Solve/Fix No Sim Card Installed Error- iPhone 4,5,5s,5c

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Solve/Fix No Sim Card Installed Error- iPhone 4,5,5s,5c

Posted by Rahul Gupta

 Fix No Sim Card Installed Error

In this article I am going to solve "no sim card installed" error on iPhone 4,5,5s,5c. Everyone knows the popularity of iPhone. Apple iPhone not only comes with quality but also with status. It is considered that people having iPhone have high status than other people. Iphone is also knows for its perfection as it provides everything build with quality and perfection but after-all it's an electronic device that can't be really perfect. Thousands of iPhone users face hundreds of issues in their Smartphone. Because according to company it might be perfect but when a user starts using it only then we come to know that it is perfect or not. One of the most common error which users are facing is "No Sim Card Installed" on their iPhone 4,5,5s or 5c. And I came to know that it is one of the most common issue which can be seen on Apple iPhone. No sim card installed error in iPhone 4,5,5s,5c has always been as issue of much concern among the Apple iPhone users.


Some users are able to get rid of no sim card installed error by just restarting their device but each and every time you can't solve this problem by just restarting. Most of the other users try as many possible ways to fix this error but didn't able to overcome. While some said that they removed sim card then inserted it again to overcome it but error was not resolved. So to help you I have found a working method using it you can solve no sim card installed error easily.

How To Fix No Sim Card Installed Error On iPhone 4,5,5s,5c

As it is one of the most common issue which users face so I have also found the most common solution to solve this problem. So that you don't face any issue while fixing this error. Simply follow the step by step guide and be careful while implementing each and every step.
  • First of all make sure that your Apple iPhone 4,5,5s,5c is running latest version if not then upgrade it to the latest version available. 
  • Now navigate to "Settings" on your iPhone.
  • Toggle the "Airplane Mode" on and off.
  • Now just perform a hard reset on your iPhone 4,5,5s,5c.
  • Navigate to "Settings" on your Smartphone.
  • Click on General tab.
  • Now just select "Reset" and click on it.
  • After that tap on "Reset Network Settings".
  • Restart your device.
  • After that remove the sim card from your Smartphone and wait for few seconds. then insert it back in the device.
  • Get a new SIM card for iPhone 4,5,5s,5c.
  • Restore your device.
So this was all about how to fix no sim card installed error on iPhone 4,5,5s,5c. To solve it just follow the step by step tutorial. Hope it solved your problem if not then feel free to leave a comment below. In-spite this you can check Apple's Official website also.


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