igfxpers.exe Window Process: What is it and How to do Disable it?

 You might have noticed the igfxpers.exe process running in the task manager. It’s a bit difficult to understand which program it belongs to. Don’t take tension. It’s not a virus, malware, or spyware.
Igfxpers.exe is a process that provides configuration options for Nvidia graphics cards. It’s neither a virus file nor a system file. This process is from Intel; when you install the Nvidia Graphic card or any other Graphic card, then at that time, this process is installed.
It’s not an essential window process, so you can disable it to save your memory and stop annoying pop-up messages. 
igfxpers.exe process

Disabling this process may prevent the Nvidia graphics card from working properly. But if you want to increase the booting time of your computer, then just disable it. 

Its function includes enabling display resolution settings to persist when a monitor is disconnected or turned off; without it, according to Intel, the display would lose its resolution every time it was turned off. Intel says running the display driver as a whole is critical and should not be shut off (Source: Neuber). 

How To Disable igfxpers.exe Process? 


As I told you above, this process is not a virus or malware; you’re completely safe. But still, if you think this process is consuming or eating system resources, you can easily disable it. 

  • Press Window Key+R to open Run; type msconfig in the text field and hit enter.
  • Now move to Startup Tab, uncheck “Intel common User Interface,” and click ” Apply ” to save changes.
  • And that’s it; you will no longer see this process in your task manager.


Can I disable igfxpers.exe?

If the Intel Graphics Control Panel is no longer required or used, you can deactivate igfxpers.exe. It is typically only advised to disable it if you have specific problems or use unusual graphics settings.

What are the potential consequences of disabling igfxpers.exe?

If you disable igfxpers.exe, you can lose several settings or functions related to the Intel Graphics Control Panel. For instance, application-specific graphics setups, hotkey shortcuts, or customized display settings may no longer function. It is advised to carefully examine the impact before turning it off.

Can I remove igfxpers.exe from my computer?

Deleting igfxpers.exe from your computer is not advisable, as it is a system file connected to Intel-integrated graphics. If you delete or remove this file, the functionality of your pictures might experience problems or errors.

What is igfxpers.exe or igfxpers?


igfxpers.exe process is not any virus or malware; it launches at system startup to enable display resolution. It is related to Intel or Nvidia graphic cards as part of the Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. According to Intel, it’s critical to the proper functioning of the display drivers, and the process shouldn’t be turned off. It allows users to save their display settings and preferences. A defective version of igfxpers.exe can cause problems for your computer, including slowness and error messages.

So this was all about how to disable the igfxpers.exe process in the Task Manager. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to comment below in the comment section.

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