calling you. Now it’s up to you whether you want to continue the current call or shift to a new one.

Call Waiting

Turn ON Call Waiting: *43#

Turn OFF Call Waiting: #43#

Call Forwarding (*#21#)

Call forwarding is a feature that allows you to redirect your calls to another number. Sometimes you don’t want to attend calls of a specific person or might be on holiday then; use a call forwarding service to redirect your calls.

Call Forwarding

Unreachable: *#62#

When Busy: *#67#

Disable All Forwarding: ##002# + ‘Make A Call’

Hide My Caller ID (*#31#)

It allows you to hide your phone number in outgoing calls. Use the above code to check your outgoing calls’ anonymity.

Hide My Caller ID

#31#phone number + ‘Make A Call’: To only hide your phone number for current calls.


What is * 3001 12345 #* iPhone codes?

This is a Field Test Mode where you can check how much signal your iPhone has.

What does *#21 do to your iPhone?

Dialing this code will activate a feature access code that will tell you the call forwarding status for your phone.

What does *#33 do on iPhone?

If you dial this code, iPhone enables call barring.

What is *# 646 in iPhone?

Dialing *646# checks your minutes for a postpaid iPhone.

Summing Up

So this was all about all the secret codes of iOS. Let us know if they are not working for you. If you’ve got new codes, please mention them in the comment section below.

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