How to Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working/Connecting Problem

Hotspot Shield

 You might be aware of the Hotspot shield as you have landed on this article to fix the hotspot shield not working problem. Hotspot Shield is one of the best-rated VPN(Virtual Private Network) software to secure your online presence. It allows you to surf anonymously, unblock any website and hide your online fact. You can use it for your internet safety and privacy. This will secure your browsing, Wi-Fi hotspots, apps, identity, and IP address to stop unwanted tracking. You can easily unblock any content and service or social media websites.

You can solve this error if you deselect ‘Hotspot Shield Helper Driver’ from the properties and copy-paste the Hotspot Shield website ad search it. And hopefully, it will start working.

Also, Hotspot Shield Compression saves bandwidth and thus speeds up your browsing speed. It also saves your internet data up to a large extent. However, on some systems, people cannot install it correctly for some reason. To solve your problem, I have mentioned the reason which causes this error to occur and ways to fix it.

Reasons of Hotspot Shield Not Working/Connecting Problem

There can be several reasons which cause this error to occur, but I have mentioned some most common’s here :

  • You might have two or more VPN software installed on your system. At that time, all these virtual private networks try to configure their settings according to them, but one or more VPNs fail to set up its setting on your system. At that time, it shows this error.
  • You might have a firewall not allowing Hotspot Shield to access traffic. Always ensure your firewall will enable HSS to access the internet and traffic.
  • Sometimes your antivirus software doesn’t allow HSS to access traffic, then HSS will show this error. Always ensure your antivirus allows a hotspot shield to access the internet.

These are some of the most common reasons you can check before going to the tip below to solve the hotspot shield not working problem.

PCKeeper (An All In One Solution)

One of the best & working solutions to all Windows problems is PCKeeper.


We suggest first going through it & then proceeding to other ways if it’s not working. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix this issue:

  • Download & Install PCKeeper from here. (Click on “Clean Your PC” to install it)
  • Open it on your system & follow the instructions given.

How To Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working Problem

This is a simple tip that you can use to run your HSS properly.

  • First, download and install Hotspot Shield on your system, and then it will open the Hotspot Shield website in your browser; copy the address from the address bar and save it anywhere on your system, say Notepad.
  • Now if you are having a problem connecting, then navigate to this path: Control Panel > Network Settings > LAN (Local Area Connection) > Properties.
  • Now in the General tab, you will see an option, “Hotspot Shield Helper Driver” Uncheck the box in front of it and save the settings.
  • Now open your internet browser again, paste the address you copied, and hit enter.
  • Try to connect your HSS again; I hope it will start working.


Why is Hotspot Shield not working on Windows 11?

It generally is because the laptop has a blocking system blocking the app requesting VPN access.

Why can't I connect to VPN from home?

It may be because of network connectivity issues, firewall or antivirus blocking the VPN connection, outdated VPN software, or server issues at the provider's end.

Which country is Hotspot Shield VPN?

Hotspot Shield VPN is from the United States.

Does Hotspot Shield work with Ethernet?

Connect your secondary router to your primary router. You can easily do it through an Ethernet cable, though we recommend Ethernet for a reliable and fast connection.

Summing Up

So this was all about how to solve hotspot shield doesn’t work problem. If you are still not able to connect it, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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