Best Stylish Premium Wordpress Themes For Business

Friday, 27 February 2015

Best Stylish Premium Wordpress Themes For Business

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Being creative about your website design is something that you need to invest in if you want to make a good impression to your online visitors. That is why using premium WordPress themes is more advantageous in order to obtain professional looking themes for your website. Premium themes for WordPress are usually unique and not generic, with stylish designs that can make your website a standout against your competitors. 


If you want a bolder, more creative and promising WordPress theme for your site, going for paid WordPress themes is one way of attaining this goal. Here are some of the best styled premium WordPress themes that are created by professional website designers and developers that can make your business website more creative, engaging and professional looking. Click below in order to have a look at premium themes.

1. WP Brilliance

This is a paid WordPress theme that provides a beautiful interface that is loaded with great functionality. It is excellent for a blog site, business site and magazine styled websites. It comes with customizable setting and the layout is highly flexible to accommodate your preferences for customization. It comes with unique design elements that allow Google map embed. 

2. Shutter
This is an elegantly designed premium WordPress theme that is great for photographers, design studio businesses and artists. You can unleash your creativity by using its customizable elements that can bring out unique designs from your images. Shutter is a great theme for building photography portfolio for your business.

3. WP Scribely

WP Scribely by SoloStream is a premium WordPress theme that comes with a single layout and page templates. Its stunning visual display makes it a very impressive design for a WordPress theme that is ideal for bloggers and writers. The theme is creatively designed to bring your audiences’ attention on your content. Although it is a single columned theme, it does not come flat and plain. The theme has custom settings that allow you to create beautiful and interesting website designs that can engage your readers to your content. 

4. The Novelist
If you are serious about engaging your website visitors to your content, this premium WordPress theme can serve its purpose of offering its users a responsive portfolio WordPress theme. The theme provides a flat interface, but does not produce a boring effect to your readers. Its theme design is drawn out from a book-like appearance with various templates to choose from. 

5. Alive
This premium WordPress theme comes with a beautiful interface design that can make each web page look “alive” that can mesmerize those viewing it. It comes with animation features that bring more life and engaging appearance to your website pages. It is a WordPress theme powered by Ajax or j Query and its other unique features includes animated navigation menu, custom gallery support, j Query pagination, contact form, image hover effects and a host many other features for that stylish website design.  

6. WP Venus

Solostream once again provides a stylish WordPress theme that is dedicated in offering a feminine feel and style. The theme lives up to its name that is inspired by the goddess of beauty that seeks to inspire bloggers to share something stylish to their target feminine audience. Its pastel colors are designed to hook your readers to view your content that is displayed in a clearer interface that comes with a soft touch and impressive layout. 

7. Spotlight
If you want to have a stylish WordPress theme that does not overdo its design, Spotlight premium WordPress blog is a good option for you. Its design approach is minimalist, but allows you to highlight your portfolio, content or projects. This premium theme is ideal for personal blogs or when building personal or business portfolios. Its powerful custom panel allows you to enjoy more customization options and it is easy to navigate through the theme in order to explore more options to create your own impressive website designs. 

8. WP Glide
If you have an eye on sliders for your web pages, this premium WordPress theme provides professionally designed feature sliders to showcase your portfolio or content. The layout design is highly flexible, customizable and functional. You can create slides that can engage your online visitors to your business. You can also opt to use this premium WordPress theme to create a stylish magazine portfolio for your website.

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  1. Investing in premium theme for WordPress site is a very smart thing, most of the themes are not overly expensive, but a good theme choice will make your website look much more professional, and boost its value by a bunch.
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